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What Did You Think About Amazon's Prime Day Sale?

We want to know if you bought anything!
Prime Day

It's finally Prime Day, and Amazon has been steadily releasing a slew of deals throughout the morning. While many of them are fairly ordinary — save on Antarctic krill oil pills! – there have also been a fair share of notable offers.

For example, both the Kindle Touch eBook reader and Kindle Fire tablet are at all-time low prices. There are also rare coupons and discounts for warehouse, beauty, and health items, Visa cardholders, groceries, and clothes. We have yet to see a ton of tech at Black Friday pricing, although there are certainly exceptions, like the above Kindles, as well as this TV, speaker system, pair of headphones, and camera. (Update: Quite a few of these deals are now sold out.)

Meanwhile, quite a few competitors are offering their own crazy deals today, like this $200 Best Buy Gift Card that was inexplicably selling for $15 for a little while early this morning. (Our staffers bought three of them!)

Readers, what do you think of Prime Day so far? Have you seen deals that pique your interest, or are you leaning more so towards the offers from other stores? We want to know! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Lindsay Sakraida specializes in writing about retail trends and lifestyle subjects. She's also obsessed with music, movies, and tennis. Follow her on Twitter at @LinSakraida.
DealNews may be compensated by companies mentioned in this article. Please note that, although prices sometimes fluctuate or expire unexpectedly, all products and deals mentioned in this feature were available at the lowest total price we could find at the time of publication (unless otherwise specified).
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Amazon took a huge opportunity to create a new, annual shopping event (outside of the traditional holiday season) and ended-up angering its customer base. Did they really think people would want to buy cat lactation devices, garage bike hooks, and furniture moving slings while they were at work?
Walmart swooped right in with actual products that appealed to a wide range of people and guess what...they have them in bulk.
Amazon blows...the idiot that conceived the so-called "Prime" sale has probably lost customers for Amazon.
B from C
This was like a giant woot-off! You spend hours watching a bunch of cheap junk go buy hoping to catch one of a few limited-quantity super deals to make it all worth while.

They should have called it the Prime Garage Sale.
I bought about a dozen things, half of which were electronics stuff in the Warehouse Deals section. Prime members got an extra 15% off, so that was a no brainer for things I was already looking at but had delayed hoping for just such a benefit (compounded with drops in base price for a couple). A couple more were third-party items I had in save for later where they dropped the price to piggy-back on the traffic. In terms of lightening deals, I made tons of waitlists but only got smaller items (couple kids toys, some ~1/2 price supplements or cleaning products I already use, etc.). I actually got the $75 36" TV in my cart but ultimately passed since we already have four TVs. I really wanted a discounted second Fire Stick (love it) or FireTV, but no luck.
My husband and ended up finding our best deals at Walmart. We did end up ordering another few items from Amazon but only 2 of the items were actually part of the "Prime Day" sale. I have a feeling they have probably done more harm to their business than anything else.
I wonder if that Best Buy deal was a decimal point error - perhaps it was supposed to be $200 for $150 not $15????

