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Ladders: The Basics

Ladders help get you to high places — whether that be your roof or just the top shelf of your pantry — and getting places is an inherently useful trait.

If you’re considering buying one, it’s essential to know where to shop for the best cheap ladder deals, how to pick the right one, and perhaps most importantly, how to properly and safely use said ladder. We’ve compiled this information here to help in your ladder purchasing quest.

Notable Ladder Brands

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Common Ladder Types and Their Uses

Twin Step Ladder: Your stereotypical household ladder and all around reliable go-to. Consists of twin steps and is self supporting. Suitable for most indoor tasks, and some outdoor tasks that don’t require a great deal of height.

Extension Ladder: An extension ladder can reach greater heights. It’s generally single-step and does not offer self-support, which means it must be positioned against a support structure in order to be used. Its extendable nature makes it ideal for outdoor projects that require significant upward reach — such as painting the exterior of a house, or doing roof maintenance.

Multipurpose Ladder: A combination of the twin step and extension ladder. Useful if your needs may require both of the above. H