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This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, PS3, Verizon, more

Let's eat some nutritious rumors!
  • New iMacs still coming in October?
    This time, the rumor ups the ante by suggesting Blu-ray support. I guess, like a shark, a rumor must keep moving, or it dies. The harpoon for this rumor? iTunes' updated movie downloads with "Extras". If you can already get the content — purchased directly from Apple, the money going directly into their pockets — why fiddle around with icky old discs?
  • PS3 to get cross-game voice chat?
    Because the ability to hear your friend curse at their game of Grand Theft Auto as you play LittleBigPlanet will be totally surreal.
  • Time Warner to buy THQ games?
    With THQ's biggest titles being the UFC games, Time Warner seems to fit. Think of the Pay-Per-View fees that they can charge for each match you play in-game! Next round: Machia vz. Shogun. Price: $49.95.
  • Verizon backs away from the Palm Pre?
    Verizon sticks to it's guns, declaring, "We shall not carry any cool phones!" and that they will "carry on with the bland line-up of BlackBerrys we already have, thank you very much." Further, they add, "The middle-of-the road is safe. Nice and safe."
  • Microsoft to beat Apple with a tablet?
    Looks like all the speculation of an Apple tablet has made Microsoft put some development money and resources behind a device to out-tablet the iTablet. Now, wouldn't it be hilarious if Apple really isn't working on a tablet computer? "And for our next trick, we'll make Microsoft compete in a device arena that doesn't exist!" Crafty.
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