Don't Touch Your Amazon Prime Settings! New Policy Will Limit Whom You Share With

Now only two adults can share one account, but some existing subscribers will be grandfathered in.
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Traditionally, one of the many perks of being an Amazon Prime subscriber is being able to share your free 2-day shipping benefits with up to four other adults. Although the perk was never promoted by Amazon, it was there for all Prime members to take advantage of.

However, those days are over because a new Amazon policy now limits the amount of adults you can share your shipping benefits with.

Amazon Households Will Limit Sharing

According to this new policy change — enacted on August 1, going by the name "Amazon Households" — Prime members can only share their shipping perks with two adults (and up to four children). It also appears Amazon doesn't want you sharing Prime with roommates or friends because now when two adults share a Household account, they will be allowed to copy each other's credit and debit card information to make purchases.

Per the new policy: "each adult will be able to copy the credit and debit cards of the other account to his or her Amazon account and use them for purchases with Amazon." That's probably fine for most spouses, but not something you'd necessarily want to share with your roommate or friend.

Existing Accounts With Sharing Will Be Grandfathered In

Fortunately, there is some good news. It appears that anyone who subscribed to Prime prior to August 1 and is already sharing their account with four adults will be grandfathered into the old terms and conditions (unless you manually drop someone). Anyone else who tries to share their Prime perks with more than two adults will see Amazon's new policy.

Readers, have any of you encountered this new messaging while changing settings to your Prime account? Are you less likely to purchase a new subscription with this new policy?

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Actually, the subtitle is exactly right. It says only two adults can share one account. However, the second part of the first sentence under the subheading "Amazon Households Will Limit Sharing" is misleading. It states: "Prime members can only share their shipping perks with two adults". If I understand the policy correctly and the subtitle is correct, Prime members can only share with one adult, not two. Basically, two adults per household are eligible to use the same Prime membership, including the primary Prime member who purchased the membership. If Prime members could share with two adults, that would be three adults per household.
That first line should have been

My guess is, the reason for this change-----------
The reason for this change is that people were buying Prime memberships and then selling a year of shipping only, on eBay, for around $35. They are also using the Prime accounts to ship on eBay. Both are in violation of Amazon's TOS.
Geez , just renewed Prime and all my family stuff no longer works . Re-added one family member only and its not working at all . Ive even gone into their account to see if its working ... nope .
Damn Amazon , if your going to change policy and restrictions , atleast make sure the new policies work correctly .....
The subtitle is misleading! You can't share with two people making a household of three, only two people can share in a household.
Too bad I couldn't have added my parents in, but I can't under the Student membership. They claimed before if you add an adult they will share your CC with them. But maybe that was not true. I guess I can say much paying $49 (grandfathered from old rate) a year. I thought I was going off Student, but I just realized I have two more years. (Yes).
Amazon Prime's choices of free video rental leave a lot to be desired.
What took 'em so long. I thought it was generous of them to begin with.
Greg the Gruesome


Lindsay Sakraida (DealNews)
@vinaytampa No, but that's because you actually aren't sharing your Prime account in the way that we're describing.

Currently Amazon will allow a Prime subscriber to add other users to their subscription. For example, if I am a Prime subscriber, I could add another user -- who maintains their own account with their own login -- to my subscription. Basically Amazon let you designate who can also make use of your subscription. Under the old policy, you could do that for up to four adult accounts.

What this policy change is saying is that you can now only add one adult account in this way. And, despite the fact that they will have separate logins, this user will be able to access your billing information.

So the way you and your sister use Prime, you could actually have your own separate accounts, one of you could subscribe and add the other, and still be OK under the new policy (since you were already OK with sharing financial info).
I'm confused. I share my username and password with my sister who lives in a different state. I added mine and her address on the account and added two credit cards. She uses her credit card and her address and I use mine. In return she let's me share her Netflix account. Does the new policy affect me in any way?