Lisa Abel

Lisa served as Director of Seller Services and point person for all Amazon matters at DealNews. Lisa has two Masters in Education, and spent half her life in the teaching field. She now owns an Amazon business, advises companies, trains staff, and has an all around love for helping entrepreneurs suc...more

Niall Gosker

Niall Gosker is an Associate Editor in Dublin, Ireland. He coordinates client content and sponsored items, and is the reigning office Mario Kart champion. He adds that he "likes toast very much and is probably playing Destiny yet again after having sworn to never go back".

Chris Ramhold

Chris works with the Content Team to find and deliver the best deals - and the worst dad jokes - you see on DealNews every day. When not immersed in a book, game, or fluffy animal video, he likes to keep up with his degree in Cell and Molecular Biology.

Sheryl Nance-Nash

Sheryl Nance-Nash is a New York City-based freelance writer specializing in personal finance, small business, general business, and travel. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Money,,,, Newsday, New York Daily News, Upscale Magazine,, TheFisc...more

Heather Lovett

Heather Lovett joined DealNews in 2015 as Director of Public Relations. In her time here, she secured placements with Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, USA Today, NBC News, CNNMoney, and more. When she's not working, you can find her at a local Mexican restaurant, FaceTiming her niece, or complai...more

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings is a Huntsville native who has worked for various newspapers in North Alabama including the Huntsville Times and Decatur Daily. He currently writes about world soccer for Bleacher Report UK, and he has appeared as a guest on CNN International, Sirius/XM, CBS Radio, and NBC Radio, am...more

Paul Sisolak

Paul Sisolak is a freelance writer who covers a wide range of topics, including personal finance, automotive reviews, travel, news and trends, entertainment and education. He has an extensive journalistic background, where he's written and reported for several print and online publications, includin...more

Joel Larsgaard

Joel Larsgaard lives life on the cheap, but that doesn't equate to a boring existence! He loves helping people focus on frugality without giving up the things they enjoy. By day that passion plays out as a radio/web producer for the Clark Howard Show. His blog Save Outside the Box is his main avenue...more

Elizabeth Zimmerman

Elizabeth Zimmerman is a former Associate Editor at DealNews. She specializes in tap dancing, wearing a lot of colors, making cakes, and sneaking Beatles references into deals. (Goo goo g'joob.) Among her favorite things are stacking coupons, Arrested Development, and designer lines at Target.

Jeffrey Contray

Jeff was the DealNews Managing Editor. When he's not getting deals, he's probably watching "football" or eating something amazing.

Molly McLaughlin

Molly McLaughlin is a New York-based writer and editor with over a decade of experience covering consumer electronics and mobile technology. Before going freelance, she got her start as an editor at PC Magazine, followed by a stint at, a review website. These days she writes about...more

Alan Byrne

Alan Byrne is actually quite busy watching Frasier, finding jokes to steal for his next blog. His writing has been featured on several quickly abandoned blogs. He was one of 16 finalists in the Irish Metro Herald newspaper's "Write Here, Write Now" young journalist competition in 2010, but wore a T-...more

Walter Goatberg

A Manhattan native, Walter has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in journalism. His work has appeared in such illustrious publications as Beanie Babies Today, Tomorrow's Beanie Babies, Better Beanies, and American Baby Collector. He lives in his illustrious apartment with his wife and three kids...more

Simon Hill

Simon is a technology journalist with a specific interest in mobile technology and the videogames industry. He writes news articles, editorials, reviews, round-ups, comparisons, how-to guides, and more on a wide variety of topics. He spent several years working in the games industry as a tester, des...more

Donna Doyle

Donna Doyle is a Content Editor at DealNews and has previously held writing and editorial positions at a number of Irish websites. She was Fashion Editor of her college newspaper, The University Observer, and is a long term online Boggle champion. Her areas of expertise include fashion and homeware,...more

Stephen Slaybaugh

Stephen has been writing for such national and regional publications as The Village Voice, Paste, The Agit Reader, and The Big Takeover for 20 years. He covered consumer electronics and technology for DealNews from 2013 to 2018. Stephen lives in New York, and is a native of Ohio.

