Here Are the Best Target Pet Supplies for Dogs and Cats

The retailer offers checklists for canine and feline companions, so new pet parents can make sure they get everything they need in one Target run.
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Target has a lot going for it — great prices, excellent house brands, and an adorable bull terrier mascot. Said adorable mascot is named Bullseye after the retailer's logo, plus it's the namesake of Bullseye's Playground, which is the section of Target's website featuring affordable finds that change with the seasons.

It should come as no surprise then that Target pet supplies are a big draw for plenty of fur parents. If you're looking for the best items to buy for your furry friend, check out our guide below.

The Best Target Pet Supplies for Dogs and Cats

While Target sells items for small animals, birds, and fish, most Target pet products are for dogs and cats. Keep reading to learn about the retailer's top offerings for canine and feline companions.

The Best Target Dog Supplies

Premium Dog Food and Treats
Dog food is a pretty standard category at a lot of stores, so of course Target has a variety of dog food options to choose from, including the retailer's own brand Kindfull. Shop for other premium brands, too, including Blue Buffalo, Purina One, and Nutro. Not sure which brand you want to go with? You can also shop by food type, such as dry, wet, puppy, adult, and senior.

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While you're shopping at Target for food, you'll want to pick up dog treats as well for training help, rewarding good behavior, or however you want to utilize treats. Not all goodies are created equal, though. To narrow down your search, check out training treats if you want to teach your pal a new trick or occupy treats if you want them to be, well, occupied, for a while. If neither of those sound like what you need, you can choose among the other treat categories: indulgent, health and wellness, crunchy, and chewy.

Items for Your Pup's Toy Box
The great thing about Target dog toys is that they change with the seasons. The retailer carries well-known brands like Kong and even Nerf's dog-dedicated line of toys. You can also get Bark-brand toys, from the makers of the popular BarkBox subscription box for pups. Among the Bark toys are fun seasonal items. At the time of publication, we saw squid, tortoise, starfish, and dolphinfish toys, as well as other warm weather– themed playthings that looked like ice cream cones and racks of ribs.

The great thing about Target dog toys is that they change with the seasons.

While you're shopping for playtime, be sure to check out the categories based on your doggo's age or size. Target features a collection of items for puppies, as well as small dogs and large dogs, so you can find a toy your furry friend will love.

Something your puppo may not love as much as you is dog clothing, but whether you want to make your pooch look nice or keep them warm, the bull's-eye retailer has you covered. Shop collections based on the season, along with ones that let you match with your dog or even show support for Pride.

Other Target Dog Products
While dog food, treats, and toys may rank high on your list when shopping for your fur child, Target has way more than just these staples. If you haven't had a dog before, you may want to check out the new dog checklist to make sure you pick up all the essentials, including those above and crates, beds, and grooming supplies.

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If you think you need to go to a specialty pet store for other supplies, you may be surprised to learn that Target has a variety of those items, too. You should be able to find the following in-store and online:

Need pet meds? Target has partnered with Allivet to deliver medications right to your door for convenience.

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The Best Target Cat Supplies

Tasty Treats for the Pickiest Palates
Whatever food your kitty prefers, there's a good chance you can find some kind of fare to satisfy them at Target. Cat food options include the same premium brands available for dogs — Kindfull and Blue Buffalo, for example — as well as Greenies for treats and so much more. You can also browse by type, such as wet food and dry food, as well as by diet in case your kitty has certain restrictions. Here are a few of those diet offerings:

Shopping by life stage is another option, if that's easier — just check out the pages for kitten, adult, and senior cat food.

Terrific Toys for Entertaining
Cats can be just as picky about their toys as they are about their food and treats. Some prefer items they can chase, while others may want something that's mostly stationary but with moving parts. Target cat toys cover all your bases, though, with options like small catnip-stuffed mice or even the classic Cat Dancer toy.

Target lets you shop cat foods by brand, type, diet needs, or life stage.

Target also has a decent selection of tunnels for kitties to run and play in, toys that will move on their own so cats can entertain themselves, and plenty of "teaser" toys — these toys usually involve a stick of some kind with a string attached, and then a feather or some other enticing toy on the end of that, for cats to chase when you want to play with them.

Beds They'll Actually Love
Dog beds may be relatively easy to pick out — after all, you really just need a product they can fit in and find comfortable. But with cats, it's a totally different story. Sure, you can opt for cat beds that are standard mats or have walls but are open on top. Maybe your cat prefers to be shielded, though. In that case, Target has you covered with cavelike beds, ones that resemble a kitty tent, and even condo/bed combos.

Other Target Cat Products
When it comes to feline fur children, food, toys, treats, and beds may seem like all you need. But Target has everything else to make your kitty happy, too. For instance, the retailer's pet tech section includes items like water fountains, smart feeders and treat dispensers, and even GPS trackers if your feline friend spends time outdoors.

In addition to those, you can also head to Target for a number of other cat-centric items, including:

Of course, if this is your first cat, you can look over Target's new cat checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Can't wait to spoil your pet? Check out all the best Target deals available right now!

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