This week's Rumor Roundup: Google, Apple, Portal, and more

Didja hear?!
  • Google OpenSocial Network to hook up with MySpace?
    If our experiences with social networks are any indication, Google only THINKS it's talking to MySpace. In reality, the goog is chatting with an undercover cop working with Dateline's "To Catch A Predator".
  • Facebook to use your cookies to serve up ads?
    Due to this new situation, Mark Zuckerberg now believes his company to be worth "Thirty kabillion dollars (non-negotiable). But I ain't sellin'!"
  • iPhone line to expand to three models?
    Line up to include: The regular one, a smaller non-touch-screen version, and one that comes with a limitless feeling of self-worth — and a headset.
  • "Gphone" not hardware but software that will run on Verizon's cellphones?
    What happens when you cross a company whose motto is "Don't Be Evil" with another company that is, as far as I can tell, "Satan in phone company form"?
  • Live action Akira remake?
    Casting choices will be based on who can yell "Kaneda!!!!" loudest, while riding a motor bike and avoiding any semblance of a discernible plot.
  • Cooler and quieter PlayStation 3 coming?
    No, not "cooler" in, like, a Fonzie way... (That's WAY too much to ask from Sony.)
  • "Portal" coming to the Wii?
    That's fine. Just don't try and pull some STEAM installation $@^! on me!
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