Joshua Nichol-Caddy

As a contributor, Joshua Nichol-Caddy writes weekly roundups of the best deals in travel as well as products ranging from tools and electronic appliances to holiday freebies. Prior to writing for DealNews, Nichol-Caddy worked for several news outlets and media organizations, including KMTV, OR-Live,...more

Angela Colley

Angela Colley is an accomplished journalist with a decade-long track record of helping people lead easier, more informed lives. She currently writes investigative news and feature stories about business and your money. Her work has appeared on other popular publications like MSN Money, Yahoo! Financ...more

Louis Ramirez

With a specialized focus on technology, Louis Ramirez covers the latest gadget announcements, helping consumers weigh the pros and cons of new devices prior to purchase. Prior to joining DealNews in 2007, Ramirez worked for several media outlets including CNET, Gizmodo, Time Out New York, and Lapto...more

Andy Frank

Andy has been with DealNews for 5 years, in which time he's enjoyed observing price trends in online retail. He researches and writes about the best deals in clothing, home & garden items, electronics, and really anything sold online. He lives in Nevada with his wife and three children.

Sarah Heikkinen

Sarah Heikkinen is an upstate New York-based freelance journalist and marketing and social media specialist. She has freelanced for several publications, including Teen Vogue, the Ithaca Times, and The Scofield. She graduated with her Master's in Journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Co...more

Keira Lim

Keira oversees all of DealNews' marketing channels and draws inspiration from her 20 years of experience in retail — and shopping! She has worked in fashion, home furnishings, travel, finance, and network services. (While at Bluefly, she spent quality time in celebrity closets like those of Kerry Wa...more

Aoife Ryan

Aoife Ryan recently joined the DealNews team in May 2017 as a Staff Writer. Previously, she has worked for a number of entertainment websites based in Dublin and abroad. She was Fashion Editor of University College Dublin's College Tribune and has a keen interest in American literature, house and te...more

Tom Romero

Based in Brooklyn, Tom Romero has worked for years in SEO and Digital Marketing and has a long history in e-commerce and entertainment. His voice can be heard in 52 episodes of the anime Super Pig, and his face can be seen alongside Nathan Laine in the film Swing Vote. In spring, you may find him ch...more

Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn is a freelance writer and photojournalist working in the Hampton Roads region. He was most recently editor in chief of Voices of Central Pennsylvania, a monthly periodical in State College, Pa., and his work has appeared in newspapers throughout Northwest Florida. Send him beer recommenda...more

Angela Moscaritolo

Angela Moscaritolo is a DealNews contributor focused on consumer technology. You can also find her byline at During her decade-long media career, she has also written for SC (Secure Computing) Magazine,,, and as well as newspapers like The Northern ...more

John Squires

John Squires was born and raised in Hampton Bays, New York, to parents who were cool enough to feed him a steady diet of Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, Goosebumps books, and monster toys. Now married and a whole lot hairier, he stills spends the majority of his time playing with toys, watching hor...more

Garcia Bear

A recent addition to the DealNews team, Garcia has been somewhat shocked by the world outside his display case. This Cub Reporter brings his extensive eBay experience to his coverage of all things tech and Internet-related. His byline has appeared on sites such as Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, Fox Busi...more

Julie Ramhold

Julie joined DealNews in 2015. Her work has been featured on MSN, Business Insider, Lifehacker, The Motley Fool, GoBankingRates, and Moneyish. In her spare time, she enjoys baking sweets, reading thrillers, and listening to an ever-growing list of podcasts.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones joined DealNews in 2005 as a marketing assistant and currently manages the team that publishes coupons and breaks down the info in Black Friday ads, one item at a time. She has always loved the feeling of getting something she really wants at a great price and hates the thought of paying...more

