Top 5 Furniture Deals: Save $50 on a Wall-Hugging Recliner

Now that the thrills of summer are over, let's look forward to a winter spent warming up indoors – perchance with some new furniture to laze upon? We've rounded five great deals, including a wall-hugging recliner at Wayfair, and bed frames and sofas at Amazon.

5 Deals You Need to Know Today: Shop Reebok's Best Discount of the Year

Reebok is taking an extra 60% off its sale section thanks to a handy coupon code – that's the best extra discount we've seen all year. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the five best deals we found over the last 24 hours.

What to Expect From Indigenous Peoples Day and Columbus Day Sales 2019

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Should You Pay Amazon Sales Tax? Here's What One Lawyer Says

What do shifts in the sales tax landscape mean for Amazon Marketplace sellers, and who's responsible for paying these taxes? We asked an expert for his legal advice on Amazon sales tax collection.

Top 6 Stores for the Best Online Black Friday Deals in 2019

Finding deals during Black Friday season isn't difficult, but it can be hard to locate the very best bargains. Fortunately, we scoured last year's sales and found the top six stores for Black Friday online deals in 2019.

Is Black Friday Worth It? 10 Ways You're Doing Black Friday Wrong

Whether you're stocking up on holiday gifts, or just shopping for yourself, you want to make the most of every minute on Black friday. Get ready for the 2019 sales by avoiding these 10 common Black Friday shopping mistakes.

How Do Sellers Get Their Amazon Marketplace Payments?

You've just sold your first item as an Amazon Marketplace seller and are eagerly awaiting your first paycheck. But how long will it take to get paid? To find out, use our guide to Amazon Marketplace payments.

The 9 Best Things to Buy in September (And 10 Things That'll Be Hit by Tariffs)

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Everything You Need to Know About Online Coupon Codes

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Should You Enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry?

Do you run an Amazon Marketplace business? Are fraudulent sellers copying your work? Amazon's brand registration program could help you out. Get the lowdown on the Amazon Brand Registry, so you can see see if it's right for you.

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If you're in the market for a new smartphone at a discounted price, you're in luck! Check out our guide on the best time to buy a phone in 2019, and learn when you can expect to see prices drop.

How to Get the Best Deals on College Laptops

Buying the best computer for college can be hard on a student budget — especially when you consider the costs of tuition, books, and supplies. Here's everything you need to know to get deals on laptops for college students.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage: How Much Can You REALLY Make Reselling on Amazon?

The term "arbitrage" may conjure up visions of Wall Street machinations, but Amazon arbitrage is its own world. Could your road to riches come in the form of reselling on Amazon? Here's everything you need to know.

The DealNews Seller's Guide

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the Amazon Marketplace, or a new seller just starting out, we want to help! Every edition of the DealNews Seller's Guide offers a deep dive into the topics sellers care about. We publish new editions every week!

Labor Day is TODAY! Here Are the Top Sales to Shop Now!

Labor Day is today, and the sales are hot! Shop discounted clothing, furniture, appliances, and more. Here are the best sales to shop now!

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10 Must-Have Amazon Pricing Trackers

Vying for your customers' attention in the Amazon Marketplace can be rough, especially when the thing standing between you and a sale might just be your prices. These 10 Amazon price tracker tools can make it easier to get ahead.

How Does Vudu Work? Start Watching Vudu Free Movies Today!

Vudu is a Walmart-owned streaming service that simplifies your media library by merging your digital and physical media collections. So how does Vudu work? We give you the lowdown on the service.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Amazon Seller Feedback Rating

As an Amazon seller, you should know your seller feedback rating is important, as it informs how confident shoppers can be in your services. Check out our guide to seller ratings and how to easily improve yours.

What Is Google Stadia? Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Gaming Services

The Google Stadia gaming service is set to launch in November and offers a wide range of features. If you're interested in this or other cloud gaming services, check out our handy gamer's guide.

11 Essential Things to Know When Buying a Used Car

Shopping for a used car can be stressful. Not only is it a big purchase, but you want a good deal on a safe and reliable vehicle. To help you out, here are the 11 car-buying tips you should know before you head to the dealer.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished deals can look like they're too good to be true, but that's not always the case. Check out what you need to know about refurbs to get a deal instead of a dud.

5 Deals You Need to Know Today: Save Over $500 on a Patio Sectional

Get your patio set for the summer with a massive savings on a sectional at Wayfair. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the five best deals we found over the last 24 hours.

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If you sell on Amazon but have been avoiding their restricted products, you could be missing a chance to pick low-hanging fruit. Check out our guide to Amazon restricted products to see if it's worth expanding your inventory.

The 10 Best Things to Buy in July (Including Amazon Prime Day Deals!)

July comes with a ton of shopping holidays. Whether it's Independence Day, Prime Day, or even 7-11 Day, there's a lot to get excited about this month! Read on to see where to shop for the best summer clothing, video games, and freebies in July.

The Steam Summer Sale Has Started! Here are the Best Deals

Steam has kicked off its popular Summer Sale, discounting hundreds of games and DLC for the next couple of weeks. Check out all the best deals in our Steam Summer Sale guide.

5 Best National Splurge Day Deals: The Best Price Yet for a Dell Gaming Laptop

It's National Splurge Day, which means it's the perfect time to indulge yourself with our selection of the best over-$100 deals we've seen this week.

20 Items You Should NEVER Buy at the Dollar Store

A dollar price tag is very attractive, but some dollar-store products are pricier than you think and may have dangerous components. Our guide to what not to buy at the dollar store can help protect you (and your wallet).

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