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Target's opening hours change depending on the holiday and we've got the scoop on them.

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Target! It's a store that sells various goods and like many stores, they only open during specific hours. What if there was a way to circumvent having to worry about opening times? Some kind of method to shop 24/7 with no regard for reasonable hours of store operation? Perhaps involving a sort of "internet" of connected websites? Imagine if you could click and clack on your mouse and keyboard and things just showed up at your door? It's almost like online shopping is superior to venturing out into the store in the flesh world but more on that later. For now though, let's focus on what happens if you, dear savvy consumer, want to journey to your local Target during one of several specifically mentioned holiday dates. What indeed would happen? Would you be harshly turned away? Would you arrive only to see Target has already shut for the day, at an earlier time than expected? Would they have even been open at all to begin with? These are the questions and though they are rapidly piling up, fear not for answers are on the way…below, right now!




New Year's Day

Monday, January 1

Opens 8am to 10pm

Presidents' Day

Monday, February 19

Opens 8am to 10pm

Easter Sunday

Sunday, March 31


Easter Monday

Monday, April 1

Opens 8am to 10pm

Memorial Day

Monday, May 27

Opens 8am to 10pm

4th of July

Thursday, July 4

Opens 8am to 10pm


Thursday, October 31

Opens 8am to 10pm

Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday, November 27

Opens 8am to 10pm


Thursday, November 28


Black Friday

Friday, November 29

Opens 8am to 10pm

Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 24

Opens 8am to 6pm

Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 25


Target Holiday Hours FAQs

Generally speaking Target's holiday opening hours are between 8am to 10pm. This is also their normal opening hours, which would make it seem as though Target attempts to keep standard hours during holidays in the interest of customer convenience. How kind of them. But! This isn't always the case. Some specific holidays directly impact their operating hours and so we've compiled an in depth list below that goes through most of the major holidays. It's not an exhaustive list and times are subject to change, perhaps based on a store by store basis, but consider it a relatively reliable guide at the very least. Now, to the list.

New Year's Day - 9am to 10pm

New Year's Day sees but a small shift in Target's opening hours. They'll open an hour later than usual but will still remain operational until the standard time of 10pm. Thus, you will have to hold on beginning your shopping bonanza but it can conclude at the regular time, if you're planning on spending nearly 12 hours in your local Target. No judgment here.

Presidents' Day - 8am to 10pm

On this most presidential of days, you'll have the opportunity to shop from 8am to 10pm. As you've probably already astutely figured out, these are normal opening hours. Yay!

Easter Sunday - Closed

It's game over for you my friend, if you had planned on venturing out to your local Target on Easter Sunday because they're closed. Shut. Not open. To you go instead.

Easter Monday - 8am to 10pm

After the great Easter Sunday debacle, you'll be pleased to know that Easter Monday sees the return of normal opening hours. Panic over.

Memorial Day - 8am to 10pm

Magnificently, Memorial Day also affords you the opportunity to shop during holiday hours that can be most accurately described as completely normal opening hours. There will be no disruption to your regularly scheduled shopping on Memorial Day, unlike that lousy Easter Sunday you're still upset about. It's time to let go and move on. Might I suggest looking ahead to the 4th of July?

4th of July - 8am to 10pm

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, the 4th of July has arrived. Amidst the raucous celebrations, you may take time out to visit your local Target to do a spot of shopping. Or perhaps this shopping is entirely necessary in order to facilitate said celebrating. Either way, the important thing to know is that holiday hours during the 4th of July are entirely normal so expect no change in the standard operating protocol. It's what freedom would want.

Halloween - 8am to 10pm

You've probably started to notice a bit of a pattern at this point - that Target's opening hours rarely actually change when holidays strike. It's true! But we must nonetheless go through the major holidays and explicitly spell this out, in order to quell the nervous anxieties of the wider public, who are terrified that upon any holiday occurring their precious opening hours might change. Worry not! It's a rare occurrence. Instead, be terrified by any number of spooky things happening around Halloween. Look behind you, a ghost!*

*Just kidding, ghosts don't exist, just like changes to Target's hours for public holidays. Except on certain special days. Read on to find out more!

