The Best Photography Resources for Kids and Teens!

Although photography has only become extremely popular in the last few decades, it is an art form that has existed for over a century! In the old days when it was still very new, people tried many different techniques to make photographs. They used all sort of chemicals and substances, including egg whites, to create the prints. Even with all the time that has passed between then and now, the main purpose of photography hasn't changed much. We still use photography to capture memories, or to help us remember people, places, and times that are special to us. Unlike earlier times, photography is much easier and more accessible today. With a simple point-and-shoot camera, you can create wonderful pictures and print them almost immediately at home. If you don't want to print them, you can upload the images and share them with other people.

Although many people think that a big, fancy camera creates better images, the simple truth is that even a very basic camera can be used to make incredible pictures. It's a bit like saying that a big oven can make a great cake. The secret of photography is the photographer themselves, just as the secret to a great cake is in the hands of the baker. As you practice shooting photos, you will find that your skill in photography improves. To do this, simply take your camera with you everywhere. A great photo opportunity may strike just about anywhere and at anytime. It is up to you to be ready to capture that image! You don't need to be an adult to be a great photographer. Kids of this era have a huge advantage since cameras are easily available to just about everyone. If you're not sure how to get started, even a small disposable camera from the drug store is fine.

A fun way to create unique images is to try to photograph something in a way that others don't normally see it. For example, think about photographing the family pet. Most people might simple stand above Fido and shoot a picture downwards. How about lying on the ground and taking a picture from that angle? You'll see that the results are very different indeed! Another fun way to practice photography is by trying out different projects and activities, or even setting up challenges with your friends. Work on creating a family photo album, or make a photo collage as a special gift for someone. At some point, most photographers run out of ideas. If this happens, inspire yourself again by heading to a new area with your camera. If you are stuck at home, take a single object and try to come up with as many different photographs as you can! You will soon find that some of these pictures are quite unique. At other times, you might pick a photography theme for the day. This could be as simple as thinking of a certain color and only photographing things of that color all day. You could even come up with a more elaborate theme such as "communication" or "emotions" and spend the day photographing those. Photography is always a wonderful adventure with different results each day. Check out the cool links below to start learning about photography and how to get started!

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