This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Zune, Apple, Google, Apple

  • MacBook Touch?
    Seriously? This rumor, again? It's like the Internet is a 3-year-old that wants ice cream. You think that you can constantly pester your parents until they cave in and give it to you, just to shut you up.
    Well ... I guess it did work with the iPhone.
  • Zune Phone?
    Another recurring rumor! Although this one is more like the weird kid pestering their parents for more broccoli.
  • Red iPhone for X-Mas?
    Isn't this the kind of "marketing" that Creative does with its Zen players? Shame, Apple, for following in Creative's footsteps.
    Still, more people will want this than the Zune Phone in any color. (Although I'm already crossing my fingers for a Poo-Brown version.)
  • Google to buy Digg?
    Great. Now my searches will be displayed in order of how many Diggs they've received. I look forward to all search results leading to one of three sites that are run by the most powerful Digg-ers. Hope you all like "Top 10" lists.
  • Apple dropping prices in September?
    I call this one valid as Apple's usual schedule goes: 1) Release new product. 2) Wait for early-adoption to slow. 3) Drop the price and offend early adopters. 4) Repeat.
  • GTA IV for PC?
    YAY! Now I can finally feel the joy of being a morals-free thrill-killer from the comfort of my office chair!
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. In the past, he's found thrill-killing from his office chair to be quite fruitless. Especially when faced with a flight of stairs.
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