All the Apple Rumors That Might Come True (Or Prove False) at WWDC

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In the run up to WWDC 2012, the Internet has made so many claims about what Apple is working on. So we've gone back into our archives and pulled up all those old rumors for you to re-enjoy, as you've never re-enjoyed them before. Now, depending on when you're reading this, here is the list of all the rumors that are about to — or have already — gone bust with the knowledge that Apple has just dropped at WWDC 2012:

June 8, 2012
Apple Will Announce New MacBooks at WWDC?
The consumer looked at the MacBook Air and said, "That's too thin and light!" Then they looked at the MacBook Pro and thought, "That's too expensive!" Then they looked at the mid-sized, MacBook and said, "Nope. Still too expensive, I'll just get a cheap-o Windows machine." [DigitalTrends]

June 4, 2012
iOS 6 Will Include a "Do Not Disturb" Feature?
For all you hackers out there, you can get this new functionality on your current iPhone by pressing, and holding, the power button until a red "slider" appears on the screen. Slide that, and no one will disturb you. [UberGizmo]

iOS 6 Will Include Facebook Integration?
To me, this just means more crap in my Timeline. Great. As Johnny F.K. said, "We share these things on Facebook not because they are hard, but because they are easy." Or something. [The Verge]

May 24, 2012
Apple's iTV Won't Be an HDTV?
Then they're going to have serious branding issues / consumer confusion. "I'd like to return my iTV as it's broken." "Broken? How?" "I could not watch television on it." "Of course you couldn't ... it's an iTV!" "So ... not a TV, then?" "Good lord, no. Why would you assume that?" [BGR]

May 23, 2012
OS X Mountain Lion Will Have Siri-like Functionality?
Your once-quiet office will now be filled with co-workers babbling to their computers in increasing volume, trying to out-shout the others, Wall Street trader-style. [ubergizmo]

May 21, 2012
iPhone 3G Will be Offered on Pay-as-You-Go Plans?
Did you ever think that you would live in a world where Apple would allow you the privilege to pay-per-month on their iPhone? (Sure, it's the three-generations-old model, but still!) How kind! [The Mac Observer]

May 18, 2012
iPhone 5 to Have a 4" Screen, Was Designed By Steve Jobs?
To clarify, apparently, he was working on it before he passed on. This is not a "with the help of a Ouija Board" situation. (Though wouldn't put it past some psychics to try that. "Are you comfortable, in the beyond?" N-O-T-U-R-T-L-E-N-E-C-K-S-H-E-R-E. "Huh. That doesn't clear much up.")

May 15, 2012
iPhone 5 Will Have an Unbreakable Screen?
Challenge accepted! Go ahead, fanboy, tell me all about your unbreakable screen. I now carry a hammer for JUST such an occasion. [Technorati]

May 11, 2012
iPad Mini with 8GB Storage for $200?
With the size and price the same, how is this different from an entry-level iPod? Well, it has a larger screen with a better resolution, of course! And we all know that Apple is totally in the business of their products NOT filling a specialized, non-competing niche with one another. Unless they drop the iPod line all together, this makes no sense. [CNET]

May 7, 2012
Apple's iTV Will Have Siri Built-in?
"Siri? Find me something good on TV." "...." "Siri?" *puff of blue smoke; voided warranty* [Cult Of Mac]

$799 MacBook Air Coming to Compete in the "Ultrabook" Market?
Look, if 30 years of setting each of their products at a ridiculously high price is not enough to convince you that that is just what they do and that they are not remotely interested in what other manufacturers do, I don't know what will. [MacObserver]

April 27, 2012
Apple in Talks with EPIX for Streaming Movie Content?
This news caused Netflix's stock to drop 1.6%. Man, Netflix stock is like a fainting goat, these days. Anything can cause it to collapse. [Reuters]

April 15, 2012
Are Apple and Valve Working on Something?
Oh, COME ON! They already make enough off of games that other people make for their devices. Why would they want to invest money into a console or games of their own? Don't be stupid. THINK ABOUT IT! [PC Mag]

April 14, 2012
iPhone 5 Will Have a Siri-enabled Headset?
It will be a Bluetooth wireless headset with a built-in MP3 player that responds to voice commands. So ... like the iPhone, but for your iPhone and with less functionality than an iPhone? I want two of them! (And I don't even have an iPhone ... or maybe because I don't have an iPhone!) [IBTimes]

April 10, 2012
iTunes 11 Will Have Better iCloud Integration?
Will it still look like a spreadsheet designed in 2001? I hope it'll still look like a spreadsheet from 2001! With all their attention to beauty, I constantly marvel at how iTunes has slipped through the cracks without getting sprinkled with Apple's magical "beauty powder" (you know they have such a thing, and it's awesome). [9to5mac]

April 7, 2012
Apple iPhone 5 Will Have Feature Face Unlock?
You can do this with the current phones, actually ... just "slide to unlock" with your nose. Greasy. [IBS]

April 5, 2012
iPhone 5 Will Have an OLED Screen?
Yep. Pinning the availability of your next flagship phone on Samsung's not-yet-fully-up-and-running manufacturing capabilities of OLED displays sounds like the safe bet. [MacObserver]

April 3, 2012
Apple Developing a Game Controller for iOS Devices?
After years of working to remove as many buttons as they can from computing, this comes along and adds many more? I'll bet the knowledge that even a prototype of such a device exists gives Johnny Ives a twitchy eye. [TouchArcade]

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