DealTip: Why Would You Set Up a Deal Alert?

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Who has the time to scan every deal, every day, for that one special item, sale, store, or discount? Uh... WE DO! (It's kinda our job.) Create a Deal Alert and we'll spend our time searching, so you can go outside to paint your kids, take your house to school, or whatever!

Even better, with our all-new Deal Alert system, you can narrow your requests by category, store, brand, keywords, and/or price ranges. When we find the right deal, we send you an email. It's like magic! (Actually, it's like "algorithms and lots of painstakingly-written code," we're just being poetic.) Try it now!
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How do I set up a text notification alert?
I look forward to surfing your Deal page, you guyz think out side the box like me. Case in point....the Paracord Braclet and the apple car charging kit. You guyz do have the best deals I always check eBay & Amazon and ya beat em! Thanx
cute ;)
computer parts guy
Cute! I like the take "your house to school". Whoever wrote this had fun and got my attention. Hat's off to you.
I scan all the deals here posted.