2020 Black Friday Smart Home Deals & Sales

Here's Everything We Know About 2020 Black Friday Smart Home Deals so Far

Black Friday smart home

Every year it's becoming easier and more affordable to turn your home into a smart one, but joining the Internet of Things still requires at least a small investment.

Fortunately, smart gadgets will almost definitely see discounts this Black Friday. Even better, we expect bundles to be popular, which will make starting up a smart home even simpler, as you'll have everything you need in one purchase. Read on to learn what we expect for smart home Black Friday deals in 2020, from smart plugs to smart speakers.

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Smart Light Starter Kits Will Cost as Little as $30

One of the simplest ways to ease into the Internet of Things is by utilizing smart lights. While you can find kits that typically include a hub and a couple of bulbs, around Black Friday they go a little further.

Snag $5 Amazon Smart Plugs on Black Friday

Amazon's smart plug is technically affordable at $25. But costs can add up quickly if you're outfitting more than one outlet. Black Friday smart plug deals to the rescue! Around the shopping holiday, we're expecting bundles and huge discounts for this gadget.

New Amazon Echos Could Get a $40 Discount

Amazon introduced the 3rd-generation Echo smart speaker last September, and we saw discounts on it as soon as Black Friday. The best one hung around for a week and took $40 off the $100 list price. The next discount after that one wasn't nearly as impressive, though it was still decent.

Popular Smart Displays Will Cost Around $55

Whether you prefer Amazon or Google, odds are you'll find a smart display from these big players for around $55 this Black Friday. And if you prefer other brands, like Lenovo or Facebook, you can expect their devices to be around $30 or $80, respectively.

Previous-Generation Smart Speakers Will Be $50 or Less

The Google Home is a few years old now, and we've seen steady discounts on the speaker, so for it and the Google Home Mini to drop below $50 is no big deal. But the 3rd-generation Echo is only a year old, so seeing it that low would be notable.

The Apple HomePod Will Be $200 (Again)

By now we know the kind of discount to expect for Apple's smart speaker. Refurbished models could drop lower, but for any brand-new ones, we don't expect to see the price fall lower than $200.

Ring Products Will Be Bundled With Echo Devices

You can use Ring security products to keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Most often, Ring's video doorbells allow you to see and interact with someone on your doorstep without opening the door. (They also provide ways to check on your home and ensure things are okay.) So it makes sense that they'd be bundled with Echo devices, particularly those with displays. We expect these bundles to see modest discounts for Black Friday.

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Best Smart Home Deals so Far
Amazon Echo Dot
Store: Amazon
Price: $79.99 via code "DOT2PACK"
Shipping: Free shipping

Looking for the latest Amazon tech? Add two Echo Dots to your cart and apply coupon code "DOT2PACK" to save $20. This item will be released on October 22, 2020. Under "Pick a version," you can also get it with an LED clock or the Kids Edition for $59.99 before coupon; the coupon takes $20 off when you buy two of any model. Features include a 1.6" front-firing speaker, dual-band 802.11ac wireless, and 3.5 mm line out.

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Smart Home Black Friday Deals 2020 Preview

Smart Light Starter Kits Will Go as Low as $30

We expected smart light starter kits to fall to this price during Black Friday 2019, but we were pleasantly surprised. They actually dropped slightly lower, to $25, with in-store pickup at stores like Lowe's and Kohl's. The kits typically featured one or two smart bulbs and a Google Home Mini.

This year we expect these kits to hit lows of at least $30, and there's a chance we could see them at cheaper prices. A $25 low isn't out of the question, but neither is an even lower price, especially if the lights are bundled with Home Minis, rather than the newer generation of Nest Mini speakers.

The Amazon Smart Plug Will Cost Just $5

Using smart plugs is an easy way to turn everyday objects into smart ones, but plugs can get pricey pretty fast. Last Black Friday, we saw multipacks for $20 and $29, and those had two and three plugs, respectively. Singles were available for less — around $12 — but if you're planning to buy more than one, that might not be the price you're looking for.

Fortunately, Amazon came through by offering its smart plug for only $5 with in-store pickup at Lowe's. At that price, you could afford to pick up a few and try them out in different areas of your home.

Not interested in using a service like in-store pickup? Keep an eye out for retailers like Lenovo, which could offer smart plugs for as little as $8 each and with free shipping. Not too shabby, especially since it means the products will be delivered right to your door.