Erin Coduti

Formerly a content writer for DealNews, Erin Coduti now brings that experience to the blog team as a freelancer. Previously, she wrote and edited web content for television news station WLFI Lafayette, as well as a literary fan magazine. While she often does a convincing job of passing as normal, s...more

Jessica Hulett

Jessica Hulett is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer, editor and obsessive seeker of online promo codes. She was most recently the managing editor of, a coupon and lifestyle site. Over her 15+-year writing career, she has penned everything from TV news segments to online horoscopes, a...more

Elizabeth Harper

Originally working in IT, Elizabeth now writes on tech, gaming, and general consumer issues. Her articles have appeared in USA Today, Time, AOL, PriceGrabber, and more. She has been one of DealNews' most regular contributors since 2013, researching everything from vacuums to renters insurance to hel...more

Summar Ghias

Summar Ghias is a writer and social worker who spends her days working for a local nonprofit and her nights writing about a variety of topics that range from music to gender issues to travel. She attributes her love for big cities to the diverse cultural, artistic, and food-centric experiences that ...more

Jeff Somogyi

Jeff Somogyi is constantly trying to come up with ways to surprise and delight audiences the world over. He takes humor seriously ... too seriously. (Honestly, we've never seen him laugh ... it's kinda creepy.)

Alison Barretta

Based out of Philadelphia, Alison joined the Blog team as a contributor to share her knowledge and experience as a daily deal-slinger. Alison previously worked with DealNews, and was a newsroom intern at CBS 3 Philadelphia. In her freelance career, she has covered a variety of topics, such as techn...more

Tucker Cummings

A new addition to the dealnews Contributor team, Tucker Cummings firmly believes that paying full price is for suckers. She loves to write about technology deals and money-saving tips for students. In addition to writing for dealnews, Tucker also writes iPhone app and game reviews for dotTech and Ta...more

Lou Carlozo

Lou Carlozo is an award-winning journalist who served for 16 years as a Chicago Tribune Staff Writer, Editor, writing coach and columnist. There he wrote the popular syndicated DVD column "On the Small Screen," and "The Recession Diaries," which covered personal finance. In 2009, he began working at...more

Rob Peck

Rob Peck says he's been writing code since he was able to type. A technical lead at DealNews, his last three jobs have been primarily focused on PHP, with a healthy dose of other languages like Ruby, Python, and Objective-C. He earned a bachelor's degree from Auburn University (War Eagle!) in 2004....more

Katrina Fequiere

Katrina is a freelance content creator covering topics pertaining to fashion, entertainment, and pop culture. Her work in editorial, social media, and video editing has been featured on platforms like Downtown magazine, EveryStylishGirl, Sk. ArtSpace, and Harper's Bazaar. See her inspiring fashion l...more

Michael-Andrew Clancy

An English graduate, Michael-Andrew Clancy has previously contributed to a handful of Irish and UK-based film and music review websites. When not catching up on CW shows, he can usually be found reading at one of his local coffee haunts. His areas of expertise include comics, Kendrick Lamar, LEGO, a...more

Amy Pollick

Amy Pollick lives in Decatur, Alabama and is based in our Huntsville office. She worked over 23 years for a daily newspaper and has been at DealNews since April 2016. She's married and has two spoiled cats. A music nut, she can be found listening to the Beatles, the Eagles, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, a...more

Katie Roberts

Katie is an unabashed word nerd and detail hound with nearly a decade of editorial experience. Her work has appeared in publications such as Dogster Magazine, DOG FANCY, and Milwaukee Magazine. A graduate of Indiana University, she enjoys trivia, playing soccer, and cheering on the Hoosiers....more

Joselin Linder

Joselin's work has appeared in The New York Post,, Morning Edition, Life of the Law and xoJane. Her books include The Family Gene and The Gamification Revolution. She sometimes remembers to tweet with a handle that economically combines her first and last names: @joselinder...more

Jack Ward

Jack Ward is a Content Writer at DealNews based in Dublin, Ireland. Having previous professional experience with a health charity and a personal interest in sports and fitness, Jack now writes with the Fashion, Fitness, & Health team; his fashion credentials have not been disclosed.

