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Last Week's Rumor Roundup: Google, Apple, Bebo, Brolin, more

Whoops! When did it become Monday? Here, catch up on last week's rumors. Do it quickly, there's more on the way!
  • Apple having a "One More Thing" in February?
    WHAT, APPLE?! What could you POSSIBLY have to release in February?! Haven't you updated everything already?!
  • Google buying Plaxo?
    The only difference? All the spam one normally gets from Plaxo will not be blocked by Google. (That would constitute a "conflict of interest", you see.)
  • Gearbox developing new Halo?
    Well, really, Gearbox's CEO only said it's "something big". It's the Internets what says it's going to be a new Halo. That crazy Internet! Always saying the darnedest things!
  • Bebo to be bought by Google?
    Take THAT FaceBook! Once Google explains to everyone what Bebo IS, and how to use it, and where to get it, and why it's better than you, you're in REAL trouble!
  • Josh Brolin to be Terminated?
    Seeing as how T-4's director (McG) dithers and double-talks his way through the interview, I'm left even more confused if there even IS a new movie coming out ...
    PS ... Does anyone but me hate that that is what he chooses to be called? However, if it turns out that "McG" stands for "McGriddle", I guess I'd change my tune.
  • Duke Nukem Forever release date rumor yet another rumor?
    You KNOW your game is in trouble when the developers come out to say that the release date information that's been circulating online is "only a rumor" and not to "get your hopes up that you'll ever see this game." How awkward for them!
  • Windows Service Packs get actual street dates?
    I don't think I'd be wrong to assume that not a single person has coded a "countdown clock" widget in anticipation of the blessed events.
  • US has Rock Band exclusivity until September?
    At that point, Europe will be allowed to fumble around with tiny plastic guitars and drums. Sorry, England, not even your cool accents can remove the dork-stigma assigned to you the second you strap on a controller shaped like a guitar.
    Bonus advice for the overseas crowd: Beware of the drums! Talk about looking like an idiot! Not only will the people watching you think you look foolish, but the people you're playing with will hate you for messing up so bad when you cause them to fail the song.
Jeff Somogyi is dealnews' Media Editor. He played Rock Band's drums one. He is still recovering from the humiliation.
DealNews may be compensated by companies mentioned in this article. Please note that, although prices sometimes fluctuate or expire unexpectedly, all products and deals mentioned in this feature were available at the lowest total price we could find at the time of publication (unless otherwise specified).
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