Best 2024 Amazon Must-Have Finds: What Deal Seekers Should Buy

25 deals! We should have stopped at 23 (it's a prime number).

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If you're looking for the best Amazon finds this week, you've come to the right place: in this article, DealNews will give a 25-strong list of some of the best-selling items, most interesting finds, and other must-haves at Amazon you can buy right now. Plus, we'll make some mild jokes, and finish with some broader tips for making the most of your Amazon experience, so pull up a chair and listen to Old Man DealNews tell the tale of the best Amazon deals to be had. Now.

Best 2024 Amazon Must-Have Finds

Kershaw Downforce Lightweight Keychain Multi-Tool for $14.57 (23% off)

A bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, and flat-head screwdriver – a classic multi-tool combination. Not for this simple item the needless frippery of a tweezers or nail file. Just in and out with the bare essentials, perfect for anyone who needs functionality that fits in the palm of their hand.

Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs 7-Pack for $37.71 (58% off)

Getting brand-name apparel at over half off is always appealing. At just over $5 per pair, these 95% cotton boxer briefs are ideal for those who want comfort from a reliable brand.

ConairMAN Even Cut Cordless Rotary Hair Clipper for $29.99 (54% off)

This clipper includes two adjustable guide combs, and features five cutting lengths, as much as it's likely you'll just be using this for an even cut all over. The marketing instructs you to "respect the ritual" not once, but twice, which is a sign that some people perhaps take this too seriously. If that's you, and even if it's not you, this might be the clipper for you.

Minwax Wood Finish 1-Quart Tin for $12.97 (60% off)

While it's hard to talk about any oil-based wood stain without thinking of the Paint Your Wagon Simpsons spoof, we must attempt to do so, for this is a solid deal on one of Amazon's best-selling items. A penetrating stain, for those who require their wood to look slightly different.

AncestryDNA Genetic Test Kit for $39 (61% off)

They say to know where you're going, you have to know where you've come from. The GPS function on my phone disagrees, but this genetic testing kit will do the job if you insist. Over 83,000 reviews average out to 4.6 stars, so it's doing something right. (Presumably the genetic testing.)

Bicycle Seat Belt Prank Gift Box for $8.98 (10% off)

What you're really buying here is a memory: a memory of the time your loved one thought you bought them a bicycle seat belt. The real gift can be placed inside, or for a second prank, leave the box empty. It's up to you.

Spatty Daddy Kitchen Spatula Set for $9.99 (23% off)

These spatulas are designed to get the last remnants of sauce or whatever out of an uncooperative bottle – you get a 6" and 12" spatula, so there probably won't be many containers you can't poke and prod successfully. You can also use them for mixing, spreading, and decorating, which the marketing points out in all-caps, so we presume it's important.

Frost King ACF19 Foam Coil Cleaner for $9.69 (40% off)

Clean air conditioners, car radiators, lawnmower engines, refrigerators and freezer coils, and more with this 19-oz. can of wonder. If you're anything like me, you quickly scanned over the product name and wondered what a "foil cleaner" was. Well, now you know: it's something else entirely.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher 24" Bat for $14.21 (53% off)

The marketing copy promises that this can be used for school or league games, practice and warm-up, or even to develop strength and hand/eye coordination for martial arts students. They stop short of imagining your brandishing it for self-defence during a home invasion scenario, but it's sort of implied. Either way, that tasty discount makes it an Amazon must-have this week.

Amazon Essentials Men's Skinny-Fit Stretch Jeans for $8.90 (70% off)

Get these jeans for under $10 – that's a pitch that basically sells itself. They're 99% cotton with a "denim-inspired look", and are one of our best Amazon finds this week for anyone in need of some cheap, comfortable pants.

Performance Tool 2-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver for $5.99 (40% off)

This screwdriver comes with a double-sided bit, with adjustable length for full flexibility. For DIY dabblers who don't feel the need to invest in anything too expensive, this is an Amazon must-have.

Google Nest Wifi AC2200 Mesh WiFi System for $47 (72% off)

There's nothing worse than slow internet. Especially on pages with lots of images, trying to explain to you the best things to buy at Amazon. So getting this Google Next Mesh WiFi System at a huge discount is a good idea for anyone feeling the drag of lag.