New Amazon Echos Could Get a $40 Price Cut

Amazon released the 3rd-generation Echo last fall with a starting price of $100. We didn't expect to see massive discounts, but Amazon surprised us when Black Friday rolled around and dropped the price to only $60. That deal lasted for about a week. The next notable discount we saw came at the end of Cyber Week, but the price only dropped to $80.

Amazon has already announced the fourth generation of the Echo, and it'll be out at the end of October, in plenty of time for Black Friday. We expect similar discounts this year on the latest iteration. But even if the price doesn't dip down to $60, we expect at least modest discounts to occur.

Popular Smart Displays Will Be Priced Around $55

If you've been hoping for a new Echo Show or Google Home Hub (known as the Nest Hub now), Black Friday will be an ideal time to treat yourself. Amazon has three different sizes of its Echo Show, but we're expecting the smallest one — the Echo Show 5 — to hit lows of $50. We saw it drop that low last Black Friday, and in October of this year, we saw it for $45. There's no reason to expect it won't go down to at least $50 again.

Prefer the Google ecosystem over Amazon's? Google only offers two sizes of smart displays: the Google Home Hub (now the Nest Hub) at 7" and the Nest Hub Max at 10". Last Black Friday, the smaller one dropped to $58, but it's not unreasonable to expect it to drop slightly lower this year to $55, or even lower to $50.

Larger displays likely won't get that deep of a discount, though you could still save. Black Friday 2019 brought deals for the Echo Show 8 that priced it at $80. And in one case, Amazon bundled the display with an Echo Dot without increasing the price. The Google Nest Hub Max, meanwhile, has a list price of $229, but it dropped to $199 at Kohl's and came with $30 Kohl's Cash last Black Friday season. Even if you weren't a regular Kohl's shopper, that deal was enticing, as it effectively dropped the price to $169 as long as you used the Kohl's Cash later.

If you prefer neither of the main options, look to Lenovo's smart clock displays to cost as little as $32. And if you want the Facebook Portal, look for the mini version to be around $79.

Previous-Generation Smart Speakers Will Drop Below $50

Considering we saw the 3rd-generation Echo drop to $60 last Black Friday, it could very well cost less this year. However, with the fourth generation coming out soon, previous-generation Echos might be harder to come by. Once they're gone, they're gone for good.

The same goes for the original Google Home speaker, which went as low as $45 last Black Friday. Now that Google has launched the $100 Nest Audio smart speaker, we absolutely expect the previous generation to go as low as $45 again, if not lower. In fact, we've already seen the Google Home drop to $29 with in-store pickup this year. But retailers might not drop it that low if they're shipping it out.

Interested in smaller smart speakers? The 3rd-generation Echo Dot will likely dip down to $25, but there's a chance it could fall to $19. And the Google Home Mini could drop as low as $19, as well, while the newer 2nd-generation Nest Mini could go below $30. When Black Friday rolls around, if you want a speaker equipped with a smart assistant, prices should be so similar that it'll come down to which ecosystem you want to be a part of.

The Apple HomePod Will Be $200 Once Again

Apple released the HomePod in 2018, and it hasn't delivered a second generation yet. By now, we've probably seen units fall as low as they're going to — and that means they'll hit $200 at best for Black Friday 2020. If you don't mind refurbished products, you might see one for as little as $175. But if you're wanting a brand-new model, expect to pay at least $200 wherever you decide to shop.

Ring and Echo Devices Will Be Bundled Together

If you'd rather take a deeper dive into the smart home world and entrust the robots with your home security, know that we expect a plethora of Ring camera deals around Black Friday. And with so many different ones to choose from, there's bound to be one to fit your budget. Even better, the best deals will likely be bundles that include Echo devices, ensuring you get a bigger bang for your buck.

If you only want a Ring doorbell, you may be able to score refurbished models for as little as $60. Need a full alarm kit? We expect a 5-piece kit to fall just below $100 for Black Friday, and an 8-piece kit to be as low as $170 — plus it'll be bundled with something like an Echo Dot.

However, we expect other bundles to be popular, too. For instance, last year we saw an Echo Show 5 bundled with a Ring Video Doorbell 2 for $139. But we also saw Amazon take up to 30% off Ring alarm kits in general. Those kits also came bundled with Echo Dots.

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