The 11 Best Items to Sell Online in July 2021

It'll be hard to go wrong with household products and home improvement items, but will the 'reopening' of the U.S. affect consumer purchases?
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July could mark a turning point for both American consumers and Marketplace sellers. JPMorgan analysts are saying that July 4th will mark the reopening of the U.S., according to MarketWatch, and that there's a lot of demand to "get out and gather." Also consider that hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses have already been administered across the country, and the numbers will only grow as July nears.

Does this mean people will be spending on products for backyard cookouts, campfires on the beach, and other get-togethers? We can't say for sure, but we're here to offer a look at the best items to sell online in July 2021. Read on to learn what items were most popular with DealNews readers in July 2020 and July 2019, the sales you shouldn't forget about, and which items might be better to list later.

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The 11 Best Items to Sell Online in July 2021

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Health and Household Products

Health and household items proved to be the most popular category by far in July 2020, and we expect the same in 2021. Last year, people gravitated toward products such as flushable wet wipes, packs of pill pouches, gallon-size slider storage bags, liquid laundry detergent, powder cleansers, and hand soap refills. Many of these goods came from big-name brands, too, such as Ziploc, Ajax, Cottonelle, and Tide.

Two other items that appealed to our readers last year — but might not be as a big of a draw in 2021 — were noncontact digital thermometers and 2-packs of hand sanitizer bottles. We're betting that their popularity had a lot to do with the coronavirus pandemic.

Home Improvement Items

Home improvement supplies make frequent appearances on our "what to sell" lists, and that may stem from the eternal list of house projects homeowners seem to have. So which of these home improvement items could be good to sell in July? Last year, items that resonated included outdoor light timers, downspout extensions, Bluetooth LED strip lights, and dual carabiners. Our readers also went for grill and outdoor scrubbers — an unsurprising choice for the summer grilling season.

Skincare and Dental Products

People always need to take care of their teeth and skin, which makes skincare and dental products safe bets for sellers pretty much anytime. Even better, these types of items lend themselves to repeat purchases. Last July, popular items ranged from deodorant bar soap and bath bars with cocoa butter, to containers of mouthwash and multipacks of manual toothbrushes.

Skincare and dental products are safe bets for sellers pretty much anytime, as these types of items lend themselves to repeat purchases.

Packaged Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are another type of product that folks purchase year-round. But the variety is endless, so it helps to know which food and drinks hold appeal in July. If the list is anything like last July's, popular items will include 1-pound boxes of baking soda, bags of almonds with a wasabi and soy sauce flavor, 12-packs of beef-flavored noodle soup cups, K-Cup pods with dark roast coffee, and bags of dark roast ground coffee.

Products for the Home

July could be a good month to sell goods for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even the laundry room. In July 2020, our readers gravitated toward paper towel holders, Egyptian cotton sheet sets, color-coded mesh wash bags, brushed nickel shower cradles, and automatic soap dispensers. (Perhaps that last one is a pandemic-inspired choice?) Other items that resonated were 2-packs of moisture absorbers and oh-so-seasonal beach blankets.

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If you're figuring out which tools to list in July, know that small can be mighty. Popular items among our readers last July included 1-1/2" clamps, safety glasses (also popular in June), bit holders, speed square combo kits, and pocket knives.

Garden and Patio Products

Summer is prime time for hanging out outdoors; keep that in mind when deciding what to sell in July. In 2020, our readers sought out items like patio furniture, fire pits, 17" barbecue skewers, and outdoor cooking products in general.

On the garden front, popular items ranged from garden irrigation systems to greenhouses, and indoor plant food spikes to bird bath solar fountains. Note that backyard bird feeding became a trendy hobby in the midst of the pandemic last summer, so people who've kept up with it may be looking for more birding merchandise.


If you want to sell electronics in July, you could have good luck with headphones. In July 2020, our readers gravitated toward those in the wireless earbud style; popular features included Bluetooth technology and a charging case. We saw that many folks did go for a pair of over-ear, noise-cancelling headphones, as well, if you'd prefer not to sell earbuds.

Computer Accessories

Like tools, certain computer accessories fall into the "small but mighty" category when it comes to reader appeal. Ones to consider selling in July include the following types of flash drives:

  • USB 2.0 flash drives
  • 128GB USB 3.1 flash drives
  • Flash drives with both USB-C and traditional USB connectors

Last year, our readers also went for USB-A to USB-C cables, along with USB WiFi adapters.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen items that could sell well in July have purposes that span from food prep, to storage, to being a reference guide. Products that resonated with our readers in July 2020 included pan organizers that fit up to five pans, 4-packs of food storage containers, sets of three cutting boards, 8" chef's knives, and cheat sheets for using air fryers and pressure cookers.


