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Tax Day Sales Blog Archives

5 Easy Ways to Prepare and File Your Taxes Online

The only two things certain in life are death and taxes. We can't predict the former, but we do know that you shouldn't let April 15 sneak up on you! Get a head start on the paperwork and file your 2013 taxes with any of these five e-filing services.

Tax Day Fast Facts: Romanian Witches Pay a 16% Income Tax

If death and taxes represent two of life's certainties, then articles about taxes in the days leading up to April 15 come in a close third. And in this one, we've crunched the tax day numbers with enough exactitude to make your accountant jealous. Better yet, you don't need a sharp pencil or calculator to make sense of the facts and figures — past and present — that surround Uncle Sam's mandate.

7 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions

Tax season is upon us! But before you throw your copy of Turbo Tax into a turbo-charged blender, remember that the I.R.S. tax code is full of little-known (yet legal) deductions you could and should utilize. We spoke to a certified CPA who shared with us seven commonly overlooked tax deductions.