Apple Announced the Date for the iPhone 7 Event

The anticipation is so thick, you can measure it in millimeters... 3.5 of them, to be exact
Apple Event

It's that time again, folks. That day when we all huddle around our primitive, soon-to-be one-generation-older displays, and watch a billion-dollar company announce its latest incremental developments. That day — Apple's iPhone 7 Event Day — will be this day: September 7.

A New iPhone and Second Generation Apple Watch Are on the Horizon

As The Verge reports, Apple will be revealing its iPhone 7, to an audience primed to write even more hot takes about its lack of headphone jack.

Yes, the rumor is that Apple will remove the headphone jack, although recently some blogs seem to think it won't come to pass. That controversial removal, however, is presumed to be the only substantial design change from the iPhone's last generation.

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Meanwhile, the second generation of the Apple Watch could also be announced next week. We should see the new model receive a GPS and faster CPU. (It would probably be more surprising if it didn't have a faster processor than its 2-year-old predecessor.)

Get Excited for iPhone Price Drops

Of course, every new iPhone generation heralds price drops on the previous model, and this year will be no different. In fact, last year the iPhone 6 was discounted by $150 when the iPhone 6s was announced. For more details on what kind of iPhone deals you can expect to see next month, check out our feature.

Then, riddle us this: are you excited for the iPhone 7 or Apple Watch 2? Or will you take this chance to save on older models? Let us know in the comments below!

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The 7 will be a flop. Wait for the 8. It's the 10 year anniversary phone. That should knock your socks off
I just can't see who gives two craps about this. While apple has a solid phone (in spite of reason "touch" issues), there is almost zero innovation. I hate having apple stock now because it's gone stale. Try coming up with a phone feature that isn't already done by Samsung. And quite trying to pass off any "new" feature as new when it's only a modification of the same old crap.
Hopefully they get rid of the home button, bigger screen in the same size phone!
I haven't used a headphone jack in about 10 yrs. Mine collects more dust than anything. For those worried about the outer shell design MINUS the viewing help...your main concern should be the iOS stability, sound, brighter screen, and camera features. Concluding, I'm really looking forward to the secondary speaker.
I am excited about the discount on an older model.