This Week's Rumor Roundup: Apple, Google, Zombies

They might have come from space, or maybe the depths of the ocean. All we know is that they're here and we're helpless to resist them:
  • Apple to be called out for antitrust practices?
    Silly THEM, for wanting people who create apps for THEIR gadgets to use THEIR programs to do it! C'mon! You're not going to try to build a car using an oven, are you?
  • Google Editions e-book store to open by July?
    Just in time for summer, you can bring your desktop to the beach to enjoy their browser-based e-books.
  • Did AT&T cut data rates on iPad plans to extend their iPhone exclusivity contract?
    Poor AT&T sounds like it's in an ending relationship. "Please, Apple! We'll do anything to keep iPhone exclusivity! DON'T LEAVE US!!!"
  • Next iPhone has the ability to record HD video?
    Only 720p? PFFT! WEAK!
  • Apple closes to open its own music streaming system?
    OR, Apple are just jerks who can't stand that people got to listen to free music and closed it down out of spite. Which is more likely?
  • Plants vs. Zombies coming to Xbox in September?
    They somehow made buying numerous copies of this game (for PC, iPhone, iPad, now Xbox) seem appealing and not a waste of money. People just love zombies ... or plants.
  • Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chili Peppers?
    Customizable avatars allow you to choose the color of the band's socks.
  • Apple's MobileMe to become a free service?
    Yeah, because Apple is all about giving their users free stuff. (See comment, above.)
  • Facebook to get location-sharing features?
    Their first partner is McDonald's, so your friends will know how often you're "lovin' it".
Jeff Somogyi is the dealnews Media Editor. With a McDonald's just a few blocks from his apartment, he's worried that Facebook is going to show him as ALWAYS being in there. Which is, um, not true. Yeah. Definitely NOT true. Read what leaks out of his brain by following him @dzheough on Twitter.
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