Big-screen sets may not be the easiest items to sell, but your efforts could pay off come July. Should you decide to take the plunge, know that the popular TVs with our readers last July were 4K smart sets made by Samsung. They ranged in size from 58" to 65".

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How Did July 2019 and July 2020 Compare?

Will the popular items from July 2019 be the big sellers in the "slightly more typical" year of 2021? Or will last July's shopping trends stick around for another year? We have you covered either way through this comparison of the two months.

In both July 2019 and July 2020, health/household items and home improvement products were the two most popular product categories with our readers.

Let's start by looking at which items resonated most with DealNews readers in July 2019. You'll notice overlap with 2020 through items like USB flash drives and pan organizers, plus lots of new product appearances:

  • Health and household products like first-aid kits, toilet paper, AAA batteries, dryer sheets, and dishwasher detergent pods
  • Home improvement items like smart garage hubs, garage organization products, generators, and especially lighting products like garage lights, LED candle bulbs, LED desk lamps, and smart light switches
  • Packaged food and drinks like cans of V8 Original vegetable juice, peppermint-flavored mints, canisters of mini pretzels, and cookie variety packs
  • Products for the home like decorative lights, washcloths, bath mats, and folding boards
  • Storage products like memory cards and USB flash drives
  • Personal care items like men's razors and razor blade refills, electric toothbrushes, body wash, and lotion sunscreen
  • Kitchen supplies like pan organizers, stainless steel water bottles, hamburger meat choppers, silicone cooking utensils, and scrub brushes for cleaning cast iron
  • Garden and patio products like self-watering planters, garden solar lights, insect repellent, indoor/outdoor thermometers, and grill brushes
  • Electronics galore, from Amazon devices, to smartphones, to video doorbells and other smart home items. Refurbished items also made the list

In both July 2019 and July 2020, health/household items and home improvement products were the two most popular product categories with our readers. Laundry-related products seemed big in both years, too, with liquid detergent, mesh wash bags, dryer sheets, and folding boards appealing to many folks. Various summer-related items peppered the lists, as well. Among them were grilling supplies, sunscreen, beach blankets, and patio furniture.

What about the differences between the two Julys? Tools seemed to hold more sway in 2020 versus 2019, as did headphones. Products that trended more with our readers in 2019 included phone charging cables, UV lights and lanterns that are designed to kill mosquitos, and shoe inserts meant to help with plantar fasciitis.

Remember the 4th of July and Prime Day!

Wondering when to offer discounts and promotions for your products? One good opportunity in July is during Independence Day sales, which tend to show up every year. In July 2020, popular 4th of July events offered items like furniture, bedding, lighting, tools, appliances, grills, patio furniture, electronics, clothing, and shoes.

Another July event to watch for is Prime Day. This shopping holiday happened in mid-October last year, and while Amazon hasn't announced the dates for Prime Day 2021, it could return to its usual July timing. This event can provide big opportunities, too. In 2019 — the last year Prime Day took place in July — independent third-party sellers took in more than $2 billion in sales during Prime Day, according to Amazon.

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If you're planning to have coupons, Lightning Deals, or other types of Prime Day promotions, make sure you meet Amazon's submission deadlines. As for which Prime Deal deals were popular with DealNews readers in 2019, they included AmazonBasics items, Alexa and Apple devices, smartphones and other smart items, and storage and memory products.

What About Back to School?

Widespread shutdowns, remote learning, and other consequences of the pandemic have interfered with standard school schedules and school supply needs. But the 2021-2022 school year will likely be more "normal," meaning July could be a good time for sellers to ramp up their Back to School offerings.

According to Adobe's Digital Economy Index for July 2020, "work from home and distance learning boosted online purchases of school supplies in April, May and June — a time when kids are just finishing up the school year and not typically in the market for supplies." But John Copeland, the vice president of marketing and customer insights at Adobe, notes that July is typically the beginning of the Back to School season. So if you list school supplies, dorm room gear, or related items, you may want to bump up your inventory starting in July this year.

What NOT to Sell in July 2021

Based on DealNews shopping trends, some items may be better sellers several months down the road. Here's a rundown of those products.

Item When to Sell Why?
Men's Clothing Basics December Perhaps some people like getting socks and underwear as holiday gifts after all? Items that were popular with readers in December included crew socks, T-shirt multipacks, and boxer briefs.
Automotive Items January During the first month of 2021, readers gravitated toward parking gadgets, glass and hand cleaners, clips and fastener removers, and telescoping snow brushes.
Camera and Video Accessories March If lots of people continue to work from home, lighting kits for video conferencing could be good to sell in March. Other popular items with readers that month include camera lights, phone tripods, and webcams.

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