Best IPad Sales In June 2024

Best 2024 iPad Deals

The year is 2024 and Apple has iPads and we've got the scoop on the lowest prices for them.

A person using an iPad with one finger on the screen.

The very first iPad came out in 2010. Since then, multiple generations of each model, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro, have been released with ever increasing processing power, screen resolutions, storage, and other features. You may have lost track of all the changes, so we'll bring you up to speed on all of the current iPad models and the where to find the best iPad deals in 2024.

What are the best iPad deals right now?

A 6th Gen iPad Pro

6th-Gen iPad Pro 11" 128GB WiFi Tablet (2022) for $749 at B&H Photo

We'll begin our tour through 2024 iPad deals with the iPad Pro. The current model is the 6th-generation iPad Pro, announced on October 18, 2022. It comes in 11" and 12.9" sizes. You get 8GB RAM on models with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB storage; 16GB RAM on models with 1TB or 2TB storage. Available colors include Space Gray or Silver. The 11" version weighs in at 1.03 lbs., and the 12.9" at 1.5 lbs. They both include USB-C charging cables. Both models support the 2nd-Generation Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard Folio. At the time of writing, a 6% discount is offered on the 11" version at B&H Photo, if you're looking exclusively for iPads on sale. Unfortunately deals on the 12.9" version are hard to come by. You'll pay full price at all the usual retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Apple direct.

5th-Gen. Apple iPad Air

5th-Gen. Apple iPad Air 10.9" 64GB WiFi Tablet (2022) for $449.99 at Best Buy

2024 iPad deals also include the 5th-generation Apple iPad Air, which is comes exclusively in 10.9". It features 8GB of RAM and is available with either 64GB or 256GB storage capacities. Color options include Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, and Blue. The WiFi version and the WiFi+ Cellular version each weigh 1.02 lbs. A 3-foot USB-C charge cable is included. It's compatible with the Smart Folio Keyboard and the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil. At the time of writing, we've seen discounts of up to 16% on the 64GB model.

6th-Gen. Apple iPad mini

6th-Gen. Apple iPad mini 64GB 8.3" WiFi Tablet (2021) for $400 at Amazon

If you're looking for the best lightweight iPad deals, the iPad mini provides the best lightweight option with deals coming in well below the prices you'll see for Pro and Air models. It features an 8.3" Liquid Retina Display, 4GB RAM, and either 64GB or 256GB storage. It's available in Space Gray, Pink, Purple, or Starlight. The WiFi-only models weighs 0.65-lbs., and cellular weighs at 0.66-lbs. A 3-foot USB-C charge cable is included. This 6th-generation mini is also compatible with the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil, and it supports Bluetooth keyboards. We've seen discounts on this model of up to 20%.

10th-Gen. Apple iPad

10th-Gen. Apple iPad 10.9" 64GB WiFi Tablet (2022) for $349 at Amazon

Not to be overlooked is the regular old iPad, currently on its 10th generation. It's available in the 10.9" size only. The WiFi model weighs 1.05-lbs.; the WiFi + Cellular weighs 1.06-lbs. It has 4GB of RAM and is available with either 64GB or 256GB storage. Color options include Silver, Blue, Pink, or Yellow. A 3-foot USB-C charge cable is included. It supports the 1st-generation Apple Pencil. We've seen a discount of around 22% off multiple times since its release, and at $100 off it's one of the best iPad deals today.

9th Gen iPad Tablet

9th-Gen. Apple iPad 10.2" 64GB WiFi Tablet (2021) for $249 at Amazon

The next iPad best price can be found on the 9th-generation iPad released in 2021. It has a slightly smaller 10.2" screen and is also available in WiFi-only (1.07 lbs.) or WiFi + Cellular (1.09 lbs.). Storage capacity options include 64GB or 256GB. It's available in Silver, or Space Gray. It includes a Lightning to USB-C Cable and 20W USB-C Power Adapter. Just like the newer base iPad, it supports the 1st-generation Apple Pencil but not the 2nd-generation.

Best 2024 iPad Deals FAQs

How often do iPads go on sale?

iPads go on sale around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the multiple Amazon Prime Days, and at various other times throughout the year. At any given time, you're likely to find at least some Apple iPad deals. Previous-generation iPads also tend to drop in price after new models are announced. For example, the very capable 9th-generation iPad is still offered alongside the 10th-generation, but at a much lower price.

What did iPad 2023 deals look like?

We saw an 11% reduction on the 6th-Gen Apple iPad Pro M2 12.9" 128GB WiFi + Cellular Tablet (2022) on Black Friday. Amazon offered it on Thanksgiving and the week before for $1,149, its lowest-ever price. the 11" version also saw its best price ever at Best Buy around the same time period. It dropped 12% from $799 to $699.

We saw the price for the 5th-Gen. Apple iPad Air 10.9" 64GB WiFi Tablet (2022) hold steady at $499.99 throughout 2023, which is a 17% reduction from the original price. Even on Black Friday, the price for this model remained the same as it had been all year.

The 6th-Gen. Apple iPad mini 64GB 8.3" WiFi Tablet (2021) was offered at around $400 at various times throughout 2023, which was a discount of about 20%. This price remained constant from the end of October through the week of Black Friday. However, the absolute lowest price on the mini was actually $380 (24% off) on Amazon Prime Day in July.

The 10th-Gen. Apple iPad 10.9" 64GB WiFi Tablet (2022) dropped to $349 in December of 2023, which was a 22% reduction from the original price. We also saw discounts on the 256GB WiFi model, which was $499 on Black Friday (17% off).

Prices on the 9th-Gen. Apple iPad 10.2" 64GB WiFi Tablet (2021) ranged from $249 to $279 in 2023. With an original price of $329, that was a savings of 24%. We saw this best-ever price throughout the year in addition to Black Friday season.

What are the iPad 2024 predictions?

Rumors suggest the iPad Pro will get a refresh with M3 chip and OLED display. Apple already uses OLEDs in iPhone and Apple Watch models, so they're no stranger to the technology. This will likely come with a price increase, but we may see discounts on the previous-generation models.

A bigger iPad Air is also rumored to be in the works, which may be offered in addition to the current smaller size. Currently the Air is only available in 10.9", so a 12.9" would be a nice way to get a bigger display without going all out for the most expensive Pro model.

A new Apple Pencil and new Magic Keyboard could also be on the way. The Apple Pencil last received an update in 2018, and the Magic Keyboard was last updated with a numeric keypad in 2017, so both are due. Look for these these new accessories in 2024 in addition to expanded iPad offerings.

How do iPad deals compare in-store vs online?

iPad prices tend to be the same in-store compared to online, however online adds the advantage of free shipping. It's also easier to compare the specs between models online rather than relying on whatever happens to be in stock at physical store locations. Online shopping allows you to peruse the various models and come to your own decision without the pressure or time constraints of in-person shopping.

What else should I consider when purchasing an iPad?

The Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil can make for a more enjoyable iPad experience, so be sure to check out the iPad Accessories page. Also consider after market iPad cases and screen protectors.

There are lots of iPads to choose from, so compare the different models and check out the best deals on the iPads page. While the iPad Pro might wow you with size and specs, you might find that your needs can just as easily be met with less expensive Air or iPad models. Also consider whether or not you'll require cellular service as those models are a bump up in price.

iPad deals frequently appear at Best Buy, Amazon, B&H Photo Video, and other retailers. Refurbished models can also be found at Apple direct and from various eBay sellers.

The Apple iPad deals presented above are by no means the only cheap iPad deals we've seen. Check back with DealNews periodically to see iPads on sale and more. Also, sign up for our newsletter on the home page so you never miss a deal.