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When Is Your State's Tax Free Weekend in 2018?

Several states are having tax free days this summer. See if yours made the cut!
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School is about to start again for many kids — and has already started for some! — so now's the time for back-to-school shopping. And the best time to stock up on supplies is during your state's tax free weekend. Better yet, you don't have to be a student or parent to take advantage of these prime shopping days.

Is your state planning a tax free weekend? To find out, check out our chart below.

Tax Free Days Make School Supplies Cheaper

In 1997, New York became the first state to host a modern tax free holiday. Over the last two decades, more states have joined in. A handful of states even host multiple tax holidays for school supplies, disaster preparedness items, and hunting gear.

Shoppers use tax holidays to save on clothing and shoes, school supplies, and even computers.

However, most tax free weekends fall in mid-to-late summer, and they're primarily intended to help parents save before the new school year begins. Shoppers use these events to save on clothing and shoes, school supplies, and even computers and other tech. The savviest shoppers will be on the lookout for sales running at the same time to maximize their potential savings.

Anyone Can Participate

Tax free weekends aren't just for parents — anyone can participate! Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? Stock up during the holiday. Looking for new electronics or to replenish office supplies? These weekends are the perfect time to do so.

But there's at least one caveat: many states impose limits on your savings. During no tax weekends, shoppers are often restricted to purchasing eligible items under a certain price point. (We've listed these limits in the chart below.) You probably won't be able to skip the tax on pricey designer goods.

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Louisiana Officially Drops Tax Free Days

For the past two years, Louisiana has opted for a discounted tax rate, as opposed to a tax free weekend.

Unfortunately, the state's legislators recently voted to drop sales tax holidays completely for the next seven years, as part of an effort to balance the state budget. It's worth noting that local governments and retailers may opt to host their own tax free events.

Massachusetts Got a Tax Holiday After All

Massachusetts lawmakers recently passed a bill that included a sales tax holiday for this month. The governor signed the tax holiday amendment on August 10, letting shoppers get tax free days on Saturday, August 11, and Sunday, August 12. Items costing under $2,500 were eligible for the tax break, though certain categories weren't covered.

Massachusetts tax holidays are already set for future years, too. Earlier this summer, the governor signed legislation creating a permanent sales tax holiday, to be held over a 2-day weekend each year. That law will start in August 2019.

When Is Your State's Tax Free Weekend in 2018?

State Dates Details
Alabama July 20 - 22 Clothing: $100 per item
Computers and Software: $750 single purchase
School Supplies: $50 per item
Books: $30 per book
Arkansas August 4 - 5 Clothing and Footwear: $100 per item
Accessories: $50 per item
School Supplies: No limit
Connecticut August 19 - 25 Clothing and Footwear: $100 per item
Florida August 3 - 5 School Supplies: $15 per item
Clothing: $60 per item
Iowa August 3 - 4 Clothing and Footwear: $100 per item
Maryland August 12 - 18 Clothing and Footwear: $100 per item
Backpacks: First $40 of purchase
Mississippi July 27 - 28 Clothing and Footwear: $100
Missouri August 3 - 5 Clothing: $100 per item
School Supplies: $50 per purchase
Software: $350
Computers: $1,500
Computer Peripherals: $1,500
Graphing Calculators: $150
New Mexico August 3 - 5 Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories: $100 per item
Computers: $1,000
Computer Accessories: $500
School Supplies: $30
Ohio August 3 - 5 Clothing: $75 per item
School Supplies: $20 per item
School Instructional Material: $20 per item
Oklahoma August 3 - 5 Clothing and Footwear: $100
South Carolina August 3 - 5 Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories: No limit
School Supplies: No limit
Computers: No limit
Software and Accessories: No limit
Bed and Bath Linens: No limit
Tennessee July 27 - 29 Clothing: $100 per item
School Supplies: $100 per item
Computers: $1,500
Texas August 10 - 12 Clothing and Footwear: $100 per item
Backpacks: $100
School Supplies: $100
Virginia August 3 - 5 School Supplies: $20 per item
Clothing and Footwear: $100 per item
Wisconsin August 1 - 5 Clothing: $75 per item
Computers: $750
Computer Supplies: $250 per item
School Supplies: $75 per item

Readers, will you be shopping your state's tax free weekend? If so, what are you stocking up on? Let us know in the comments below.

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