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  • HAIR, SKIN & NAIL HEALTH - Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin typically found in liver, nuts, sweet potatoes and egg yolks. It is an essential micronutrient necessary for the maintenance of healthy skin and nails and plays a role in the bodys ability to maintain healthy hair in people who have biotin deficiency.
  • NATURAL METABOLISM BOOST - Biotin supports normal energy-producing metabolism and is necessary for the enzymes which synthesize fatty acids.
  • SUPPORT FOR THE NERVOUS SYSTEM - Biotin contributes to normal functioning of the neurological system.
  • AN EASY STEP TOWARDS BEAUTY FROM WITHIN - The most simple part of your morning routine, one tablet delivers a large dose of high potency essential B vitamin in an instant.
  • RESPONSIBLY MADE - Unlike many other brands, we do our own manufacturing and have complete control over all aspects of raw material procurement, formulation, and quality testing. Multiple tests are performed on every ingredient to ensure identity, purity, and potency.
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