RadioShack Is Having a Very Sad Store Closing Sale on Twitter

As RadioShack is set to finally close, the store is selling off its shelves and stationery supplies in a last ditch attempt to bring in sales

None of the numerous store closures this year have been quite as tumultuous as RadioShack's. Now, after a failed turnaround attempt and two bankruptcies, the chain is officially closing completely. Its last act is what any 20-year old sophomore might do to save up for a Coachella ticket — selling off old junk.

Bankruptcies and Failures Since 2015

The former reader-favorite electronics giant initially filed for bankruptcy in 2015 after failing to turn a profit for its third year in a row. That move saw 2,400 stores close.

Although it seemed like the brand could be saved by General Wireless (a joint venture between Sprint and Standard General) when it took charge of the remaining 1,518 stores, a new agreement in March of this year saw RadioShack file for bankruptcy for a second time. As it stands, hundreds of its outlets will officially close and be replaced by Sprint stores.

Now Selling Everything (Including the Clipboards)

In what might be the biggest and saddest garage sale the nation has ever seen, RadioShack's social media gurus have divvied up its leftovers and are selling its wares online. Everything from the stores' shelving units to its used printers (and presumably the kitchen sinks) are available at "negotiable prices" — that is, if you can stand to kick a bankrupt dog while it's well and truly down.

The store is even selling off printer paper packs and some highly-coveted, pre-owned clipboards for as little as $2. (Unfortunately, no one told them that you can buy two of the same models, but brand new, for slightly less than that price at Walmart.)

Readers, what do you think of RadioShack's last ditch attempt to bring in sales? Will you be sad to see the electronics superstore finally close its doors? Let us know in the comments below.

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RIP, Radio Shack. When you dropped the then still viable Amateur / Ham and CB radio & started "exploring" other possibilities, the end was near. Some of the computer line was fair, but again you tried to reinvent the wheel.
Pricing? I can't tell you how many times I gladly paid the 2-300% premium for a roll of solder, cheap soldering iron or fuses at 7:55 on a Saturday night before a gig, but the same for a stereo receiver or cell phone?? Thats bad, bordering on criminal business models in the CEO's favor.
It was time 20 years ago, finally some relief to an over worked brand. RIP & good riddance in the same breath.
What is so disgusting to me is they hire these douchebag CEOs that "see value in the brand", hire on with a golden parachute for millions, then do nothing at all until they get fired a year later.
Radio Shack serviced DIY electronic guys. Very few electronics are serviceable anymore and if they are, online retailers have everything you need. It's simply a business that served it time and did it well when it was relevant. Just like wagon repair shops and hitching post manufacturers.
"Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still in Business" from 2007 (The ONION):
Scroogus Maximus
RS apparently never heard of Amazon or Walmart, which is why their insanely high prices routinely gouged customers. $30 for a 4-ft HMDI cable? Really? That deserves a spot as a corpse on CSI: Dumps For Chumps, but no pity whatsoever.
RadioShack! They still around. Their time has come and gone. They were successful when they were the only player in town and we had to pay their crazy high prices but times have changed you can buy your electronic goods on line or at your local walmart at half the price you would pay at a RadioShack. Just die and go away please!
Vash The Stampede
I'm an amateur radio operator and I watched Radio Shack turn into cellphone shack. You used to be able to walk into a store and get helped by someone that knew about what they were selling. Now you go into a store to have some kid read a cell plan brochure to you. If I want a clueless high school dropout to do that I'll go to a T-Mobile store. They lost their direction and crapped on the customers that were loyal to them and they couldn't compete reselling cellphones and plans. Good riddance.
Fyi, my store closed last month. Our very last sale was for OVER 9k in merchandise, that we gave away for $26.
typical, and why i never really go to "store going out of business sales" because you better know your prices before going in, they typically are marking down from the suggested retail price, and like the case of the used clipboards they are selling them for a bit more than what one can buy the exact same ones for NEW at walmart, which says quite a bit about the company they are trying to rip people off even in their dying last days. Must be enough dumb people buying the clipboards used for 2 bucks they can get new for less.
Our local Radio Shack recently opened back up! After going out of business two years ago?!? I went in and the store looks virtually unchanged from just before they started selling everything off. So they wasted a ton of money liquidating only to have to restock and re-purchase all the store goods.
their price is very expensive.
2nd slowest going out of business sale ever next to Sears/KMart.

My only question now is who is who is going to honor the lifetime warranty on my TRS-80?
In the words of our Dear Supreme Leader, "SAD COVFEFE!"
Liquidating clipboards at more than Walmart prices just shows how clueless they were about the marketplace and why they went under.
I remember going in store a few years back to get the online price and they told me that was pretty much a different company and they couldn't honor those prices.

"That's not a very good strategy."

"That's how we roll."
Even when going out of business their prices aren't competitive.....surprised they lasted this long!