Don't Shop at CardCash Unless You Know How it Works

You could end up paying for a useless PIN code, but there are ways to minimize the risks while saving money.
Some Gift Cards, Yesterday

CardCash has faced complaints from our readers in the past. The gift card reseller site comes with more caveats than our usual listings, so it's important to understand how the system works.

The good news is, with a little bit of prudence and knowledge, you'll be saving on gift cards for Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and plenty more in no time. Here's what you need to know before buying any of the site's deals.

Gift Card PINs Could Still Be Used by Original Owners

The chief thing you need to keep in mind about CardCash is that it's a marketplace. That means third party users are peddling their wares through CardCash. Similar to eBay or Amazon Marketplace, you're banking on the reliability of internet strangers. While there are some ways to mitigate risk, it's never going to be as straightforward as buying a gift card direct from a store.

Similar to eBay or Amazon Marketplace, you're banking on the reliability of internet strangers.

The risks are reasonably self-evident. The value of a gift card lies in the PIN number, not in the card itself. So theoretically, a seller could post their gift card to CardCash, but then use the PIN anyway, rendering the card (or email) useless.

While most transactions are likely honest customers unloading gift cards they don't want, there are always people who'll look to game the system. We can't promise any gift card you buy from CardCash will work, but there are some security measures in place that protect you from losing out.

CardCash Guarantees Purchases for 45 Days

Despite the possible caveats, there are good reasons to trust CardCash with your money. For one thing, the site buys the cards from those looking to sell gift cards, and you buy from the site. CardCash are the only ones who'll see your financial information, so any risk you're taking ends with them. You won't get stuck waiting for a scam artist to send you a polite, helpful reply about the $50 they just stole from you.

Shoppers who file a complaint within 45 days of purchase will receive a full refund for faulty gift cards. Therefore, you should only purchase gift cards from CardCash if you have an immediate use for them.

Additionally, CardCash offers a 45-day guarantee on every gift card you buy. This covers any gift card that doesn't work as advertised, whether it's completely dead or contains less than the advertised value. So long as you attempt to use it and contact their support team within those 45 days, you can safely claim a refund. This should take the sting out of any problematic purchases.

However, some DealNews readers have complained about insufficient customer service. We reached out to CardCash and asked for a more direct line to expedited service. We then created an email address — — that automatically copies our team on all complaints, so we can be aware of your concerns. We recommend using that email when informing CardCash of any issues you may be having.

Buy What You Need Now, Not Later

With discounts on gift cards ranging from 1% all the way up to 45%, you can definitely bag some significant savings from CardCash. But how should you do it safely? The obvious answer is to make sure you're going to use the gift card within the guarantee period. Don't buy speculatively. Once those 45 days are up, your risks are your own.

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If you know you've got a big purchase coming up in the next month, by all means keep an eye on CardCash for some good gift card discounts. Or, if you're pricing an item at a handful of stores, you might be able to boost your savings at a certain store based on CardCash's offerings. As long as you're buying with a purchase in mind, you can't really lose out.

Unfortunately, that does rather preclude using CardCash to buy gift cards as... well, gifts. Unless you're inclined to explain all of these precautions to the recipient. There are probably too many unknowns to make that worth anyone's while.

Now that the terms are a little more clear, we'll throw it over to you, readers: Are you likely to use CardCash? Do you have any concerns we haven't covered? Let us know in the comments below.

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actually, i have found their customer service to be pretty good. when I had a qualifying claim, they handled it fairly promptly and accurately
a couple of cautions for this provider, however. first, the incidence of fraudulent gift ecards is high...I would say that about 1 in 6 of the ones I have bought have turned out to be fraudulent. most frauds show up right away, and some, care is needed
the most reliable card, for which I have never had a problem, are physical cards...for some reason, those are not as susceptible to fraud. all frauds have involved the ecards...
on balance, unless you plan to use the card almost immediately, or just buy physical cards, you will save more in the long run by just paying retail.. buyer definitely beware!!
Is the customer better protected using a regular credit card(not debit or pre-pay)or PayPal?
Card Cash allows there sellers to scam their buyers. Very bad policy. Don't use this company..they could back charge the seller and refund the money you loose very easy..regardless of amount of Days..and they don't. Very cold response from customer service (if you want to call it that)
card cash will steal your gift cards. avoid them. they suck.
STAY AWAY FROM CASHCASH. I too was scammed $100 by Cardcash for four Yard House gift cards that were refused by the restaurant because of the zero balance. I purchased them in April 2017 and 'tried to' use in June only for This negated my two years of savings being its customer.

