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Got the Urge to Splurge? Do it Wisely!

Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little more. On National Splurge Day, why not buy a nice set of knives, upgrade your seat on a flight, or score some comfy sheets?
National Splurge Day

Calling all spendthrifts: National Splurge Day is June 18! What is National Splurge Day, you ask? This "holidate" was invented "on a whim" by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith in 1994 as an alternative to traditional holidays.

Since we're in the business of helping shoppers save money, the thought of splurging on anything isn't usually appealing to us. But even we have to admit that some purchases are worth spending more on.

Check out our list of 12 items you can feel justified in splurging on — because they're totally worth it.


Even if you don't really like to cook, you still need good knives in your kitchen. If cooking feels like a chore, good knives will make it go faster and feel easier. Beyond that, a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Popular brands include Wüsthof and J.A. Henckels.

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Opt for a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones and you'll be surprised at how well you can drown out the world when you're gaming, on flights, working in public, riding public transport, and more. When you're able to fully focus on what you're listening to, your overall mood is sure to improve.


Yes, sheets make a lot of splurge-worthy lists, but they make those lists for a reason. If you're uncomfortable and sweaty all day, you don't want to be uncomfortable and sweaty all night, too. The CDC recommends Americans get seven hours of sleep per night, but as of last year, at least 35% weren't getting that amount. If you dress your bed in luxurious sheets, you're bound to get a better night's sleep.

Aim for materials like true Egyptian Cotton, or opt for percale if you tend to overheat when you sleep. Alternatively, go for sateen if you enjoy a smoother, satin-like feel that's on the heavier side.


This one might seem weird. Whether you're heading out on a long road trip or just hanging at a BBQ, a great cooler will keep your drinks and snacks frosty. Super cheap styrofoam options need to be replaced over and over; shell out more now to ensure you have a model that lasts.

Super cheap styrofoam coolers need to be replaced over and over; shell out more now to ensure you have a model that lasts.

Something like a Yeti cooler might seem like overkill for chilling drinks at your kids' softball game, but you'll be glad to have a workhorse on hand for camping trips, tailgating, and more. The best coolers can hold onto ice for days, making them ideal for the next time you have a power outage.

Toilet Paper

This is another staple that often makes these types of lists, and for good reason. If you've ever used a public bathroom, you've used cheapo t.p. (and probably regretted it). Ditch that two-ply sandpaper tissue and splurge on the plushness of something like Charmin. Trust us, it's worth it to spend more and get the good stuff.


The last thing you want is to risk losing a handle or zipper while you're running to the gate for your connecting flight. Spend the cash on high-quality luggage now, and if you do it right, you'll only have to do it once. Be sure to score a carryon that fits those ever-shrinking size requirements, though — no one wants to splurge on last-minute checked bag fees!

Don't mind letting the airline handle your luggage? Opt for something that can take a beating, but is also easy to spot at the baggage claim.

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Opting for a cheaper vacuum could result in you having to run it multiple times over the same spots due to lousy suction. And more time cleaning means less time doing what you love. Buying a good vacuum now simply means you're more likely to get a deep clean on the first go.


Opt for cheap ink, and you should be prepared for a variety of problems, from early fading to blurry lines to terrible shading and more. The last thing you want on your body is a permanent reminder of a bad decision. (Unless that's your thing; no judgement here!)

If you aren't picky about the design, check out reputable tattoo shops that run Friday the 13th specials.

If you want some cheap ink for the sake of it, and aren't picky about the design, check out reputable shops that run Friday the 13th specials. Otherwise, know what you're getting into and don't skimp on the artist.


While it's true you can spend thousands of dollars to really splurge on a high-end mattress, you don't necessarily have to. But this is still an area where you don't want to cheap out and settle for a $70 bed. Most people need between seven and nine hours of sleep every night, and the last thing you'll want to do is toss and turn. Splurging on a solid bed now means you'll sleep better for many nights to come.

Airline Upgrades

Legroom is already scarce on flights, and some airlines are getting ready to reduce it even further. Paying extra for more legroom could mean you end up sleeping better on the plane, or you're just more comfortable in general. (And let's face it, being comfortable on a plane is a rarity.) Go ahead! Upgrade that seat for your overseas flight and start your trip off on the right foot, whether it's for business or pleasure.

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Everyday Bag

Whether you want quality leather or prefer another material, men and women alike will benefit from a good bag. Totes, handbags, satchels, and messengers are all worthwhile picks for everyday carryalls. Springing for a good one now (and taking care of it) means you won't have to replace it every year with the latest thing. If you're concerned about being on-trend, opt for something fairly neutral to ensure a lasting style.


Most people will grow bored with material possessions — think about the kid on Christmas morning who prefers to play with a box instead of their new toys. But experiences not only provide you with stories to tell for years to come, but priceless memories, too.

So whether it's a guided tour, a restaurant you've always wanted to try, or a class for a skill you've always wanted to learn, try splurging on experiences rather than things. Bonus: Experiences are traditionally more social, so you could even find yourself making new friends.

Readers, how do you plan to spend National Splurge Day? What are the best splurges you've ever made? Let us know in the comments below!

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Chin Kong
Cheap ink looks... cheap. I have seen too many disasters and stretch mark to ever think they're a good idea.
About vacuum cleaners. Why am I never invited by companies to help test their products? I have waist length hair which causes the most problems with vacuum cleaners (I tried to do an internet search which specifically focused on long hair)!
About coolers. Maybe it will depend on where you're taking your cooler which will be a factor in the size you choose. Think about how large a cooler you want when you go to the beach. How much stuff are you carrying in it & how far will you be walking with it. We opted for a small plastic one on wheels to make easier to move through sand (don't forget that point!). We also use it on warmer days when we go grocery shopping if we have several cold products. We don't use it in the sense that we'll be out for several hours (maybe just a couple of hours). We opted for a huge cooler when we have cookouts at our house or if we need to defrost our deep freezer:; also, if we're going to run out to the store on a warm day & pick up a gallon of milk, we have a small soft-sided cooler which is big enough for the gallon of milk, but small enough to make it portable/convenient without taking one of the larger plastic ones.
Probably not a good idea for me to chime in about tattoos because I don't have any, but maybe this is something to consider? As many of us know, depending on where your employed might also dictate how your supervisors & co-workers will react to them. I knew a woman who had tattoos & I was surprised that she had them. I'm not saying there's a certain type of person who has tattoos. I was surprised because I'm not sure what type of ink the tattooer used. Because I know nothing about tattoos, all I can say is they were there, but they could only be seen when she held her arm a certain way in the sun. It was almost as if they were done in invisible ink. I don't know if she did this intentionally because of where she worked or if she did this so only she could see them or share them with certain people. I didn't have a chance to ask her.
michael bonebright (DealNews)
Daniel is 100% right. I dropped ~$30 on a mug on Amazon, and my 6am-brewed coffee is often still perfectly hot at 1pm. Worth every penny.
Daniel Hendley (DealNews)
Similar to the cooler, I'd say a vacuum-sealed mug is worth it, though with the much cheaper Yeti knock-offs, it's not really so much of a splurge. I use one daily now to keep ice water, and it leads me to drinking more water throughout the day. It can also lead to less wasted coffee/hot tea since your drink won't get cold for hours, meaning you can take your time drinking it and still have a hot drink.