Matt Dracula

Matt has been blogging about geeky nonsense since early 2000. You can view more of his weird work on Dinosaur Dracula, or follow him on Twitter @dinosaurdracula.

Naomi Mannino

Naomi is a freelance personal finance journalist and blogger who reports on family finance and money news, and how it will affect you today including credit, debt, banking, saving, spending, consumer behavior, and how to take advantage of shopping deals and discounts. With a Bachelor's Degree in Mar...more

Allison Martin

After spending several years as a governmental accountant, Allison transitioned into the world of freelance writing. Her work has appeared on on a number of reputable sites, including The Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, Daily Finance, MSN Money, and A native Floridian, she graduated f...more

Christina Majaski

Christina Majaski is a freelance writer and mom of daughter Chloe and dog Monty in Central Minnesota. She has covered social media, personal finance, law, business, and travel for various online and print publications since 2003. You can read her work online at Wise Bread, Digital Trends, PayScale, ...more

Jared Blank

Jared Blank was the Chief Marketing Officer for DealNews. For several years, he was the general manager of the U.S. online retail business for Tommy Hilfiger. He re-joined the company in 2009, after launching, a website focusing on deals for travel in India. Prior to joining Tommy Hil...more

Aaron Crowe

Aaron Crowe is a freelance journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked as a reporter and an editor for newspapers and websites. Follow him on Twitter at @AaronCrowe.

Josie Rubio

Josie Rubio was a Brooklyn-based freelance editor and writer, who interviewed everyone from Britney Spears to ghost experts during her lengthy journalism career. She visited five continents, and loved to write about travel, food, nutrition, health, gardening... and pretty much everything. Her byline...more

Molly Griffin

In 2010, Molly Griffin became the first "foreign correspondent" at DealNews after graduating from Boston College and moving to Dublin. There she supervised the Irish team and curated the Morning Jolt. Molly has also been featured in a number of Irish publications, including The Dubliner,PC Live!, an...more

Benjamin Glaser

Ben offered expert financial insight at DealNews from 2014 to 2017. He's been featured on Good Morning America and Fox and Friends, and has been quoted by Reuters, Time, Money Magazine, the Washington Post, and more. His specialties include finding deals on menswear, affordable home meals, and naili...more

Dan Leadbetter

Dan Leadbetter was a Staff Writer and Features Writer for DealNews. As a long time automotive fanatic and car audio enthusiast, Dan's favorite question is, "You're not going to leave it stock, are you?" That being said, Dan is always looking for the next great thing that'll make your car that much g...more

Michael Bonebright

Michael adds the finishing touches to most of the Blog articles you'll see on DealNews. His work has appeared on sites like Lifehacker, the Huffington Post, MSN Money, Fox Business, and the Christian Science Monitor. See him rant about video games by following him on Twitter @ThatBonebright....more

Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow is a freelance journalist specializing in lifestyle and consumer issues. In addition to DealNews, his writing has appeared on many websites, including and Aol's He was an editor for the popular as well. Barlow is a past membership director for th...more

Paula Bradley

Paula is based in Ireland, where she once worked as our Associate Travel Editor. Before coming to DealNews, Paula worked as an English teacher in Japan and Italy. She has edited and written for several local e-zines aimed at westerners living abroad. Now she uses her travel experience across the six...more

Lindsay Sakraida

Lindsay Sakraida specializes in writing about retail trends and lifestyle subjects, and her work with DealNews has appeared on MSN Money, Lifehacker, TIME, Business Insider, and more. As a freelance writer, she has been published in a variety of prominent publications, including New York Magazine an...more

Emily Dovi

Emily Dovi is a former DealNews Features Editor. With a book publishing and direct marketing background, Emily specializes in using the serial comma. Emily is also the advertising copywriter at and provides her services to non-native English speakers, helping them with admissions essays...more