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In da Club (at a 50% discount).

A Sam's Club store in California.

Sam's Club! As far as warehouse clubs go, it's in the top two. Along with Costco, it's been the choice of bulk buyers and people who like feeling like they're part of a club, with strong savings offered year-round, including perks like Instant Savings events and Sam's Cash.

Sam's Club Membership Deals Up to 50% Off

If you've never tried a Sam's Club membership before, now's an excellent time to do so, as you can get a year's basic membership for just $25 — that's 50% off the normal price!

And if you want more from your Sam's Club membership, you can upgrade to a year's Plus membership for only $70 — that's almost a 37% off savings.

And you only have to look at some of Sam's Club Instant Savings and Scan and Go discounts to realize you can easily make that $25 or $70 back in a fairly standard grocery haul. You can get these prices until May 31. Once purchased, your membership will last for a year — seeing you through the retailer's Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas sales — before renewing at its normal price next May (unless you cancel, obviously).

NOTE: The information below was compiled in April 2024, but you can expect much of it to hold true! And remember, you can always check out the latest Sam's Club savings here.

Top Sam's Club Deals

Sam's Club Clearance Savings: Up to 60% off for members

Sam's Club Instant Savings Deals: From $7.98 for members

Sam's Club Outdoor Savings and Clearance: Up to $700 off for members

Gift Cards at Sam's Club: Up to 25% off for members

Sam's Club Tire Doorbusters: Up to $140 off a set of 4 for members

Aqua Star 2-lb. Frozen King Crab Legs and Claws w/ Butter for $40 for members (20% off)

Logitech Advanced Mouse and Keyboard Combo for $30 for members (22% off)

Sam's Club Theme Park Savings: Up to 50% off for members

Sam's Club Car Rentals: Up to 25% off for members

$10 Sam's Club Gift Card for free w/ purchase of 2 Mars Wrigley Products for members

Shopping at Sam's Club

As a member, you get the best savings they can offer on a wide range of items, including:

  • Groceries
  • Gift cards
  • Tires
  • Computers
  • TVs
  • Furniture
  • Electronics

They of course have their Member's Mark line, which spans groceries, apparel, household items, patio furniture, and much more. You can also use your membership to save on travel, including theme park visits, and even wedding services and rental cars.

Bulk shopping is a great way to save at Sam's Club. You can stock up on multipacks of kitchen staples like coffee and ketchup for less than you'd pay for smaller quantities at other leading stores. This is a boon both for families who go through groceries with little to no regard for the potential savings to be had on the goods in question, and for canny bargain hunters, who couldn't be more aware of the savings. Back in 2023, GoBankingRates (via Yahoo), with input from our own wunderkind of words Julie Ramhold, suggested some items that are worth bulk buying at Sam's Club, including bakery cakes, same-day grocery deliveries, limited edition varieties of foods, and baby items.

While members can save at any time, the best time to shop at Sam's Club is when their monthly Instant Savings Event goes live. Instant Savings are only available to members – where many items are available to non-members, with a 10% surcharge, these deals are for paid-up members only.

Membership Shopping Benefits

Sam's Cash

Along with exclusive savings, Sam's Club Plus members also earn Sam's Cash with every order. (This is a higher tier of membership, which is also discounted right now, down from $110 to $50. Plus members get free shipping on all orders, which can save you hundreds of dollars on larger items with similarly large shipping fees.) Plus members get 2% back in Sam's Cash on purchases made in club, including curbside pickup and Scan and Go checkout, up to a total of $500 per 12-month membership period.

You can also earn Sam's Cash by using a Sam's Club Mastercard credit card. Cardholders earn 5% back in Sam's Cash on fuel (for the first $6,000, then 1%), 3% on eligible purchases at Sam's Club for Plus Members, 3% on dining, and 1% on other eligible purchases.

Sam's Cash can be redeemed at any time, in any quantity, with no minimum amount required. Note that certain items, including alcoholic beverages, tobacco, fuel, milk, and certain dairy products are excluded from earning Sam's Cash.

Same-Day Delivery

Members can also avail of same-day delivery. If you live within a 15-mile radius of a Sam's Club store, simply shop as normal on their site or app, then choose whether you'd like to greet your driver, or opt for contactless delivery. Plus Members pay $8 for this service, and regular club members pay $12.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is available to members on most orders - simply drive to the collection spot of your local Sam's Club, and they'll load your order into your car for you. It costs $4 for regular members (which is less than shipping costs - that usually starts around $5), and is free for Plus members. Curbside pickup begins at 7am for Plus Members from Monday to Saturday, and 10am on Sundays. It always starts at 10am for regular Club members. Once you're notified that your order is ready for pickup, you have a 24-hour window to collect it.

Returns Policy

Members can return most items at any time, either online or in-store. (You can return items bought online in your local club, but can't initiate a return for items bought in a Club online. So.) Some items are excluded from the infinite return window, as follows:

  • Within 90 days: Electronics and major appliances
  • Within 30 days: Commericial heavy equipment and motorsports items
  • Within 14 days: cell phones (prepaid, postpaid, and no contract)
  • No returns: gift cards, prepaid cards, tickets, custom-made items, and prescriptions
  • Check with your club: alcohol, tobacco, hearing aids, eyeglasses, tires, and batteries

Holiday Shopping

Last year, Sam's Club Instant Savings Holiday Event went live on November 20, offering over $13,500 in savings in total. Their Thanks-Savings Event went live three days later, offering over $14,500 in savings. Their Cyber Savings Event offered up to 50% off most items, but we were impressed with their tire doorbusters, which took up to $180 off a set of four for members, and their gift card deals, which took up to 25% off cards for Hulu, Disney+, and more.

Sam's Club FAQ

Can You Shop at Sam's Club Without a Membership?

Yes! Not all items are available to non-members though – as we've detailed above, anything labeled "Instant Savings" (or similar, in red text) is for members only. Non-members will also pay a 10% surcharge on their order.

How Does Shopping Compare In-Store vs. Online?

Shopping in-store lets Plus members earn Sam's Cash, true. But you can also shop online and choose curbside pickup, and still earn the Sam's Cash, while also doing a responsible level of price comparisons against other stores (including their main competitor, Costco), to make sure that you're getting the best price on four tons of mayonnaise or whatever you're ordering. Don't forget you can also choose same-day delivery, for a small fee, so you don't even have to worry too much about shipping times.

How to Save the Most at Sam's Club

The best way to save the most at Sam's Club, and indeed anywhere, is to keep your eyes metaphorically glued to DealNews. You can set up a Deal Alert, to get notified of specific price drops. Or subscribe to our DealNews Select Newsletter, to get dozens of the day's best deals delivered straight to your inbox Monday to Friday. Or simply check out the Staff Picks page, where all the best deals go to hang out together, away from the common riff-raff.

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