Still - if I were Amazon - I'd eat it and honor the orders.
Best Buy cancelled the orders for the $200 Gift Card at $15. No explanantion given.
over-hyped>underwhelmed, story of my life.....
There were some pretty good deals and I was able to get a couple. The thing is as soon as a deal starts (the good deals) I try and add to cart only to find out I am number 439 on the waiting list with a poor chance of getting the deal I wanted.
Considering the amount of hype surrounding Amazon's Prime Day! (with an exclamation point to emphasize just how great it was going to be), I have to say I was completely underwhelmed and somewhat annoyed at the amount of time I wasted waiting for quality products with half way decent discounts. Granted, they only promised as many deals as Black Friday, and not prices as low as Black Friday deals, but I know I was expecting to see slightly better discounts than their everyday lightning and prime exclusive deals, and other than their own Kindles, I didn't see anything to get even mildly excited about, let alone worth all the build-up this event was given by Amazon and every deal site online. It was more like an overpriced garage sale than Black Friday and Amazon has lost a great deal of credibility with me by using that comparison and not delivering anything even remotely resembling the best and biggest sales event of the year. Fool me once, shame on you - I won't be fooled again!
Sky is falling wait... Not really. Not sure why and what's the point? Why's on Wednesday? Who has a job to the point that can hang out on Amazon all day, hoping for deals. After work, any decent deals are all gone.
Devil 2 U
Lots of junk, with some great deals hidden in-between. Unfourtentely, the stock on those hot deals was so limited that unless you were sitting in front of a laptop all day, there was no way to get those killer prices. Overall, lots of stuff you may kinda want, but not really need.
:( where are the deals? I had to hit eBay and aliexpress to get my shopping fix today. I will keep my eyes open but so far Amazon has been a case of over promise and under deliver.
Well I am tired of looking at that site. Been looking at it off and on for 5 hours or more. Will just consider it a sign that I didn't need to buy anything today.
Best deal is/was PNY - CS1100 240GB SSD dealnews had best buy as Editors choice but Amazon matched the price. If You get 2 that puts you over 100 and you can use your Amazon credit card to get an extra 20$ off. Sweet deal, unfortunately ran out of funds :(
Quite a disappointment. Discounts seemed exaggerrated.
Maybe there were more items than Black Friday but there were very few I was interested in.
Think I deposited several thousand dollars into my bank account for no reason.

I seriously find it hard to believe everything I try to purchase in less then 10 seconds is sold out.
Not much there there. Seems like a lot of surfing to find any deals.
The two items I had an interest in, I couldn't get. Was on a waitlist that never materialized. Good thing I checked Walmart. They had one of the items for the identical price and the other for a mere $4.00 more.
Greg the Gruesome
I ordered a 12-pack of half-liter bottles of Honest Tea because there was a 30%-off coupon in addition to the 5% Subscribe & Save discount. The resulting price was decent but not really something to write home about.

After I ordered that, I figured I could apply the $10 credit offered with the purchase of Amazon gift cards to that order. By that time, though, the $45-pack was sold out so I had to buy a $75-pack.

Finally, I took advantage of a deal for the APC BGE90M UPS for networking equipment, which had caught my eye previously. I got it for $39.99; outside of the Prime Day deal, the lowest price on Amazon was $55.68, from a third-party vendor.

These savings came at a cost of spending several hours on Amazon, though.
lame and a waste of time
Looked at two out of hundreds of tabs and had enough. Waste of time.
Sucks..."Prime Day" was a total waste of time....Crappy stuff for the most part and the good stuff is gone within seconds its loaded as having been already allotted and if you put something in your cart, then shop a little and that item goes back to regular price because its been bought up. I won't be renewing...there's nothing Prime about it in my opinion
Pretty much "meh"...
Quite frankly it has been rubbish. It is also in a really poor format where you have to constantly be refreshing and keep an eye on what is upcoming (which is obviously what they wanted). Very very disappointing. And nothing has even blown me away from a price point perspective. Obviously some marketing genius thought they could have a better than black friday thing going on here. Big time fail (although I'm sure they managed to get rid of a lot of stuff).
Kinda just seems like they wanted to get rid of some of their fire and kindle products and whatever used and refurbed stuff is cluttering up their warehouse. Overall, pretty disappointing. Haven't bought a thing.
Amazon Prime Day, you're no Black Friday!
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@jmchiejr There's actually a giant Kidrobot Hypnotoad sitting above my desk so it's probably not that impressive of a catch :)
@Lindsay Good catch!

Also: Missed on the LG 55". Because of course.
Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@ jmchiejr Is your avatar a closeup of the Hypnotoad's eye?
Very - Very poor on electronics!!! As of 3PM CDT I've have NOTpurchased anything!!!
Hate the setup, you're basically chained to your computer or it's "gg close" because you missed it. We're moving, I was hoping to get in on one 50"+ HDTV deal and 1 32" HDTV deal, looks like I missed the two they've done so far, can't see any more in the pipe. Didn't even see the two that were offered even though I've been checking on and off pretty much all day.
Pretty lame, I'm not impressed. I'm also not a fan of Black Friday though, as it seems to be mostly gimmicky unless you're going for big electronics, and this seems to be about on par with that. Prices were not dramatically different at all.
Greg the Gruesome
So is this the "official" page where we post what we bought (if anything)? Because there are 16 comments on this page:
There are also comments on the Prime Day Jolt page but that page will go bye-bye.
Another reason not to waste your time waiting for an Amazon deal today. This "deal" was $21 LESS last month.

