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Sign In Helps Shoppers Find a Better Deal on Digital Cameras

Novel Price Comparison Search Engine Fills the Gaps for Digital Camera Buyers

Bargain hunting destination dealnews today announced, the first price comparison search engine designed for digital camera shoppers looking for an honest bargain.

dealcam grew from dealnews' user requests for a new service to help them price-shop for digital cameras. Digital cameras are on track to reach 8.3 million units in 2002, a 30 percent increase from 2001, according to Dataquest Inc.

Key dealcam features include:

"dealcam stays in focus, so to speak, by just helping people shop for digital cameras," said Daniel de Grandpre, dealnews' co-founder and CEO. "dealcam isn't one big engine that price-shops for everything from Cuisinarts to Disney videos. It does just one thing and does it very well." dealcam's flexible, easy-to-use search tools were designed with digital camera shoppers in mind. dealcam also provides detailed pictures of the cameras themselves, key features, and even the manufacturer's own descriptions.

dealcam adds web coupons to its prices, a novel innovation. "These coupons are free and a cinch to use," said Richard Moss, dealnews' co-founder and CTO. "We spent weeks researching how people shop for digital cameras online, and we found this to be one area where the Web was a complete failure. So we made web coupons a priority for dealcam because they have a dramatic impact on prices."

If the item they want is not available at a discount, visitors to dealcam can setup an email alert that will notify them minutes after their camera falls to their specified price. dealcam also protects the privacy of its users with TRUSTe compliance.

dealcam supports both Macintosh and Windows users, offers clean, simple design with intuitive navigation and user controls, and has no banner ads, pop-up ads, "interstitials," or other annoyances.

"Plus, although there's no guarantee that you'll be satisfied with any merchant, we only list those merchants that have the fewest dissatisfied customers." said de Grandpre. "It's the opposite approach of everything else out there. We realize that this means that dealcam may never be the most comprehensive shopping tool. But at least it's honest."

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