This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Zune, Google

Sounds like anything can happen by 2011!
  • iPhone on T-Mobile in 2011?
    And if it isn't, you'll probably have forgotten they said anything of the sort in four months' time.
  • Sony revealing an iTunes-like store in 2011?
    Ha! Yeah! And they'll probably try to make it all "social" too! Give it the ability to share what you like with friends, but forget to hook it up to the largest social networking site on the Internet and it just stagnates as a "closed box" system that no one will ever seriously use! Yeah, that's totally a "Sony move". *cough*
  • New Zune HD in 2011?
    Whoa, slow down there, Microsoft! No need to rush into anything half-cocked! (Actually, since the first Zune HD came out in 2009, this IS a pretty good turn-around time for them.)
  • Google Music service by Christmas, but no labels signed, yet?
    I'm no business genius, but ... aren't music labels important to have on board when starting a music service? Next, they'll open a pool without worrying where the water will come from.
  • T-Mobile dropping its fee for adding extra lines?
    It'll be even cheaper for you to get burned by text message overages from your SMS-happy tween! LOL.
  • YouTube to offer premium movie rentals?
    You know who owns YouTube? Google. You know what Google is working on? Google TV, a set-top-box video delivery service. Therefore, I call this one "plausible"! What's this?! Informed commentary within the Rumor Roundup?! I have let you all down.
  • Apple's Ping denied access to Facebook's API due to user data protection issues?
    Was it that Apple would protect too much of it?
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