OBD GPS Vehicle Tracker Display for $46
Banggood · 2 wks ago
$46 $70
$3 shipping

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  • The $1.32 shipping insurance can be removed.
  • This item ships from China and will take two to three weeks to arrive. ($0.35 shipping is available, but will take four to five weeks to arrive.)
  • 9 interfaces, displaying speedometer, clock, rpm, water temperature, and more
  • diagnostic tool
  • Model: G92081
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  • Code "BGDNOBD2"
  • Expires 8/16/2021
    Published 7/17/2021
    Verified 12 hr ago
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Thnak you Butters.
I've ordered few items from amazon & ebay and have successfully received them around 2 weeks time-frame. I understand global delays due to pandemic but looking at reviews people have been waiting for more than 3 months for their items to arrive. Here are 1 star complaints turned into 5 stars (Please read comments to get more idea)
Everyone have their own experience but my order didn't go smooth and still waiting even after 2 months with no change in the status that too items shipping using their Express Delivery service. I wonder it would have been different case if I picked the regular shipping service rather than express. Well lesson learned perhaps hard way.
Most of the stuff on bangood ships from China which can be risky but all the shipping issues all companies are facing adds an extra layer of risk. I've ordered from them many times before pre covid and I got most of the stuff within 2 weeks.
Dip just saw your post, thanks for the heads up!
i was looking at the product when I saw the statement ships in 24 hours. But shipping will be 15 days. Imeadeatly thought got to be coming from China.
Thank you for the heads up. Will definitely avoid this site now.
WARNING! to new customers. It has been almost 2 months and still no updates on tracking # provided except "label created awaiting actual product from shipper". The customer service providing same lame excuses every time that they have already shipped the item and according to them, it may even take 6 months. Worst, their fedEx tracking page changed all 1 start complaints to 5 stars. More than 1000+ complaints that they never received the products. Finally I called paypal and the customer service rep mentioned to be careful since they have numerous complaints from Banggood. This was my first and perheps last order and please read their reviews before placing an order as it may be just a gamble. They also spammed my email id even after unsubscribing multiple times. More than 30 emails/week. What a mistake. Please do your research before ordering from Banggood.

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