This week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Sony, Manhunt, and more

Rumors are like flowers. You wait for them to grow, anticipating the day when they bloom. Then nine times out of ten they die because you forgot to water them:
  • ASUS manufacturing an Apple tablet computer?
    Steve Jobs says, "It'll be just like me: Sleek, stylish, and completely full of itself."
  • New 40GB PlayStation has a 40% hardware failure rate?
    Failure in hardware AND in the marketplace?! Sony, you are a double threat!
    Or is that a triple threat...
  • Sony's new, slimmer PS2 to get price cut in 2008?
    The Sony Marketing Meeting - A One-Act Play
    Sony Marketing Executive: Gentlemen! We are losing the console wars! There's just too much competition! How do we make the PS3 platform more appealing to consumers?
    Sony yes-man: Discontinue the PS2, so consumers have no choice if they want a PlayStation product?
    Sony Marketing Executive: Excellent! I agree! We'll DROP the price on the PS2 to $99!
    Sony yes-man: What? I didn't... Are you even listening to...
    Sony Marketing Executive: YES! That'll ensure that consumers will buy the new system, right? Right?!
    Sony yes-man: I quit.
    Sony Marketing Executive: Good! Good! Now, how do we feel about bringing back the PS1?!
  • December Xbox update to add Parental Timer feature?
    It's amazing what technology can do to alleviate the pressure of parents having to discipline their kids themselves. I remember when I was young my Atari 2600 had a parental timer - yeah, after a couple of hours, my mom would come by and turn it off. No coding necessary!
  • to offer first Android app?
    Lamest Google announcement ever. Stock STILL jumps $100.
  • Target can't stomach Manhunt 2?
    Target is SO disturbed and disgusted by the game that it REFUSES to sell it in its stores (well, after the ones already in-stock sell out, of course). It'll also continue to sell it online. Now THAT'S how to take a stand against violent video games!
Jeff Somogyi is a dealnews Senior Staffwriter. He is also disgusted by Manhunt 2 and refuses to buy more than one copy of it.
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