Best Samsung TV Deals

Best Samsung TV Deals in 2024

Your guide to saving on Samsung TVs, from OLED to QLED, and everything in between. (PLED?)
A Samsung TV on a TV stand

Samsung TVs are consistently among the best-reviewed and best-selling models, with a wide range of sizes and specs available, including QLED and OLED sets, 4K and 8K resolutions, and of course, the option to go with their unique Samsung Frame TV technology. Best of all, you're never far from a Samsung TV on sale at big stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart and in the last year alone, we saw almost 200 Samsung TV deals. So if you're looking for an upgrade, and not looking to break the bank on it, your first port of call is to check out our latest and best Samsung TV deals, then read on to see some of the most enviable 43", 55", and 65" Samsung TVs around.

What Are The Best Samsung TV Deals Right Now?

Top 43" Samsung TV Deals

Samsung QN90C QN43QN90CAFXZA 43" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$898 at Amazon

$900 at Best Buy

$900 at Samsung

A 43" TV is on the smaller side of Samsung's offerings, aimed at bedrooms or offices more than home theater set-ups. This model boasts Samsung's Neo QLED technology, which promises excellent contrast ratios, with better black levels than their older QLED tech, and better brightness than an OLED TV. (It also dodges the risk of burn-in that OLED TVs run.) Its smart apps run on Samsung's Tizen OS, which is compatible with Bixby and Alexa voice assistants. It also includes the Solarcell, the Samsung TV remote that charges either via a built-in solar panel or USB-C cable, eliminating the need for a constant supply of AA or AAA batteries.

Samsung Q60C QN43Q60CAFXZA 43" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$478 at Amazon

$480 at Best Buy

$480 at Samsung

This is a regular QLED TV, rather than the new-fangled Neo QLED, but that comes with an obvious benefit: you'll likely find QLED Samsung TVs on sale for less than half the price of a Neo QLED set. The QN43Q60CAFXZA is also a surprising amount lighter than its Neo QLED equivalent, coming in at a positively svelte 19 lbs. compared to its beefier cousins, which can come in over 10 lbs. heavier (both with stand). Like all of its QLED TVs since 2020, this features Q-Symphony, which means the TV's built-in speakers will work in conjunction with a compatible Samsung Q- or S-series soundbar.

Top 55" Samsung TV Deals

Samsung S90C QN55S90CAFXZA 55" 4K HDR OLED UHD Smart TV

$1,498 at Amazon

$1,500 at Best Buy

$1,500 at Samsung

This is, as its name may suggest, an OLED TV. If you've ever known someone who owns an OLED TV, you'll know what that means, because they likely won't stop talking about it. If you haven't had the fortune, we'll explain now. An OLED TV lights every pixel individually, meaning it can offer per-pixel dimming. For the layman, that means perfect black levels and infinite contrast ratio. Plus, they don't need a backlight, which means OLED TVs can be thinner and more energy-efficient. Despite all of this, the best OLED Samsung TV deals (including this very TV) can come within spitting distance of Neo QLED prices and around the $1,200 mark and so you won't necessarily pay a huge amount more.

Samsung QN90C QN55QN90CAFXZA 55" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$1,300 at Best Buy

This Neo QLED TV comes with a very strong Rtings score, thanks to its "combination of picture quality and extra features". They score it at 8.2 or above for all uses, from TV shows and movies to sport to gaming, which is perfect for a 55" TV, the ideal size for a living room or larger bedroom. Helpfully for a living room TV, it features an ADS panel, which is similar to IPS in allowing for wide viewing angles. This TV weighs 45 lbs. with its stand; you'll see most 55" Samsung TVs weighing 40 lbs. or more. The best discounts on this TV bring it to $1,400 or so.

