What To Know About Hobby Lobby's 2024 Sales Calendar

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If you're looking for crafts supplies, party decorations, scrapbooking materials, or just some yarn, the Hobby Lobby will almost always have something relevant on offer for you. From year-round discounts of up to 50% off, to seasonal discounts to celebrate Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, and more, to the classic Black Friday sale that we all expect, this is the DealNews guide to saving at Hobby Lobby in 2024.




The Spring Shop

End of December through May

End of May through mid-June

Mid-June through first week of July

40% off

50% off

66% off

Valentine' Day Crafts & Decor

Mid-January to mid-February

40% off

St. Patrick's Day Crafts & Decor

Mid-February through March 17

Week after Patrick's Day

30% off

50% off

Easter Crafts & Party Decor

Last week of February through April

Week after Easter

40% off

80% off

Summer Decor & Toys

February through May

First two weeks of June

Mid-June through first week of July

40% off

50% off

66% off

4th of July Crafts & Decor

June through July 5

30% off

Fall Decor

Mid-July through end of October

First 2 weeks of November

Last 2 weeks of November

Last 2 weeks of November

40% off

50% off

80% off

50% off tableware

Halloween Crafts & Decor

Last week of September through October

40% off

Christmas Decor, Trees & Crafts

Mid-August through end of October

November through mid-December

Last 2 weeks of December

40% off

50% off

66% off

Christmas Gift Wrap

Last week of November though first 3 weeks of December

50% off

New Years Party Decor

Mid-November through New Year's Ever

New Year's Eve through first week of January

40% off

80% to 90% off

What To Know About Hobby Lobby's 2024 Sales Calendar

Top Hobby Lobby Deals

Hobby Lobby Clearance Sale: Up to 75% off

Hobby Lobby Weekly Furniture Sale: 30% off

The Spring Shop at Hobby Lobby: 40% off

Hobby Lobby Weekly Art Sale: 40% off

Hobby Lobby Weekly Ad: Up to 50% off

Brother Sister Design Woodland Large Paper Plate 20-Pack for $2.99 (50% off)

Blankets and Throws at Hobby Lobby: 40% off

DIY Papercrafts at Hobby Lobby: 40% off

Certain Departments Are Always On Sale (And Others, Nearly Always)

You can always find savings on the following categories at Hobby Lobby – not every item will be discounted, but many will. And that's the important thing. The categories:

  • 50% off either wall decor or table decor, on alternating weeks
  • 50% off custom frames
  • 40% to 50% off party supplies
  • 40% to 50% off best-selling books
  • 40% off crafts
  • 50% off jewelry-making supplies
  • 30% off furniture
  • 30% off T-shirts and "wearable art". (Any art is wearable if you try hard enough – just ram the Mona Lisa over your head and neck and wear it as a ruff, for example.)

Other categories are on sale 26 weeks a year, otherwise known as "every other week", otherwise known as either biweekly or bimonthly, no one really knows. Those categories:

  • 40% to 50% off boxed puzzles and model kits
  • 40% off florals
  • 40% off candles and candleholders
  • 40% to 50% off wedding supplies
  • 50% off photo frames
  • 40% off art supplies
  • 40% off fabric
  • 30% off yarn

When Do Crafts Go On Sale?

For the artsy, and indeed crafty, among you, you can find a reliable supply of discounts on everything from beads to paint to yarn basically year-round at Hobby Lobby.

Beads, The Jewelry Shoppe items (hair accessories, sterling silver, etc.), and The Metal Gallery items (pendants, bracelets, etc.) go on sale for two weeks at a time, take a week off, then repeat – it adds up to being on sale for three weeks a month. (They're on different schedules, though, so only ever all overlap once a month.)

Cricut products and paper crafts, like pens, pads, stickets, and such, go on sale every other week. You can save 40% on items under The Paper Studio and The Happer Planner umbrellas, including scrapbook albums, cardstock packs, planners, envelopes, and more. Meanwhile, for the serious crafters amonog you Cricut machines are marked 30% to 40% off every second week.

Also on an "every other week" schedule are paint-by number kits, unfinished craft wood, modeling clay, diamond art kits, and more, as well as sewing supplies, like ribbon, trim, bows, and Fiskars and Singer scissors and rotary cutters. Paint is on sale at 40% off all the time, but the actual discounted items change on the classic Hobby Lobby "every other week" schedule.

When Do Party Supplies Go On Sale?

