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  • for RVs, boats, cabins, remote locations, and other small power generation needs
  • Model: GS-Star-100W
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  • Expired 7/21/2020
    Published 6/29/2020
    Verified 7/16/2020
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Critical Consumer
As is so often the case, the wattage claimed in the advertisement is just wrong. If you click through the ad it reads "25 Amp-hours/300-Watt-hours per day" - If this was REALLY capable of sourcing 100 watts @ 12VDC that would mean a CONTINUOUS current flow of 100/12=8.3Amps. Yes, the sun moves across the sky so the panel isn't peak-efficient all day unless it is tracking, but the only way to make sense of both "100 Watts" and "300-Watt hours per day" is to assume that essentially sun is shining only between 10:30 and 13:30 daily. One is left to conclude this panel NEVER outputs 8.3Amps @ 12VDC even at high noon.

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