Samsung The Frame QN55LS03BAFXZA 55" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$1,200 at Best Buy

A Samsung Frame TV fulfills two purposes in a modern household: a piece of art that can stand or hang in much the same way a TV can, and also a TV. That second one might have been obvious. Samsung Frame TVs can be configured to show artwork and photos when the TV is off, reflection-free on its matte display. Plus, it features a customizable, magnetic snap-on bezel in modern or beveled styles. You'll see this on sale for a little over $1,000, but you can often pick it up refurbished to bring it down to triple digits.

Top 65" Samsung TV Deals

Samsung S90C QN65S90CAFXZA 65" 4K HDR OLED UHD Smart TV

$1,598 at Amazon

$1,600 at Best Buy

$1,600 at Samsung

Just slightly larger than the 55", the 65" family of TVs is still squarely aimed at your regular living room and large bedroom use. This OLED TV will grant you infinite contrast ratios and perfect black levels, and it also features Samsung's Neural Quantum Processor (for 4K upscaling), a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR 10+ and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), and Dolby Atmos surround sound, as well as four HDMI 2.1 inputs.

Samsung QN90C QN65QN90CAFXZA 65" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$1,598 at Amazon

$1,600 at Best Buy

$1,600 at Samsung

Neo QLED (which is Samsung's take on Mini-LED) strikes once more, this time in fine 65" form. It ranks very highly as a gaming TV, or even as a PC monitor, thanks to its "thanks to its low input lag, quick response time, and an impressive selection of gaming features", per RTings. Those gaming features include a 120Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync adaptive sync, which ensures smooth frame rates at all times. If you catch this model at the $1,500 to $1,600 mark, you're getting a price that's so far proven hard to beat.

Samsung The Frame QN65LS03BAFXZA 65" 4K HDR QLED UHD Smart TV

$1,598 at Amazon

$1,600 at Best Buy

$1,600 at Samsung

The Samsung Frame TV make a good case for itself as a technologically-complicated space-saver: who needs a TV and a giant picture frame when your TV can act as both? Especially since this comes with the Samsung Slim-Fit Wall Mount. It's also a planet saver in its own small way, since it also includes the Solarcell Samsung TV remote. It also features a matte screen with anti-reflection technology, Quantum HDR, and good 4K upscaling.

Samsung TV Deal FAQs

How do 2024 Samsung TV deals compare to 2023?

This time of year always sees Samsung TVs on sale in preparation for what we'll diplomatically call The Big Game. Much like last year, the discounts go high into quadruple digits, depending on how large and fancy you'd like your Samsung TV to be and splash out for an 8K TV, and buying direct from Samsung could save as much as $2,500, which is a 40% discount. We'll expect to see more strong sales throughout the year, especially around Amazon's Prime Day events, and of course Black Friday.

How do Samsung TV deals compare in-store vs online?

Browsing Samsung TVs on sale in-store has one obvious advantage, which is the opportunity to see the screen in action, in person. But the prices you'll find in local stores will almost certainly be matched online, and perhaps even beaten, given that shopping online gives the chance to browse multiple stores at once. Samsung often have strong sales directly from their own online store, but Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon Samsung TV deals often compete for your dollar. (DealNews will of course get you the best price.)

What else should I consider when purchasing a Samsung TV?

Focus on the features that matter to you. If this is going to be a TV mostly used for gaming, a high refresh rate and adaptive sync may outweigh a larger size. If you've been convinced to join the OLED revolution, no QLED set, no matter how attractively discounted, is going to perfectly match the OLED's trademark picture qualities.

Don't worry, there's always another sale. If you miss the sales during Super Bowl, that doesn't mean the best Samsung TV deals simply vanish until Prime Day in July. Samsung TVs are best-sellers year round, and that means big retailers will try to win you over with sales pretty often. Keep your eyes open, and glued to DealNews. (Not literally. That might affect your TV viewing experience.)

Samsung TVs are constantly getting bigger and better, and the discounts will match. We've listed some of them above, and you can always check our TV deals page to keep up with the best Samsung TV deals going right now.