Clearly a scamming company. Hope it goes out of business soon!!
Like a trusting fool, I ignored the 45 day guarantee and found myself with four $50 gift cards that had been purchased with stolen credit cards. One was invalidated the day before cardcash sent it to me - no matter, no refund. I advise special caution on $50 gift cards and any cards from Panera, Golden Corral or Potbelly. Higher the value and round number of $ greater the risk. Spend them fast!
never buy from cardcash! use raise if you don't want to be scammed!
My wife and I have purchased 22 gift cards since finding cardcash in July 2016. We've had 6 cards that lost balances within the 45 day window, including two $350 Aldi's cards. Every time we emailed the cardcash help (, they responded within 5 days and refunded our money completely. No hassle, even for the $700 worth of Aldi's cards. So I haven't had the same customer service issues other commenters have.

I agree with the article. Only purchase the gift card if you plan on using it within the 45 days, unless you plan to buy a gift card from a store that lets you add the card to your account (like Starbucks). Once it's on your account, you can throw away the card, no worries.
dealnews-bglaser (DealNews)
@dtrudea @Wolfman

DealNews does use affiliate links. But as we state in our editorial guarantee, "We list the best deals period, regardless of our relationship with the seller."

If you ever see a deal better than one we list, please let us know right away so we can look into it. We actually do list deals from other card marketplaces, like Raise:
Haven't used CardCash, but I have used Raise. Gotta agree with the "Buy What You Need Now, Not Later" comment on these services. I've got a Kohl's card that was sent with the wrong pin. (you don't have to use the pin to check balance, just to spend it) Discovered it after the guarantee window, so they won't do anything about it.
Wolfman I'm assuming u have facts to back up this claim? Care to share HOW u know this to b fact? Or DealNews/ CardCash, care to comment about this claim? I feel like your customers deserve the need to know these facts or rumors, don't u? I'll assume if after a week or so by not responding u r telling us something. Thank you for your time.
Placed an order on CardCash "after" changing my shipping/billing address. Order still stated old address, called customer service and they said it was a glitch and that they would fix. Week later called because it wasn't received and told it was shipped to old address. Asked for refund and told they couldn't until the card was sent back! Their records confirmed that it was their fault but still stood firm. After another week called back and was told they hadn't received nor could they cancel the card. Finally called my credit card and placed a complaint! Terrible customer support, never again will I take a chance to save 12%!
Dealnews makes money through affiliate marketing, a concept that's been around for years. Essentially Dealnews receives a commission when you click-through via their link and complete a purchase. It's an easy way for us to passively support our favorite site. But it might also explain why one vendor like CardCash receives favor over another, potentially better service as mentioned in the comments of others.
I bought a couple of cards from CardCash. I had an issue with the card I purchased not redeeming at the store, I think the magstripe was defected. The customer service rep was very fair and responsive. I received an email the next morning with a resolution and my PayPal was refunded. No issues at all with CardCash and I'll gladly use them again.
Fall Guy
Yes...keep buying from a company that has had their BBB rating revoked. Cardcash continues to have poor customer service and the fraud with the balances being used is thought to be from their own employees. This is a third rate shady operation compared to Raise.
It appears that CardCash is making efforts to correct wrongs. Read their 3 posts guys. Out of all the gift card services CardCash has been the cheapest. I'm gonna keep buying from them. 45 days is plenty
Seeing CardCash on Dealnews I purchased a Jimmy John's gift card. As soon as I received the card I saw that the black strip was scratched off. So I checked the balance. Don't have to say it but the balance was zero. I contacted CardCash right away and the company gave me every reason why they could not refund my money even when I emailed them the print out of the transactions on the card proving that the transactions that brought the balance to zero were 6 months before they even sent the card to me.

