5 Editors' Choice Video Game Deals for Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and DS

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Looking for a healthy dose of fun? These five Editors' Choice video game deals are for the win! We've got games for PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS and Wii, plus a deal on the Neogeo X Gold console and a $235 savings on the Sony PS3 500GB console.

  1. Darksiders II for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360
    Store: Best Buy
    Price: $14.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $9

    Is It Worth It?: This fantasy game centers on the fallout when one of the legendary Four Horsemen destroys the Earth before its appointed time. But then, after being awakened by the end of days, Death embarks on an epic quest to undo Armageddon, and instead discovers that Creation is facing a far worse fate. If such a storyline doesn't compel you to play, then perhaps the game's respectably rich combat challenge will.

  2. Used PlayStation 3 500GB Slim Console
    Store: Cowboom
    Price: From $139.99 via coupon code "DealNewsPS3" with free shipping EXPIRED
    Lowest By: $235
    Expires: March 30

    Is It Worth It?: Thanks to our special coupon code, which saves you $40, you can nab this 500GB console for $235 under the retail price of a new unit. The 500GB PS3 console features a built-in Blu-ray player, 3D support, built-in WiFi, HDMI output, and more. CNET remarks that its "smaller design, more energy-efficient operation, lower price tag, and built-in Blu-ray and multimedia capabilities" make it a "compelling package [at] an affordable price." Note that no warranty information is provided. Also, this used unit may have scratches or dents and/or be missing accessories, such as a controller.

  3. Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue Special Edition for Nintendo DS
    Store: Best Buy
    Price: $7.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $10

    Is It Worth It?: In this DS game Nemo and his new friends in the "Tank Gang" try to escape from plastic baggies in the dentist's office to the ocean in order to make their freedom complete. Players lend a helping fin to buddies by using the touchscreen commands to roll the baggies to safety, but there are hours of more fun packed in thanks to more than 30 mini-games [filled] with adventure, strategy, and puzzle gameplay elements." Note that Amazon currently offers the same price.

  4. Kirby's Epic Yarn for Nintendo Wii
    Store: Groupon
    Price: $6.99 with $2.99 s&h
    Lowest By: $2
    Expires: March 30

    Is It Worth It?: Kirby has worked his way into the pantheon of beloved Nintendo characters, and with this deal you get the now-classic game at the lowest price we could find by $2. IGN gives the game a thumbs up, stating that Kirby's Epic Yarn "creates an incredibly unique and clever world of fabric," and that "Epic Yarn's style actually enhances the traditional gameplay mechanics." Poyo!

  5. Neogeo X Gold Game Console
    Store: Amazon
    Price: $129.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $90

    Is It Worth It?: This handheld console delivers lots of value for the money. It includes 20 Neogeo games and can function as a handheld system with its 4.3" LCD or as a game console when connected to a TV and using the included joystick. The games include 3 Count Bout, Alpha Mission II, Art of Fighting, Baseball Stars II, Cyber Lip, Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury Special, and The King of Fighters '95. And its rechargeable battery delivers up to four hours of continuous play time for extended use. Consumer Reports chimes in to say that retro-game enthusiasts will "love the Neo Geo X Gold Edition." Note that Best Buy has it for the same price.

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