Summar Ghias

Summar Ghias

Summar Ghias is a writer and social worker who spends her days working for a local nonprofit and her nights writing about a variety of topics that range from music to gender issues to travel. She attributes her love for big cities to the diverse cultural, artistic, and food-centric experiences that can be had in them. A former assistant editor at Budget Travel, Ghias has also freelanced at Discover, People, In New York,, and AOL Travel among others. Her work with dealnews has appeared on MSN Money, and her work with Budget Travel has appeared on and

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Don't Let These 9 Unexpected Costs Blow Your Wedding Budget

Unexpected wedding costs like gratuities, taxes, and pre-wedding treatments can sideswipe even the most prepared of planners. We break down these hidden wedding costs, so you'll know what to anticipate before your big day.

9 Unexpected Wedding Costs That Can Blow Your Budget

Unexpected wedding costs, like gratuities, taxes, and pre-wedding trials and tastings, can sideswipe even the most prepared of planners. We broke down the hidden expenses.

10 Unexpected Wedding Costs That Can Blow Your Budget

Wedding season is around the corner, and unexpected event costs — which can include gratuities, taxes, and pre-wedding trials, and tastings — can sideswipe even the most prepared of planners. DealNews breaks down the hidden costs so you know what to anticipate before the big day.

Consignment Stores Go Online: Save Up to 70% on Designer Duds Every Day

While fans of high-end fashion have long been privy to buying secondhand designer goods at a discount, the fashion consignment industry has gotten a big boost recently with an influx of specialized online marketplaces for vintage luxury goods. Not only does this trend offer greater opportunities for budget fashionistas to save money, but it ultimately exposes a greater audience to the potential for savings.

Whole Foods Changes Tactics, Starts Offering Flash Sales and Discounts

Whole Foods generally takes the (gluten-free and locally sourced) cake for pricey organics. But now, in order to appeal to more than just the average wealthy foodie, the grocer is holding flash sales and offering "buy one, get one" deals to draw in customers and make eating healthy more economical.

The Best Places to Download Free Music

While it's easy to download whatever song that may strike your fancy with just a click of a mouse, filling your library (or even just building a new playlist) in this fashion can become expensive pretty quickly. A smart music fan should thus always be on the lookout for opportunities to get free music.

T-Mobile Offers Cheap Service Plans for the iPhone 5

Last week, T-Mobile announced it will carry the iPhone 5 and permanently do away with yearly contracts. The wireless carrier's "un-leashed" contract-free plans make it the first major U.S. carrier to offer the iPhone 5 with no annual service contract. So what's in store for customers who choose to take the seemingly budget-friendly and non-binding leap? Here's a look at the cost and caveats to signing up contract-free with T-Mobile.