This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Twitter, DROID, Zynga

Ad hominem attacks are not the basis of good argument. They do make good comedy, though:
  • Apple bid for Palm, before HP bought them?
    Apple just wanted to know what it felt like to have a much-maligned phone in its product lineup. (This WAS before it released the iPhone 4, of course.)
  • Next-gen iPod touch to have FaceTime?
    Geeze! How many people are having babies while simultaneously living really far from the grandparents, that this feature is so necessary?
  • Two new iPads on the way?
    In addition to the "regular" size, there will be new 5.6" and 7" models. Ah! Imponderables: At what point does a "smaller iPad" become a "larger iPod"? Or, if a tree falls in the forest, will you please shut up about a new iPad?! That's Zen, that is.
  • Soon, you'll be able to pay Twitter to get followers?
    Useful, maybe, for corporations, but I can cut out the middle-man: Just send me $1 and I'll follow your feed. Please make check payable to "cash." (I am serious.)
  • Original Motorola DROID discontinued?
    Once the current handsets are sold out, they'll make no more. This means that the 2-year contract you signed will out-last the production life of the handset by about 16 months! Still, that beats the Kin by six months. (Yes, any excuse to beat up on the Kin.)
  • Google invested $100 million in Zynga?
    Their first game? "GoogleVille." The goal is to build up your search company from a small start-up in a garage to a respected and feared multi-national Internet juggernaut. From the ad copy: "Serve your ads faster than the competition, but watch out for mean old Mr. Apple! Quick, purchase a patent to avoid a lawsuit!"
  • If a DROID X is modded, it'll stop working? or WILL it? Either way, the fact remains that the ability for Motorola to brick your phone is there, if you try to install a custom ROM. If they're ever actually going to enable that functionality is solely up to them. Think of it like the mind-controlling nanobots we inject into our children when they're born. We're not really ever going to activate them, but it makes us feel better knowing that they're there.
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