A Guide to Computer Crime and Prevention

In the days of the old west, criminals would hide their faces, draw their guns and rob the local bank or stage-coach. These villains such as Bonnie and Clyde and Billy the Kid became famous for conducting robberies such as these. Over time the ways that money related crimes have evolved from strong-armed robberies to scams involving schemes for money. One of the few similarities is that the criminals have the money and the victims do not.

While the basis for money related crimes have been pretty constant, the way that crimes are becoming more technologically creative. We have gone from in-person robberies to nameless and faceless crimes involving computers. By using computers and modern technology, people can scam people, steam identities, attempt email cons and a variety of other methods. However, these are not the only problems associated with computers.

Computer related crimes cover a wide array of issues for computer users. Crimes such as spamming, passing on computer viruses, harassment, cyberstalking and others have become common in our modern world. While some of these issues do not carry potential monetary loss, they are just as harmful in the possibility of losing files, information and access to your computer.

While this is an ever-changing problem, we have come up with some information that users can find helpful to learn about the problems of computer related crimes. Please review the information so that you can be better informed of the problems and how to prevent being a victim.


Computer Viruses



Identity Theft


Other Cyber Crimes

We hope you have learned more about the potential dangers of computer related crimes. By educating computer users about potential danger, we hope that it will lessen the number of victims of these crimes.