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2022 is a year that is happening and is now on the cusp of no longer happening. It was a year of many things and some of those things were great deals. Here, we summarize that greatness with vigor, gusto, and gracious aplomb. Onwards, as roundup jockeys Niall Gosker and Alan Byrne look backwards at the best deals of 2022!

Unlocked Apple iPhone 12 64GB SmartphoneUnlocked Apple iPhone 12 64GB Smartphone
Store: eBay
Price: $476 via code "MEMDAY15OFF"
Shipping: Free shipping
Date Published: May 24

eBay brought one of the year's most notable phone deals – a Memorial Day special on an unlocked iPhone, bringing it $253 under Apple's price at the time. It is hardly any wonder it resonated so strongly with the faithful users of DealNews dot com, who sniffed out this tasty meal with immediate and precisely honed bargain hunting instincts, devouring it whole within moments of it going live. And not long after that, all that remained of the deal was a bloody, largely-consumed carcass, bits of silicone and Ceramic Shield glass strewn about Castle DealNews in a scene that could only be rivaled by and compared to the aftermath of many a Christmas party held round those parts in years past. The following day, the hazmat team arrived and the clean up began in earnest. - Niall

Bim Bam Boo Toilet Paper SampleBim Bam Boo Toilet Paper Sample
Store: Bim Bam Boo
Price: Free
Date Published: March 29

It's probably not surprising that people love freebies, especially ones that arrive magically at your doorstep – this year's highlights included Covid tests (for obvious, good reasons), a hard water test kit (for when a weird film on your glassware is causing headaches), and an Advil sample (for curing said headache). But we know our readers, and at their ideal intersection between "free" and "somehow poop-related" lies this tree-free toilet paper sample, which was also blessed with a fun name. An unimpeachable combo. - Alan

Jos. A. Bank Men's 1905 Collection Seersucker SportcoatJos. A. Bank Men's 1905 Collection Seersucker Sportcoat
Store: Jos. A. Bank
Price: $29.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Date Published: September 8

There is absolutely no mystery as to why one of Jos. A. Bank's most lowly priced ever sportcoats proved such a bona fide hit this past year. The day was September 8 and little did we know what treats awaited us. Jos. A. Bank meanwhile knew full well what they were about to unleash on the populace at large, with a scandalous $219 discount and an offering of one fine sportcoat for the suspiciously low price of $30. Not content with just that, buyers could also avail of free shipping by becoming a Bank Account Rewards members for (you guessed it) a fee of zero dollars. And it's still free to become a Bank Account Rewards member to this very day. Ah, comfort in the unchanging in an ever fraught world where naught can be taken for granted – unbeatable. - Niall

Nike Men's Air Max 2017 ShoesNike Men's Air Max 2017 Shoes
Store: Nike
Price: $91.97
Shipping: Free shipping
Date Published: March 23

Fie on thee, readers, for forcing an SEO-disrupting "2017" into our keyword-chasing 2022 roundup. Oh sure, these shoes were better than half-price. The best price we've ever seen for them. But that's no excuse! It's at best, half an excuse. An "exc". But what's done is done, and we must be unflinchingly honest in our 2022 Hall of Fame inductions, and so in they go. But next year, the fix is in, folks. - Alan

Solo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Fire PitSolo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Fire Pit
Store: Solo Stove
Price: $229.99 via code "SOLO20"
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $50
Date Published: February 21

Had I heard of Solo Stove dot com prior to this deal we posted back in the ye olde days of February? I can safely say I had not and by presumable extension, neither had you dear reader. That however did not stop the scrappy young upstart from coming out arms wildly swinging, smashing prices left, right, and center in effort to offer some truly barnstorming savings (and a series of sponsored segments on Conan O'Brien's podcast, which helped lodge them in certain team members' minds, Alan). After their destructive rampage of list prices and given that they ended up offering a fire pit that takes logs up to 16" long and is made from 304 stainless steel at low of $50, it's safe to say they succeeded in their mission. Sure, there was collateral damage but that's Solo Stove's problem and a relatively small price to pay for placement in this prestigious hall of fame. - Niall

