Is Amazon Customer Service Ever Helpful?

If you're polite and keep screenshots of your conversations, then things will usually work out. Usually.
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Shopping at Amazon is usually a smooth experience, but even Prime members are bound to run into the occasional missing Amazon package or service issue. Amazon shipping delays are also not uncommon.

When you have to contact Amazon customer care, these tips will help you get the answers you need with minimal heartache. Here's everything you need to know about Amazon customer service.

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How to Contact Amazon Customer Service

Tracking down the right link to contact Amazon customer service can be difficult. Here's how you can quickly get in touch with a representative.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Scroll all the way down the homepage.
  3. Under "Let Us Help You," click "Help."
  4. Under "Browse Help Topics," click "Need More Help?"
  5. Click "Contact Us."
  6. Choose between "Chat right now" for Amazon customer service chat, or "Have us call you," where an Amazon helpline representative will call you on the phone.
  7. If you click "Start chatting," a separate window will open up and you'll have to answer some automated questions before getting a live agent.
  8. Alternatively, once you answer the automated questions, look at the bottom of the chat window for a symbol of a person wearing a headset. Click this.
  9. You'll be asked if you'd like to discuss the matter with an associate; click "Yes."

5 Tips for Dealing With Amazon Customer Support

Once you're talking to an Amazon customer service representative, these tips will ensure your experience is a smooth one.

1. Contact Customer Service for the Right Problems

Problems like damaged items can be handled without talking to a live agent. But if it's the third time you've received this damaged product from this seller, it's worth speaking to a representative.

Keep screenshots of your chat conversations with Amazon customer service as proof of what transpired.

The product manufacturer might need to hear about your issues, or perhaps Amazon's shipping packaging isn't sufficent. Either way, you'll want to provide the rep with as much information about the problem as you can.

2. Be Polite

This goes without saying, but you'll have much better luck with your Amazon complaint if you're polite — whether you're chatting on your computer or speaking on a phone call.

3. Always Be Patient

A customer service representative only has a certain amount of power, and they typically have to follow a script to solve your problem. If they can't help you, you might have to speak to someone else.

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The process can be frustrating, but being patient with every person you talk to will only help your cause. Remember: They are trying to solve your problem, whether it seems like it or not.

4. Make Sure Everyone Is on the Same Page

Get clarification on any solutions they offer you. If the Amazon agent says you don't have to return an item, repeat that back to them so they can confirm it.

5. Take Screenshots of the Conversation

If you foresee your problem being difficult to solve, we recommend chatting rather than handling it via a phone call. Once the conversation is over, take screenshots of the exchange so you'll have proof of what transpired.

Amazon Customer Service Reviews From Shoppers

As with any retailer's customer service, your experience with Amazon will vary. As we've previously pointed out, some shoppers have been punished by Amazon for "abusive" practices.

Amazon customer service reps sometimes offer shoppers $5 or $10 credits for late deliveries.

In the comments, user vad1 said they were given a harsh warning letter from Amazon after they returned goods that were damaged in shipment.

Unfortunately, that's not the only reader who experienced customer service woes. User mrbib noted they received an email from Amazon saying they'd made too many returns, and that continuing to do so would be grounds for terminating their Prime account.

Other shoppers have had much better luck, though. User Locojojo claimed that a friend was given a 3-month Prime extension after a package arrived one day late. Unfortunately, Amazon no longer offers Prime extensions.

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As we recently noted, Prime members may get a $5 credit now if an Amazon package is late. However, some shoppers have described receiving a $10 credit, as well. And if you paid for expedited shipping, but your order didn't arrive on time, you might be able to have those shipping fees refunded.

There's a chance your customer service agent could even offer a refund and let you keep the item for free — but those instances are rare. But if you're always polite, you will almost always have a better customer service experience.

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Amazon customer service is abosultely useless. Employees got anger issues, they all are rude. They will hang up on you for no reason same way in Chat they will end the chat with out asking or telling you.

Amazon has gone downhill massively after having so many Chinese junk sellers.
It is nothing personal, but does Amazon have a gas pump for their fleet?
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I pull into a small Mobile 7 11 station on 79th/ Roberts Rd Justice, Illinois.
The whole fleet with more coming take up the entire gas station.
Whoever is sending them there cause they have chicken wings, don't please.
I'm trying to get where I'm going
Wanted to gas up a rental car I had to return, couldn't.
I.had an appointmenr, I stop there on the way to work.
Crew all socializing and one making a big deal over" no BBQ wings'.
Pick another item and let's keep the line moving.
The fleet has the whole gas station taken up.
Happens quite a bit
Dwayne James
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