Check Out These Friday the 13th Deals (If You're Not Superstitious)

Ink yourself with a horror-themed tattoo for as little as $20, or save 13% sitewide at Urban Outfitters.
Friday the 13th deals

Friday the 13th deals make a lot of people uneasy. Superstitious shoppers may avoid making any big purchases today. But if bad luck doesn't scare you, you'll find Friday the 13th specials on tattoos, flights, and clothes.

We've updated our list with this year's confirmed deals, so read on for all the Friday the 13th savings you can find today!

Mark the Day With a Friday the 13th Tattoo

Friday the 13th tattoo deals are by far the most popular offers we'll see today. Once again, there are a number of parlors around the country celebrating. Be sure to check your local shops to see if they're offering any deals for the day!

While participation and pricing will vary by location, many reputable tattoo shops offer special Friday the 13th designs at around $20 each. This price includes a $13 tattoo and a $7 mandatory (or "lucky") tip. Other deals can also include flat fees for larger pieces. If you want to spend a little more, these can fall in the $40 to $50 range.

Many tattoo shops offer special Friday the 13th designs at around $20 each. This price includes a $13 tattoo and a $7 tip.

Be aware that these offers come with restrictions. For one, you'll almost certainly have to choose your tattoo from a list of specific designs. Artists will usually only tattoo certain parts of the body. Additionally, there may be max number of tattoos per person. If you're taking advantage of local Friday the 13th tattoo specials, please follow the rules — don't be the person who kills the fun vibe.

Book a Friday the 13th Flight for Cheap

Even those who aren't superstitious feel less inclined to book a Friday the 13th flight. Our readers across the pond are the most likely to benefit from overly cautious travelers, though. On average, travelers could save about 5% on the 20 most popular flights out of the UK on Friday the 13th. Most notably, flights to Gran Canaria are 44% cheaper than usual.

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If you're not in Europe, don't let that deter you from looking for cheap travel. Plenty of other big-city destinations are likely to have discounted fares. A travel expert at Kayak, Suzanne Perry, noted that "prices fall significantly for many destinations on Friday the 13th."

Save Money on Your Nuptials

Getting married on Friday the 13th isn't a guaranteed method for saving money, but Fridays are certainly one of the cheaper days to have your wedding. According to The Knot, getting hitched on a Friday typically yields more reception options, discounts at vendors, and cheaper airfare.

Because wedding days already filled with traditions and superstitions, many couples would rather err on the side of caution. If other couples are largely avoiding Friday the 13th, non-superstitious brides and grooms can take advantage of great deals.

Even More Friday the 13th Deals

It's not just tattoos and flights, either. Friday the 13th is also a good time for movie lovers, shutterbugs, and even health-conscious shoppers.

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Once again, horror fans can download the first 8 movies in the Friday the 13th movie collection for only $13. Or shop the Vudu Friday the 13th Cult Horror Sale and take 50% off a generous selection of scary movies. Titles include classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Purge, Poltergeist, and Hellraiser.

Meanwhile, is hosting a sale that cuts 13% off sitewide. And be sure to check out Friday the 13th clothing sales, as well. This year, Urban Outfitters is taking 13% off sitewide.

Readers, how are you be celebrating the unluckiest day of the year? Will you take advantage of Friday the 13th deals, or are you staying home? Let us know in the comments below!

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