Amazon Essentials Men's Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt for $5.90 (70% off)

A polo shirt. You know the deal: short sleeves, collar. It's a classic look. But did you know they're also called "chukker shirts"? It's a true fact. Almost as true as the fact that this style is hugely discounted, and a real steal.

Mueller M-Resin 24" Heavy Duty Planter 2-Pack for $79.97 (27% off)

Decor is always going to figure heavily into a list of Amazon must-haves, and these planters make the grade. Clip the coupon to get this price, which'll make them attractive to anyone looking to spruce up their living room or patio.

Southwire 50-Foot 12/2WG UF Wire for $39.15 (47% off)

This wire is rated safe for sunlight, which is all the reassurance we need that we're not getting the dreaded Vampwire, which is allergic to sunlight, and garlic, and stakes through its coily heart.

Fake 999.9 Fine Gold Bar Door Stop for $5.99 (50% off)

You'd pay around twice as much for a similar door stop elsewhere. Does that explain why it's been a surprise hit with our readers, proving it one of the best Amazon finds this week? Or is it the feeling of appearing so wealthy, you can use a gold ingot (which is how the wealthy store all their disposable income) to ensure a cooling breeze in your office? Yes.

Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate 40-oz. Bottle for $6 (40% off)

If you're wondering what to buy at Amazon, something bearing the label "Amazon's Choice" is a nudge in a certain direction; in this case, towards this Spectracide Weed Stop bottle. 40 ounces of pure weed poison, killing over 470 types of weed. Even if they're not in your garden, they'll feel it. And they'll know.

Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter for $499.99 (50% off)

"Commuter Scooter" is a great combination of words for a great deal. Another "Amazon's Choice" product, this is a must-have for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly way to scoot around, while ruing the discontinuation of the classic Segway design. We all miss it, friend.

Winsome Halifax 2-Section 5-Drawer Mobile Storage Cabinet for $112.19 (55% off)

Better organization is always a good goal to strive towards, and this 5-drawer, 2-section cabinet would do the job just fine. I especially like how its official description says "For additional storage, pair with other organizers from the Winsome Halifax collection". Which seems pretty obvious: "for other things, buy other things". This is the kind of forward thinking we need.

Moorebot Scout 1080p AI Camera Robot for $186 (7% off)

This four-wheel drive camera robot looks like an APC from a video game, and this is what makes it one of the best Amazon finds on this page: imagine being on vacation, hundreds of miles away, and remote-controlling this Call of Duty loadout item into your cat's business. Brilliant.

Workpro LED Pen Light 4-Pack for $8.99 (10% off)

If you're going camping, or just need a slim flashlight (or four) to do some mechanical work or explore the hidden reaches of a secret basement you've just found, these can be yours at a 10% discount, just by clipping the on-page coupon.

Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator Fan for $24.99 (50% off)

With two speeds, adjustable tilt head, and a 5-year guarantee, this half-price fan is a must-have for anyone finding themselves overheating in a home office during the sticky summer months.

Nisaki 7.25" Hori Tomita Weeding & Digging Knife w/ Leather Sheath for $19.99 (63% off)

It has the hardest steel blade in the entire Hori line, apparently. They don't list any way of putting this to the test, so we'll focus instead on the discount, which drops it to over half off, and makes this nasty-looking gimmick a steal for any gardener who wants to look like they really hate soil.

Under Armour Men's Webbing Belt for $10 (50% off)

The best things to buy at Amazon might find ways to work together – for example, pairing this belt with the jeans above, or putting the fake gold bar in the prank gift box, for a double prank. In this case, you'd be getting a half-price Under Armour belt, which is never a bad choice.

Razer Edge WiFi Gaming Tablet for $249.99 (38% off)

Let's a-go! Video games have made it out of the arcade, and into your living room, and now they're leveling up one more time: on to your portable gaming device. Luckily for Razer, this gaming tablet isn't promising any health benefits it can't back up, so you're totally safe to use this as directed: for gaming.

Amazon Shopping FAQS

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