Thanksgiving Eve - 8am to 10pm

Thanksgiving Eve represents another day of standard opening hours. The same however cannot be said for Thanksgiving itself.

Thanksgiving - Closed

You'll no doubt be having awful flashbacks to that terrible Easter Sunday when Target was closed and the same will ring true for Thanksgiving. Once again, we would suggest you turn to their website for shopping needs on this most dire of days. Or! Distract yourself with Turkey instead. Both options are completely valid.

Black Friday - 8am to 10pm

It's the big day itself, the most shopping stuffed day of the year. You might expect Target to open earlier and remain open later but they are entirely indifferent to your wants and needs and will instead operate as per normal. Think of the poor staff! Let them sleep.

Christmas Eve - 8am to 6pm

Speaking of letting the poor staff sleep, it's suddenly Christmas Eve. The year has flown by and you're panicking because you've forgotten to buy presents for every single one of the significant individuals in your life. You best make sure to get to Target earlier than usual, because they'll be closed at 6pm instead of standard 10pm. Go, now!

Christmas - Closed

Time to take a day off consumerism. Or ignore your family and shop on Target's website instead. Or do neither. You're an adult, the power of choice is yours.

A Target store.

How does Target's holiday shopping differ from regular shopping?

It would be fair to say if holidays change the hours Target sometimes operates, this may have a knock on effect on some important aspects of the shop's usual customer experience - but does it really? All/some of the answers you seek are below. Direct your eyes downwards.

Return policy - We have an extensive article about Target's entire return policy over here. In specific regards to holiday returns, trusted voice of the people Keira Wagner had the following to say: "If you're wondering about Target's holiday return policy, 2023 saw an extension on electronic and entertainment items purchased between October 1st and December 24th with a return window beginning on December 26th. This meant that non-Apple products could be returned all the way up to January 24th while Apple products could be returned up to January 9th. Gifts could also be returned with a gift receipt or a packing slip, and a refund could be issued in the form of a Target GiftCard. Given how early the holidays continue to start, we anticipate a similar return window for the 2024 holiday season."

Price matching - We also have an extensive article covering Target's thoughts on price matching over yonder. They do price match however during a holiday event things get murkier. Chances are sale prices will be in effect during holiday events and so as per Target's official page, doorbuster or lightning deal matching doesn't qualify. Clearance, closeout, liquidation, refurbished, or typographical errors are also exempt. So, your mileage might very much vary while attempting some price matching during a holiday. However, there's no harm in trying. The previously linked to page has the details on how to go about this.

Curbside pickup - Target offers curbside pickup in the form of the elegantly branded Target Drive Up service. There's no mention of this not being available during holidays so we can assume that the option to engage in pickupery remains at full functionality all year round.

Other Target FAQs

What time does Target open?

Generally Target opens at 8am however this can change on certain days and holidays. Glance upwards for more information.

How to save the most at Target?

To save the most at Target, we'd recommend going to DealNews. Conveniently, you're already here. Now, off you go to our dedicated Target corner to see what Target deals are currently rocking our world.

How does shopping compare online vs in-store?

Target offers the same deals online and in-store so it really just comes down to whatever is most convenient for you. Do you want to wait for a shipped item to arrive and not have to head to your local store or instead have instant gratification but venture outside into the cold harsh world? Only you can choose.

What else should I consider when shopping at Target?

There's always more ways to save, thus we will suggest a few extra ways of doing so. The DealNews app lives in your pocket on your mobile device, allowing you to maintain 24/7 awareness of our best Target deals. You can also set up a Deal Alert to notify you whenever we see a price drop on the items you greatly desire. Or sign up to our DealNews Select newsletter to get the best of the day's deals delivered to your inbox every weekday. Choices!

Well friends, that's all we have time for today. You now know more about Target's holiday hours than you previously did, which is to say - some days they operate normally and other days they don't.

For more information, you can keep an eye on Target's press release page, obsessively refreshing it, and get the information directly from the horse's mouth the second it becomes available. Fun!

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