This Week's Rumor Roundup: iPad, Apple, Nintendo

Just can't seem to shake them Apples Rumors:
  • Nintendo DS2 will have motion controls?
    Commuters will not only be annoyed by the music / SFX from those things, but also physically damaged by twitching elbows and swinging handhelds. (Seriously, kids! Have you NOT heard of headphones?!)
  • iPad will be available in AT&T stores?
    You'll be able to see, first-hand, the hurt in the AT&T employee's eyes when you emphatically decline the 3G version. It's the personal, face-to-face disappointment that we all like seeing, right?
  • New iPhone OS on March 14?
    For those of you without calendars, that's a Sunday. And we ALL know that Sunday is the day that Jobs performs whatever occult rituals he needs to in order to keep the devout under his sway.
  • Authorized Steve Jobs biography?
    Since Jobs-o will be overseeing this product, I can make some assumptions: 1) There will be no really negative things in there about him. (Only things that portray him as a "loveable scamp" who did "what I had to do, teehee!") 2) There will be LOTS of use of such words and phrases like, "magical", "boom", "best ever", and "I did it all myself ... Woz who?" 3) His stringent ideals about graphic design will mean that the book will have one page. 4) It will cost $499 - and you'll find yourself wanting to pay that much.
  • webOS phones coming to T-Mobile?
    Finally! More consumers will have the opportunity to pass on Palm platform phones for something else.
  • Apple iBook pricing does a switcheroo?
    Sorry, Amazon. Didn't you see that book publishers were trying to hold back snickers when they told you that iBooks would cost $15, so you had to raise prices too?
Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. He's going to wait a month or two before buying the Jobs biography. By then, there'll be a new, two-page version and it'll cost $200 less. You can read more of his mind-thoughts by following his Twitter feed @dzheough.
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