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Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world, known for providing its members great discounts on food, home goods, and more as well as delighting customers with its cheap eats in its food court, but maybe you're wondering, "does Costco do Black Friday?" After all, they provide their customers such low prices throughout the year, maybe marking down their inventory further for the holidays isn't even necessary, but rest assured, Black Friday deals at Costco make the ordinary low prices look anemic in comparison. Whether you're searching for your local Costco TV deals or a new treat to take home, you're sure to find a host of bargains during the Costco Black Friday sale.

What to Expect From Costco Black Friday Deals in 2023

The Costco Black Friday ad dropped at the end of October and runs through November 27th, so there's no need to wonder what to expect from Black Friday deals at Costco. At just over 30 pages, it hearkens back to the catalogs of yesteryear, practically begging shoppers to circle all their most-wished for items. Costco TV deals are front and center with an LG 75" model for $579.99 right on the front page. The ad is divided into specific dates, allowing shoppers to prioritize spending within those periods, particularly useful when so many of the items in the first sale period (running from October 30th through November 12th) include high-ticket items like furniture, electronics, and appliances. Many of these offers, like Costco TV deals, refrigerators, and sectionals, are also things that shoppers may be looking to have squared away prior to the holidays when guests are expected.

The second half of the ad (running from November 13th through November 27th) still includes many of these items but has more food options, home improvement items, gift cards, apparel, jewelry, and other smaller gift ideas, though there is an overlap in the types of items between both segments. The second half of the Costco Black Friday ad includes its Apple Savings Event and a larger number of personal electronics items like laptops, monitors, and VR headsets. The Costco Black Friday ad exceeds expectations in both the amount of items offered and the duration of the event, so for those who asked "does Costco do Black Friday?", you can answer yourselves now with a resounding "you bet!"

As with most major holidays, Costco is closed on Thanksgiving, but Costco Black Friday deals don't take any time off. On Thanksgiving, there are a number of online-only deals including $100 in gift cards for $74.99 as well as a general use offer to get $50 off qualifying items when you spend $500 or more. The benefits to shopping online don't stop there though as many items in the Costco Black Friday sale are marked "online only", particularly during the main holiday weekend. In fact, Cyber Monday's deals are all marked "online only", so if you want the most from your Costco Black Friday 2023 shopping experience, you'll need to do the bulk of your shopping online. Given the lines warehouse clubs tend to attract even on normal days, there's a lot to love from a sale that encourages you to stay home, and unless you're stocking up on food deals, there's little incentive to even visit your local club over Black Friday weekend.

Costco Black Friday hours are expected to follow their usual pattern, opening at 10 am local time and closing at 8:30 pm local time. For further information, check with your local Costco for Black Friday hours.

The Costco Black Friday sale technically runs in four waves running across two main sale dates, and within those waves are two standout dates: Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Each has deals specific to that date, so while Costco Black Friday deals overlap these days, there will be unique items to look out for. All Cyber Monday deals are available online only, so while you will still be able to find Black Friday deals at Costco locally on that date, you will only be able to access Cyber Monday deals online.

Costco does not price match with other sellers, nor does it price match Costco warehouse prices for purchases. For other price adjustments, Costco matches prices at its own discretion and only for purchases made within 30 days prior to a change in price and within applicable promotional item limits. Contact your local club for more information if you are in need of an adjustment.

As with other warehouse clubs, Costco offers its best discounts to its members, and warehouse entry is typically restricted to members as well. Prices within the ad reflect member prices, and non-members shopping online will incur a 5% surcharge. For high-ticket items, the cost of the surcharge may be higher than a membership, in which case, we recommend you just purchase a membership, which includes a number of other perks and will allow you to visit your local club year-long.

While hundreds of items are represented in the Costco Black Friday ad, Costco is one of the world's largest retailers and does not put its entire inventory on sale for Black Friday. That said, shoppers can enjoy discounts on a wide array of electronics, home goods, apparel, food, and more.

Check individual items for shipping information. Many items ship free, but some items, such as non-perishable grocery items and household essentials, have a 2-day delivery fee attached for orders under $75. Same-day services have a minimum order of $35 and include service and delivery fees bundled into the prices. Online pickup is available as well for many smaller items like cell phones, tablets, laptops, jewelry, and more.

The Costco Black Friday 2023 sale is one of the holiday's big events, so check in with us for the top offers as they go live, keep up with our social media for what's new, or sign up with our newsletter for a summary of the best deals. You can even set deal alerts to let you know when we've published a deal for that hot item you're searching for. You can also scroll down to the bottom of Costco's site and enter your email address to have Costco offers sent directly to your inbox.

If for some reason you hold membership in both clubs, Sam's Club offers a similar experience to Costco. This warehouse club boasts a lot of solid deals thanks to the backing of its parent company, Walmart, the world's largest company by revenue. If you prefer to shop somewhere without a membership but want a similar experience, try Target, which features a massive inventory, popular in-house brands, and a food court in many locations. Target's Circle program also offers its members (free to join) discounts and Target gift cards just for doing their usual shopping.

The Costco Black Friday 2023 event has already started, so you can begin shopping for everything from Costco TV deals to bidets right now. As the sale items are available only within specific dates, be sure to check all of the ad and note the dates for when the deals you're after are available. Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday each have specific deals available only online, so be sure to take a peek at Costco's site on those days if you want to catch everything Costco has on offer this Black Friday season.

Ready to shop? Check out all the best Costco deals available right now, and read about the best stores for Black Friday online shopping to get more helpful tips.

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