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Picture it: Nike Black Friday 2023. Thousands of items, likely already marked up to 50% or 60% off getting an extra discount of 20% or - dare we dream it? - 25% off. Just imagine all those Nike shoes Black Friday discounts are likely to drop to best-ever prices, a Nike Outlet Black Friday event turning into a veritable jungle of savings. Perhaps it seems like a fashion fever dream, with little images of Air Jordan Black Friday deals dancing in our heads, but if this year's Nike Black Friday sale follows the footsteps of its predecessors, we can expect all this and more.

What to Expect From Nike Black Friday Deals in 2023

It should be no surprise that Air Jordan Black Friday deals took pride of place last year, with many marked up to 40% off with an extra 20% off stacking on top of that. Shoppers are keen to catch these shoes on sale any time of the year, and Air Jordan Black Friday deals didn't disappoint, yielding some of the most popular offers we listed from Nike. Expect Nike Tech Black Friday deals to have a similar showing, with pants in particular being a popular offering from last year's event. Nike Outlet Black Friday offers are also likely to follow suit, so check with your local Nike Factory location for more information. Nike isn't usually keen to discount new arrivals, but expect some of these items to drop as well. Regardless of whether you're interested in past-season favorites from Nike Outlet Black Friday deals or just want the latest in athleisure before the New Year's resolutionists start pounding the pavement in old sneakers looking for motivation (and style) to start their new regime, the Nike Black Friday sale should have something for every taste.

We anticipate that the Nike Black Friday 2023 sale should be similar if not identical in terms of discounts to the last year. The inventory will no doubt change, but shoppers should expect strong Nike Tech Black Friday deals, the year's highest discounts on Air Jordans, and plenty of attire for even the youngest Nike fans. We expect Nike Black Friday deals this year to mostly fall into a 40% to 50% off range for popular styles, though the latest arrivals will likely have lower discounts.

For shoppers in search of Nike shoes, Black Friday sale expectations are holding steady with last year, meaning shoppers will likely need to choose between the availability of shopping early versus holding out for possibly stronger discounts as the sale gets closer to its end. Expect style and size availability to diminish as the days go by, but if previous years are any indication, we expect an extension of Nike Black Friday deals at an increasingly higher discount, culminating in Cyber Monday offers beating anything Black Friday has to offer. Even for those shoppers who think they found all they needed in the Black Friday sale, it's worth checking in during the Cyber Monday sale where we expect most clearance offers to hit.

Nike's storefronts are a mix of locations, ranging from Factory stores to Clearance stores to ones labeled Unite, which are geared towards the communities they serve with local interests at the forefront. This means that what each store has to offer will vary, so if you plan to shop locally this year, you'll want to contact your Nike store to get any details about what kinds of hours and events are planned. The Nike site, however, is always open, allowing you to browse Nike's entire inventory at once even while shoveling a Thanksgiving platter down your throat. What? You're buying gym shoes, so you've earned that second helping. Oh, there's dessert? Better throw in some pants too to even things out.

Check with your local store for more information about hours. Remember that Nike Black Friday deals are available from the moment the sale goes live if you shop online, so if you don't want to make that call, we wouldn't blame you. We don't listen to hold music unless it's Opus No. 1.

Yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be different. In previous years, we saw the best discounts on Cyber Monday, but inventory will also be less robust in terms of size and style availability on some items if you wait. Cyber Monday is where most clearance offers surface as well, so if you aren't looking for the newest arrivals, you could find some Nike shoes Black Friday didn't provide. Last year, we saw the extra discount increase from 20% to 25% off, and we also saw nearly double the available items as Black Friday. Our recommendation is to pay attention to any items you're sure you want and consider buying them early if you notice the stock begin to dwindle; otherwise, those Nike shoes Black Friday offered might be gone by the time Cyber Monday rolls around. With higher-ticket styles like Nike Tech, Black Friday is still worth checking in to see if any discounts are available, but Cyber Monday is the best day for soft goods like apparel, so if you can only shop one day, choose Cyber Monday.

As Nike is selling its own brand, it does not price match with competitors, and sales are typically the same amongst other retailers when available. However, if the price changes, you may be eligible for a price adjustment in the form of a partial refund; contact Nike support for more information about whether or not your purchase qualifies.

Last year, members got early access to Black Friday deals 10 days ahead of everyone else. While this wasn't the full Black Friday inventory, the discounts were the same. It's free to join, so for shoppers looking for first dibs on Nike shoes, Black Friday sale early access is practically required, making signing up with Nike a no-brainer.

Nike's inventory is massive, and not everything will go on sale. Expect several thousands of items to be available at Black Friday prices, however. Nike shoes in the Black Friday sale are expected to be the main focus, but there will also be a wide array of apparel and accessories available.

Last year, a Nike membership guaranteed free shipping. With Nike membership only offering free shipping with orders of $50 or more this year and a reduced fee of $5 otherwise, it's uncertain whether or not free shipping will be available this year.

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If you aren't brand-loyal, you could check in with the adidas Black Friday early access sale which is already boasting up to 60% off plus an extra 30% off. You'll find similar discounts on athletic apparel, shoes, and accessories from one of the world's leading sports brands. You could also try PUMA, whose Black Friday sale last year marked items up to 50% off along with a stacking extra 30% off. Fun fact: adidas and PUMA were created by German brothers Adolf "Adi" Dassler and Rudolf "Rudi" Dassler, respectively, and PUMA was originally called RuDa; it's a wonder that never caught on.

Members can already access an early flash sale at Nike that's close in both discount and size to last year's Black Friday offer. If the Nike Black Friday 2023 sale follows previous years, members should expect an early access sale starting around the 14th of November.

Ready to shop? Check out all the best Nike deals available right now, and read about the best stores for Black Friday online shopping to get more helpful tips.

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