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PC Games: The Basics

Do you prefer a mouse and keyboard to a controller?  Then you’ve found the right category.  The resident experts here at DealNews have scoured the internet to bring you the best deals on computer games — new releases and classics alike. Below, you’ll find buying advice and resources, so you can take a deep dive into your game’s story instead of spending hours doing research.

Why Choose PC Over Consoles?

Consoles are often what first comes to mind when thinking of gaming, but PC games come with four key benefits:

Gaming PCs boast better performance. Gaming PCs usually include hardware that can outperform a console. That means PC games can deliver higher graphics levels and frame rates , leading to smoother, more visually appealing gameplay.

PC games have downloadable mods. If your gameplay is getting a bit stale, or if you’d just like to customize your experience, then you’re probably better off with a PC. Select PC games have thriving online communities where other players have changed any and all aspects of the game, including custom skins and whole new storylines.

Playing games on PC can be more comfortable. Gamer’s Thumb is a real issue!  A keyboard and mouse is more comfortable for some players than a controller, especially for longer gaming sessions. Even if you find yourself missing your joystick, many PC games support controller use.

PC games see better discounts. Online digital retailers such as Steam, Epic Games, and more offer near constant sales to compete with each other. Snagging a discount on PC titles has never been easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a gaming laptop or a desktop computer?

There are many factors to consider when deciding what setup suits you best.

  • How much space do you have? Do you need portability?

Whether you’re toting your gear to a LAN party, making a daily commute into an office, or simply moving to a more comfortable seat in your own living space, the ability to carry a laptop with you is beneficial.

Even the smallest of desktop PCs will require a monitor and other peripherals — those are not travel-friendly. If you have the room for a dedicated office or gaming space, a desktop setup might suit your needs better.

  • What is your budget?

Building your own gaming desktop not only allows you to completely customize every aspect of your rig , but the price can also be significantly below that of pre-built systems. Whether factory-built or cobbled together, a desktop PC is often cheaper than a gaming laptop… at first. Your desktop may ultimately require additional accessories, such as a monitor or speakers, which can drive up the final price.

  • Do you want to upgrade components in the future?

A gaming PC with all the bells and whistles can be a hefty investment. Having the ability to customize and upgrade your machine over time can save you time and money down the line. And desktops absolutely win out over laptops in terms of replaceable components.

For example, many laptops feature an integrated graphics card , meaning a GPU built into the processor; that’s not replaceable. If you’re settled on a laptop, keep an eye out for a discrete graphics card in the specs — this means the GPU is its own separate entity and could therefore be exchanged.

How can I tell if my PC will run a certain game?

The site where you purchased your game should list the recommended minimum system requirements needed for the game to run. If you need more information, sites like Can You Run It? and PC Game Benchmark are handy resources for checking your setup against specific games.

By: Brittany Buchanan, Staffwriter

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