Kniphofia Red Hot Poker Flower Bulb 5-PackKniphofia Red Hot Poker Flower Bulb 5-Pack
Store: Amazon
Price: $8.52
Shipping: Free shipping w/ Prime
Date Published: April 27

Much like the titular flowers, this deal was red hot with our readers. Was it the promise of spring in the chilly April air? Was it the challenge of attempting to pronounce "Kniphofia" correctly first time? Or was it the simple, inexplicable joy one gets from seeing a product picture so simple and unassuming in our world of noisy autoplaying advertisements and big billboards telling us to sue our grandmothers for emotional trauma? We can't say, it was you guys buying it. - Alan

Skonyon 27-Piece Interlocking Patio Deck Floor TilesSkonyon 27-Piece Interlocking Patio Deck Floor Tiles
Store: Walmart
Price: $89.95
Shipping: Free shipping
Date Published: April 8

How much of the Skonyon 27-Piece Interlocking Patio Deck Floor Tiles' core appeal was down to a desire on behalf of purchasers to return to a simpler time in life versus the inherently appealing $30 price low? To go back in time to the days when plastic blocks would snap together with a satisfying click, when the completion of a LEGO kit (or similar leading brand) would signal a great success and that all was well? Did a subconscious want or dare I say, ferocious need, to replicate this sense of childhood triumph in the cold harsh grown up world of terrible adults really play a role in this deck floor tile pack being such a big hit among readers this year? It's impossible to say for sure therefore I won't and will instead endlessly postulate without offering up any real answers. It's what I do best. - Niall

MSC 3- and 4-Night Caribbean and Bahamas CruisesMSC 3- and 4-Night Caribbean and Bahamas Cruises
Store: ShermansTravel
Price: From $109 per person
Date Published: March 9

Less than $800 for a cruise for two, even with port fees, fuel surcharges, and taxes, with kids sailing free in most classes? More like the Low-Rates of the Caribbean!

[holding one finger to my ear] Yes sir? Oh, I don't think it was that bad! It's like the movie with the… with the Sparrow fella. Uh-huh. Well I don't think humor takes a holiday, sir, even if it is a huge savings. Yes sir. Yes I did actually say that. Yes. Understood, I'll never speak to you directly again. - Alan

Smith & Wesson Benji 2.5" Folding Keychain KnifeSmith & Wesson Benji 2.5" Folding Keychain Knife
Store: Amazon
Price: $17.89
Shipping: Free shipping w/ Prime
Date Published: December 3

I've never owned a keychain knife and based on the exceptional popularity of this deal, perhaps I'm missing out? Perhaps I should bemoan the fact that in May I didn't care to order a Smith & Wesson Benji 2.5" High Carbon Folding Keychain Knife from Amazon? Perhaps the $2 price drop and total $8 off list price should haunt my dreams as signifiers and reminders of a terrible mistake made and a great bargain missed? "Yes", says one user. "Yes!" shouts another user with malicious intent and a frenzied glint in their eye. "Burn him! Burn him at the stake!" wails another, pitchforks held high as the crowd begins to mount an aggressive offense in my general direction. It all escalated so quickly but let's not forget that I didn't buy a Smith & Wesson Benji 2.5" High Carbon Folding Keychain Knife on May 10 like I could have and so to the maddened towns folk all I can say is "please, make it quick." - Niall

Asus VivoBook 15 10th-Gen. i3 15.6" Ultrabook LaptopAsus VivoBook 15 10th-Gen. i3 15.6" Ultrabook Laptop
Store: Staples
Price: $269.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Date Published: February 27

Even as we informed you back in February that this Asus machine had beaten its Cyber Monday price from last year, we had no idea it would prove so popular. Who can say what makes one deal more popular than the next? I'm going to assume it's the word "Ultrabook", which immediately makes this laptop seem superior to most others. It could also conceivably have been the $188 price low it boasted, but no: the "Ultra" superlative is simply catnip to all of us, and we fall at its feet every time. Admittedly, the word "book" is also in there, bringing the mood down with promises of dense, wordy chapters, and "themes" and "character arcs", but thankfully, a quick glance at the product image reassures us that it's just a laptop, full of Twitter and YouTube and, yes, even DealNews dot com. To 2023! - Alan

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