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We publish hundreds of deals every day here at DealNews, and while these bargains amount to big savings for our readers, it also results in a wealth of useful price information logged in our archives. We've found that there are consumer price trends buried in this data, which is useful for readers who are looking for buying advice. On this resource page, you'll find the best of our insightful features that dissect and explain this data. And when you're through, you can view all the latest DealNews features here.


Mobile Shopping Soars on Summer Holidays

Most people are outdoors during summer holidays. Our traffic data suggests that even while out and about on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, folks are shopping on from their mobile devices.

Infographic Published August 27, 2012

Video Game Buying Guide: When Can You Get Deals on New Titles?

In our video game buying guide, we tell you the best times to buy new games, what kinds of discounts to look for, and how long you have to wait. After all, gaming should be about putting holes in the bad guys, not your budget.

Infographic Published July 9, 2012

What Gamers Really Think of Games, Prices, and Players

Rather than wait to see what E3 has to tell us about the state of gaming, we polled 1,551 of our own readers to find out what they're playing, how much they're spending, and what they think of the gaming industry today.

Infographic Published June 5, 2012

This Year Most Readers Plan to Save Their Tax Refund or Pay Down Debt

We polled our readers to see what they plan on doing with their refund and discovered that this year, more people are feeling the pressure to save instead of spend.

Infographic Published April 3, 2012

Survey Says: iPad 2 is the Second Most Popular Tablet for First-Time Buyers

We discovered that 55% of current iPad owners said they would update to the third generation - even though it's only been a year since the second generation was released.

Infographic Published March 15, 2012

DealNews Price Trends:
When to Buy a Mac

Our research shows that your wallet may benefit from skipping the Apple-store queue and waiting just a few days to pull the trigger on a purchase from an authorized reseller.

Infographic Published April 30, 2012

Consumer Price Trends

DealNews Black Friday Predictions 2012: HDTVs Deals

From the leaked ads to the doorbuster sales, HDTV deals can be found everywhere during Black Friday week — and this year, we anticipate HDTV prices to drop even lower than last year.

Graph Published October 2, 2012

The State of 3D TV: Prices Dropped 33% in 2011, Cheap Brands Offer New Lows

Sky-high prices, competing technologies, and expensive glasses have given consumers more than enough reasons to ditch these TVs in favor of lower-priced LCDs.

Graph Published March 21, 2012

Will OLED TVs Usher in Better Deals on LED-Backlit LCDs?

To get a glimpse into the type of deals we might see on LED-backlit LCDs after OLED debuts, we decided to see how LED itself impacted pricing when it hit the market.

Graph Published February 6, 2012

What You'll Pay for a Super Bowl HDTV Upgrade: 42" Sets See the Best Deals

We take a look at what kind of deals a tech enthusiast/sports fan can expect to find on modern-day HDTVs, with a focus on what screen sizes are seeing the best discounts.

Graph Published January 16, 2012

DealNews Price Trends: Is Now the Right Time to Invest in an SSD?

According to DealNews data, prices on 64GB SSD drives are steadily falling, and 128GB models, while more turbulent in price, have also fallen by as much as 38% since August 2010.

Graph Published August 31, 2011

LCD TVs Win the Popularity Vote Against Plasma, But Which is The Better Deal?

When it comes to pricing (specifically on 50" 1080p sets), plasma TVs trounce their LCD competitors

Graph Published August 25, 2011

What's the Best Price You Can Expect for a Blu-ray or 3D Blu-ray Disc Player?

So what's the magic price point you should look for when shopping around? We took a look at every Blu-ray player deal we've listed in the past year to find out.

Graph Published July 27, 2011

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