My issues was clear cut. CardCash had record of when I ordered the card and the transactions were all done before I received the card.

I did get my money back only after saying I would file a complaint but would never order anything from them again.
Fall Guy
the author of this article clearly has not performed any research on CardCash or is just a paid cardcash supporter. Their BBB accredidation was revoked and their rating was a solid F. over 700 complaints. This is the most fraudulent company in the USA. You can't get customer service help when there is an issue...literally nobody anwers your call. To compare this company to others in the same business is a disgrace. Raise is a much better vendor is this space and has outstanding customer service. Dealnews should not have any company on their site with a BBB raing of F.
Would be nice to see an overall comparison of the leading gift card services. Personally, I'm in favor of Raise because of the easy of use on mobile devices and a normally quick turn around (normally will get a gift card while waiting in line).
I wouldn't be opposed to switching if another service had better discounts, more variety, and at least same speed of transaction.
Any DealNews customer that has had a previous issue that was not resolved to there satisfaction, please contact or and we will do our best to make things right.
- CardCash Support
After listening to all the customer service feedback, we have made significant changes to improve our customer support and better assist our DealNews customers.
The most important of which is a exclusive dedicated email support line for DealNews users. If you have any issues at all please email or and a dedicated support agent will expedite your claim.
We also encourage customers to use this email address for any comments concerning our service. We are always trying to improve our customers experience and feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
-CardCash Support
@nerditup Im sorry to hear that. Can you send me the order# for the Red Robin card that was out of the 45 day window? Maybe there is something I can do to make this right.
I've had multiple instances where the card was supposed to have $50 or $100 and it had a $0 balance. A couple of the times, I was still under the 45-day warranty. However, on one of the Red Robin $100 cards, it was past the 45-day window and I tried to use it and it had a $0 balance. I really didn't think to use the Red Robin one right away since it's a restaurant and I assumed you would need the physical card to use it. I guess I was wrong. It was a $100 lesson-learned.
So Dealnews, you see all the issues we had with them, and yet you still support them?
I have had good luck with Cardcash and have used them several times for restaurant cards.
I've had disappointing results with CardCash. I made several purchases over several months of about a dozen cards (Lowe's and Home Depot), and three of those cards were bad. They refunded two of them, but the third claim they never responded to, and I had to file with Visa to withhold payment. Way too much hassle.
Lost $120 to a CardCash thief. I had other cards that kept their value, so there are some honest people out there. I'd love it if more stores let you consolidate cards or put one gift card amount on a different card. That would solve the theft problem right there.
I have bought many gift cards from various sites, including Card Cash, Raise, and Cardpool. All companies are prone to buying fraudulent cards. But, what is significant, is that Raise and Cardpool offer a 100 day guarantee while Card Cash only offers 45 days. That's a significant difference.
I have had issues buying gift cards from Card Cash, Raise, Cardpool and others. But, what is most important, is that Raise and Cardpool offer a 100 day guarantee while Card Cash only offers a 45 day guarantee. That's quite a difference.
I've bought a few cards from them without issues, along with Raise and ABC Gift Cards. Check with first for best deals.

Only bad experience was latest purchase from Raise. Five Guys card arrived, I immediately checked balance and it was zero. I emailed Raise support and had a refund within 3 days. That was a bummer because the discount was almost 20%.
Their customer service is horrible. I had two cards now that after I received the cards and used them once or twice with the correct balance (well over $100) the next time I went to use them they were empty. Card Cash insisted I used them up even though I could see the transactions happened over 1000 miles from me for the full remaining balance in a single transaction at a fast food restaurant. All this within the 45 day window, no refund, no help and Paypay dropped the dispute because Card Cash confirmed they sent the cards and the cards were used after I received them, never again.

To save $20 is not worth the chance (however small) of loosing $200. If you choose to take the risk, verify the balance when you receive the cards and use the immediately.
Their customer service is a nightmare, I gave them a second chance and the next time I had an issue same bad service. I left for cardpool and have had a much better experience.
Used to use them. Then they stalled for weeks on refund. Reported them to PayPal. That was the kiss of death. They refused any future purchase I attempted.