Party supplies see weekly discounts at Hobby Lobby, but not every item will see a price-drop. The only items always discounted are paper napkins and plates, perhaps for environmental reasons, perhaps just because they're popular that way. We'll never know. We do know that other items, like gift wrap and bags drop to half price, and cake decorating items go 40% off, every other week. Really, if you take anything away from this article, it should be that someone in charge at Hobby Lobby once bought a planner that was very strict on doing things on a weekly basis, and now they're stuck that way forever.

If you take more than one thing away from this article, it could be that wedding items, perhaps the most famous party supplies, are 40% off – you guessed it – every other week, but see a higher discount of 50% off in September, which, as my birthday month, is the best month.

How to Save the Most On Seasonal Discounts

If you look at the chart up near the top of this article, you'll see that many seasonal events start long before the event in question, and extend a little beyond it. These will be broken down into smaller sale periods, with the earliest sales starting at 40% off, and getting higher as the weeks go by. Eventually, by the last sale period, you'll be looking at savings of up to 80% or 90% off, as they'll now be newly last-season items. Both Easter and Valentine's Day items, for example, go on sale as early as the first week of January, but they don't hit their highest discounts until the week after the event. So you'll be stocking up on aggressively discounted Easter items to use in 11 months and three weeks' time, or something similar. Being patient will save you a lot, but being proactive for next year will save you the most.

Another great example: if you start your Christmas shopping in August or September, you might get 40% or 50% off your trees, lights, tableware, and such, which is already good. But wait until January comes, and suddenly you're saving up to 90% on those items. Sure, Christmas isn't for another year, but those savings are an extremely early gift from you to you.

Hobby Lobby FAQs

When does Hobby Lobby's sale schedule come out?

The Hobby Lobby weekly ad comes out every Sunday. The store is closed that day, but don't let that deter you: those discounts will be valid from Monday through Saturday. Now, I know what you're thinking: Weekly ad? Not "Every Other Weekly"? And after putting this article together, I'm as shocked as you.

How often does Hobby Lobby's sale schedule change?

Hobby Lobby's sale schedule changes weekly – certain categories will always be on sale, but the actual on-sale items will change by the week.

What items are included?

From week to week, you'll find discounts on almost everything Hobby Lobby has to offer. That means:

Home decor: including framed and canvas art, mirrors, clocks, wicker, lamps, vases, and more.

Party supplies: including paper plates and napkins, gift wrap, cake decorating supplies, and more.

Crafts supplies: including paint, yarn, fabric, unfinished craft wood, paper, card, and more.

Jewelry and jewelry-making items: including beads, bracelets, pendants, and more.

Wedding supplies: including invitations, toasting glasses, bouquets, ribbons, and more.

Photo frames: custom frames are always half off, but the discount only applies to the frame itself.

Books: their best-sellers are always 30% off, including gift books and children's books.

What items are excluded?

Seasonal items are the big exclusion from most regular sales, along with "Your Price" items (with yellow tags). Custom floral designs and items labeled "floral accents" are also excluded from regular discounts, as are precut bundles and fat quarters of fabric, and tulle sold by the yard.

What did 2023 sales look like?

The first sale we listed from Hobby Lobby in 2023 was a Valentine's Day sale, taking up to 40% off crafts, decorations, and party supplies, which appeared on our site in late January. That was followed by the Spring Shop sale in mid-February, which took 40% off spring-themed wall-art, tableware, garden decor, crafts, and much more. More popular than those were two general clearance sales, which saw up to 70% taken off photo frames, home decor, arts and crafts supplies, and much much more. Finally, their Black Friday sale lasted from November 19 through November 25, and saw up to 50% off Christmas items, 75% off fall decor, floral, and crafts, 40% off select wedding and new year's items, and a whole lot more besides.

What else should I know when saving at Hobby Lobby?

Most of Hobby Lobby's deals are shared between their stores and their website, although they may occasionally offer some web exclusives, and some items sold in-store are too fragile or otherwise unsuitable for shipping. Shipping charges start at $7.95 – there's no option for in-store pickup.

Any single item costing $250 or more that you order online can be returned by mail to hobbylobby.com within 90 days (with some exceptions). Shipping charges won't be credited unless the reason for the return is their error, and in-store return is unavailable. Items ordered online that cost less than $250 can be returned to any Hobby Lobby store within the same 90-day window (from purchase). Cricut machines, sewing machines, and HeatPressNation machines are excluded from returns. Click here to see their full return policy.

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