6 Reasons You Need This UPS My Choice Premium Membership Deal


If you do a lot of online shopping, chances are UPS is a significant part of your life. You may know your local drivers by name, or maybe you recognize the sound of that big brown truck turning onto your street before you even see it.

If these are truths that resonate, it's time to consider a UPS My Choice Premium 1-year membership. It's currently $10 with coupon code "BVZR8O4S4", which is $30 off and the best deal we've seen.

Here are six reasons why we think that it's a worthy investment.

6 Reasons You Need UPS My Choice Premium

Unlimited Free Delivery Changes
Say you ordered a new phone charger via Amazon Prime on a Thursday, but decided to go on a last-minute road trip that Friday afternoon. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could tell your package to meet you at your friends' house?

With UPS My Choice Premium you can. It allows you to reroute your shipments to The UPS Store or another address without paying additional fees. Don't need that charger right away, but also don't want it left sitting on the porch until you return? You can also choose a new delivery date that suits your schedule.

Unlimited Free SurePost Upgrades
SurePost is when UPS hands the package off to the U.S. Postal Service for final delivery, and it typically arrives one day earlier. It's great for those times when you've got a new book or game coming and waiting an extra day feels like torture.

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2 Free Confirmed Delivery Windows
Twice a year, UPS MY Choice Premium will let you choose a free 2-hour confirmed delivery window. If you've ever missed an iPhone delivery because you ran to the bathroom, the value of such a precise delivery range is not lost on you!

Delivery Planning
If you're the type of person who likes to stay on top of things, you'll love these (optional) status alerts via text, phone, or e-mail the day before a delivery.

You can also use the online calendar to manage and track all your home deliveries, and when possible, UPS will even provide an estimated delivery time frame. It's not guaranteed, but you can stay calm if a package hasn't arrived by 5 pm if the tracker shows something closer to 7.

Sign Online
Do you like to live dangerously? Or do you wonder why you had to answer the door and sign to receive that $5 phone case? With this feature, you can give authorization online for UPS to deliver packages without a signature. This means they can be dropped off when you're not home, so no more soul-crushing "missed delivery" notes.

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Give Delivery Instructions
Have you had a package mysteriously disappear, despite all indications it was delivered to your front door? Do you suspect some ruffian of absconding with your treasure? UPS gives you options to guard against this. You can direct the driver to leave your package with a neighbor who lives within walking distance, or designate a spot for your package to be placed. The back door may not be a genius hiding spot, but it is less exposed than your front porch.

Readers, have you used UPS My Choice Premium? Are there other features you'd like to see included with services like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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"Unlimited Free SurePost Upgrades" -- I just spoke with UPS customer service and they said there is no way to upgrade packages to UPS SurePost :(

UPS doesn't deliver in my area but USPS and SurePost do. I was hoping to be able to receive packages through SurePost but this does not seem possible.
I just used Promo Code "BBGN2LEJ6" to get UPS MyChoice Premium – One Year Free
UPS stinks as a delivery service. The My Choice is a waste of time and money. UPS cannot guarantee delivery days or times. But, they did offer to deliver the item to their warehouse which is an hour away. And, the warehouse is only open during normal business hours Monday through Friday when normal people who have a job or are students are working or in school. And, of course, they are not open on the weekends. How in the heck is this going to help me. The items just keep getting returned to the shipper. FedEx is far superior with changing delivery times and days. I will never use UPS again. I hope FedEx puts them out of business. They also have poor customer service. I'd rather pay more for better service. UPS ends up costing more since items keep getting returned to shipper.
I have UPS My Choice Premium. (Its was a freebie) Yesterday I had UPS deliver a package that was supposed to be a "surepost" delivery themselves. They gave me an more precise delivery time of 1:15 pm to 5:15 pm. They delivered that package along with another package that was supposed to be delivered in the same period. The first package was delivered at 8:57 pm and the 2nd one I mentioned was delivered roughly an hour earlier at 7:40 pm on a different truck.

I do like their text messages but they generally only tell me that they have or will deliver a package late. UPS is getting less impressive to me by the day.

It used to be that I complained about my Prime deliveries from the USPS but now they seem to be the ones who are hitting their promised delivery times.
Greg the Gruesome
What junocampbell said -- some of the reasons given in this piece shouldn't be included because those features are available for no charge at the non-premium UPS My Choice membership level, too.
UPS = Unbelievable Poor Service

In New Mexico they miss their delivery estimates often

They don't follow instructions on where to leave packages.
Their Service Center closes for unannounced periods of time.

They have the FILTHIEST trucks on the planet. Delivered packages are covered in BLACK SOOT ALUMINUM OXIDE DUST.

Redirecting a package with FedEx is free and easier than UPS.

I will concede that the UPS app is better - love the notifications, but often it's UPS telling me my package isn't arriving on time.

My Amazon profile asks to use FedEx over UPS. They are the best in this area. It was the same when I lived in the Midwest.

This UPS "Deal" is a shameful rip-off on something they should do free as a course of business.
Have to agree with ... What's the point. Prime sends 70+% of "my" orders through the postal system anyways. I do know my UPSdriver too, but, don't see the point of this club.

Thanks for letting us know it's on sale though.
I got a premium year long membership when it was free in 2014, not really worth it unless you need to redirect your UPS packages for some strange reason. You can still sign up for a regular free membership, that will email you with updates and a confirmation as soon as your package has been delivered. Also, not 100% of the online stores you order from are going to use UPS, so to me, it's a waste.
Still doesn't seem worth it. Even for $10