Rumor Roundup: Video Game-Themed Amusement Park? NFL On Apple TV?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

NFL Apple TV
  • Are On-Demand NFL Games Coming To The Apple TV?
    Man, the NFL gets all the good access. Here I am, hoping for a cord-cutting solution that'll still let me watch out-of-market hockey, without having my favorite team (GO PENS!) blacked out for every game and... er... I mean, uh, sportsball is dumb! Let's talk more about snapdragon processors! (Fwew, I think I saved my nerd cred. That was close, you guys!) [MacRumors]

  • Will Google Start Offering Custom Email Addresses, For A Small Monthly Fee?
    For a mere $2 per month, you can misrepresent yourself via email any way you want. "Huh, I got a message from Better click it!" [Ubergizmo]

iPhone Car
  • Is Apple's Hiring Of Auto Executives Indicative Of The Company Working On An Apple Car?
    I keep telling you, these ex-automotive industry hires are just so Apple can design a self-driving iPhone. [Mac Rumors]

  • Will There No Longer Be A 16GB Option, For The Next-Gen iPhone?
    Which is a shame, because I've always loved running out of space on a phone that has more internal storage than my first 5 PCs... combined. (PS. I'm old and can remember the days when hard drives were spec'ed out in megabytes! Kids, it's true, look it up!) [ZDNet]

Intellivision Baseball
  • Is Universal Studios Going To Open A Video Game-Themed Amusement Park?
    Based on your favorite characters... from Intellivision games. Masters Of The Universe! Advanced Dungeons & Dragons! Bump 'n' Jump! Shark Shark? Kool-Aid Man! Uh... Baseball? [Slash Film]

  • Will The 2017 Toyota Supra Have 470 Horsepower?
    For those of you who are not "gear heads", that means the car can run over 470 horses, before it runs out of power. [The News Wheel]

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1 comment
Google has had the option to have your E-Mail hosted through them for some time if you own your own Domain, but that was for $5 a month (With Google for Work).

It's cool that they will be offering a less expensive pricing plan for people who don't need all the extra bells & whistles.