Rumor Roundup: G.I. Joe Twins? Apple Search Engine? More?


When the Internet runs out of news, it starts making things up. We think this is funny, so we round up all the lies and speculation and put them here. We call it the "Rumor Roundup" and we do it all for you! This week:

  • Will the Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone Be Totally Metal?
    It'll bite the head off a bat, then wreck its hotel room? Will it run on AC/DC? Will it... I dunno... some other music pun? Share your best phone / heavy metal music pun in the comments, below! [Slash Gear]

  • Is Apple Working on a Web-Based TV Service?
    Unlike regular TV, where you can watch whatever you'd like, Apple's TV will only show you programs it thinks you should see. And it'll look pretty. And you'll shut up and love it. [Ubergizmo]

  • Are Both Amazon and Sprint Interested in Buying Radio Shack?
    That's the most interest anyone's shown in Radio Shack in years. Yes, I know that was a cheap joke... as cheap as Radio Shack's battery prices! Just kidding, their batteries are really expensive, don't buy them. [Ubergizmo]

  • Are 4K-Ready Gaming Consoles Coming From Sony and Microsoft?
    They would be building the ability into the Xbox One and PS4 solely so that you could stream 4K content from Amazon and Netflix to your 4K TV. Seriously. There are no plans to develop 4K games — and even if there were, these consoles couldn't process that high of a resolution! (Nope. There are no jokes in this paragraph, because that's funny enough as-is!) [VR World]

  • Will Tomax and Xamot Be the Villains in the Next G.I. Joe Movie?
    With so few twins working in Hollywood, the obvious casting choice is the Olsen Twins. [Screen Rant]

  • Is Apple Working On Its Own Search Engine?
    Unlike Google, who gives you popular results, Apple will only show you the results it thinks you should see. And it'll look pretty. And you'll shut up and love it. [Cult Of Mac]

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That is amazing ronaldcw I mean what are the chances.
I kept looking at the photo of the old Radio Shack in this article thinking that looks just like where I used to go as a kid in the 70's. I followed the photo over to an article on and the caption read "A Radio Shack in Sioux City, IA, 1970". That is the very same store where I bought my crystal radio kit, 100-in-1 Electronics Projects kit, and loads of free batteries from the battery of the month club.
blackberry should buy Radio Shack, and make it their premier BB storefronts.