Today only, until 6 pm ET (or 100% claimed), Amazon offers its Prime members the Anova Culinary Precision Cooker/Immersion Circulator in Black, model no. PCB-120US-K1, for $179. In-cart, it falls to $139.99. With free shipping, that's the lowest total price we could find by $39, although it was $21 less last month. It features an adjustable clamp, stainless steel skirt, and remote control via your smartphone.
Alison Barretta (DealNews)
I'm one who took advantage of the Best Buy gift card deal. I couldn't let that pass me by; my only regret is that I didn't buy more. I did receive an email from Best Buy mid-morning, saying my order is being processed. My card even appears to have been charged. That all said, I'm still a tiny bit skeptical. ;)

As for Prime Day, it hasn't been as "Wow!" as I was led to believe. No impulse purchases here. I was half-tempted to buy the Fire TV Stick, but I have/like my Roku. As for the $130 Echo, I leapt on the $99 offer at launch, and I'm oddly proud of that...even if the novelty of the Echo wore off for me a while ago.
More proof of how lame Amazons sale is is provided right here on DealNews:
Today only, until 5:50 pm ET (or 100% claimed), Amazon offers its Prime members the Unlocked Huawei SnapTo 4G LTE Android Smartphone in Black or White, model no. G620-A2, for $139.99 with free shipping. That's the lowest total price we could find by $26, although we saw it for $10 less last month. It features a 5" 1280x720 (720p) touchscreen LCD, Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHz processor, 8GB storage, 802.11n wireless, rear camera, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and Android 4.4 (KitKat).
$10 CHEAPER a month ago.
I was on the site at the stroke of Midnight (Pacific Time) to scoop up an Amazon Fire TV Stick for $24. However, the Stick was not on sale at that point. I stayed on the site until nearly 1 a.m. with no change. When I got back to the site shortly after 8 a.m., the Fire TV Stick deal was already 100% claimed. "No deal for you!!!" Lame.
Amazons sale price for a "certified preowned" (USED) Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone is $349! Reputable sellers have them on Ebay for $150 with warranty!! This isn't Christmas in July it's an April Fools encore.
Odd event. Seemed like a parking lot sale at a Chinese importer: nothing desirable offered. Saw Lightning Deals had a waiting list, with some sold out in advance. No one sanctions bait-and-switch like Amazon.
Ahh to bad I missed that gift card lol. As far as Amazon Prime Day, there is nothing too stellar about the sale it self. Mostly small trinkets and thing that only went down $2, some electronic deals and videogames on sale, but nothing to spectacular.
Amazon wants $159 sale price for the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 8 tablet. Ebay has them from $59 refurbished with warranty.
"Meh." 'nuff said.
Prime Day is a disappointment.
none of the sales have been standout. i've seen better prices on a lot of the items at different times in the past 2 months.
Some of the prices are actually higher than before the "sale"!
I agree with caffeinestix. Nothing I really need. I have only bought the baby wipes so far.
It's stupid! There are no dramatic price decreases.
Dan de Grandpre (DealNews)
Walmart absolutely destroyed Amazon on the Fitbit Charge HR: http://dealnews.com/...-free-shipping/1398378.html
Seeing a lot of stuff, nothing I need, sales are ok, just seems like holiday sales all together today. I might buy something idk. I have prime too.
My husband got a Fire TV Stick and felt it was a good deal. I did see an awesome deal for a 6-qt. KitchenAid stand mixer, $175. It doesn't get much better than that on those, ever. As a whole my husband was pretty disappointed in it so far though.