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Alison Barretta

Alison Barretta

Based out of Philadelphia, Alison has been a member of the DealNews content team since 2008. She joined the Features team as a contributor to share the knowledge and experience that comes with being a daily deal-slinger. Prior to joining DealNews, Alison worked as a newsroom intern at CBS 3 Philadelphia, and frequently assisted with their consumer reports segments, researching such topics as credit card scams and hidden calories in healthy foods. (It was likely at that point that she realized her destiny.) In her freelance career, she has covered a variety of topics, such as technology, hockey, and education.

Alison is also responsible for 89% of the cat photos that appear on LCD deals.

Alison Barretta's Most Recent Blog Posts

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Deals That Make You Go Hmmm...: The Most Unusual Black Friday Deals

TVs, laptops, toys — you'll see loads of these items discounted on Black Friday. But who expects to see a discount on prosthetic cat ears? How about a free bag of real reindeer poop? We've scoured the DealNews archives to bring you the most unusual Black Friday deals.

Who is That "Amazon Robot"? Meet Danbo!

Are you familiar with Danbo, the "Amazon Robot" that's made up of Amazon boxes? For obvious reasons, Danbo is considered Amazon's mascot. But who's the one responsible for the creation of this tiny cardboard creature? (Hint: It's not Amazon.)

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With 2013 still fresh in our minds, we've decided to take a look back at the year in retail with the hope of gleaning some useful lessons for the coming year. From epic price mistakes and mind-boggling deals, to cringe-worthy CEO fails, we present to you the 2013 DealNews Retail Awards!

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Sushi Cost Analysis: Grocery Store Sushi Has More Fish Than Restaurant Sushi

We're keen on sushi lunches, but we realize that it's a pricey alternative to standard fast food fare. As such, we wondered where our dollar takes us when we're in the mood for Japanese-style seafood. How much fish are we actually consuming for all that coin? And furthermore, how much are we really saving if we opt to purchase our sushi from a supermarket versus a restaurant?