How To Save At A Target Salvage Store Near You

Target salvage stores have big discounts and we've got the details on how to get 'em.

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In the not too distant past, I too wondered just what a Target salvage store was and so hours upon hours of research began and eventually on the other end of this exhausting exercise, I emerged from my stupor with answers. Now it is you who craves such information and in the interest of making it all a much simpler experience, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile this crucial information into a singular tome of steadfast knowledge. What are Target salvage stores? Is a Target liquidation center the same thing? And what of the often referred to "Target liquidation store"? Well, to immediately answer this first collection of questions, I can reveal that all of these names are indeed referring to the same thing. But! Just what is that thing? 

What is a Target salvage store? 

It's a fair question and you will not be publicly shamed or admonished for asking it. This is a shame-free zone of zero admonishment and as such, all and any questions surrounding the intriguing topic of the Target salvage stores will be permitted. Huzzah! Now, Merriam-Webster defines a Target salvage store, target liquidation store, or Target overstock warehouse as a retail shop where Target sells items at notably lower prices. This can be because of excess stock, a desire to resell returned items, or an attempt to shift discontinued items. The products in question may also be salvaged from Target stores for having slight damage or issues with packaging. 

To immediately address the most important glaring issue - Merriam-Webster of course doesn't actually have such a definition but don't worry, there'll be plenty of time for accurately quoting Merriam-Webster later. For now, although the prior definition may have been provided in the form of a ruse, it is nonetheless an accurate one. These salvage stores where items from Target go to live out their final days aren't actually labeled as such. Rather, they're liquidation stores, thrift stores, or other local discount retailers. It could be a Goodwill. It could be that store visible outside the window right across the road from you. Yes, that one. They are lurking in plain sight, waiting for savvy consumers to stroll in and pounce upon mighty savings, seizing them with hearty gumption like an exuberant feline when catnip enters the vicinity. Yes, you could be just like Mittens in this one very specific regard. 

How do I find one of these sacred Target salvage stores? A step-by-step guide. 

1. Ask a Target member of staff if there's a Target salvage store in the local area. 

It might be stating the obvious but arguably the quickest path to find out if there's a Target salvage store or Target outlet store near you, is to simply venture to your local Target and kindly ask a member of staff. Perhaps the individual working out front at the counter won't know but the manager might have been blessed with this information and there's no harm in politely asking to speak to them instead. 

If you aren't having any luck, be aware that any such stores likely won't only sell heavily discounted items from Target. Other retailers will have had their wares end up there too, so it might be worth broadening your questioning criteria to see if there's any well known mega overstock store or surplus store in the area. If there are, the odds of them stocking Target items is very good. 

Failing to get the proper information from an in person excursion isn't the end of the road because the internet exists. To your search engine of choice you will go and the found results will hopefully be of use. You can of course just skip to this step immediately to avoid having to make a potentially fruitless trip to your local Target if you so choose. 

2. Be aware of what the most common items found at a Target salvage store are, in order to properly set your expectations. 

To avoid setting yourself up for disappointment, you would do well to be aware of the type of products that are usually available in a Target salvage store. Home items, bedding, furniture, season decor, kitchen items, cleaning supplies, processed food, and toys are what you can likely expect. Electronics are unlikely to be among them so if you're after a salvage store specifically for electronics, it's time to set your sights elsewhere. 

3. In order to maximize savings, plan your Target salvage store visit for the right time. 

Like any other store, a Target target liquidation store or salvage store has bigger sales and discounts depending on the time of the year. The day after a major holiday ends is an ideal opportunity, as clearance items will usually hit 30% off. One or two weeks later you can expect about half off on any items that remain, with a third and final round of discounts of 70% to 90% off ultimately landing if you're lucky. That of course is the best time to pounce and enter into Mittens mode, as previously mentioned. 

4. Be aware of other types of special discounts. 

This will vary entirely depending on individual local salvage stores but some may run daily discounts. Some may also even have their own customer loyalty programs. It's up to you to do the research here to find whether or not your salvage store of choice engages in such practices, as it is completely at their own discretion so make sure to enquire. Doing so could be a getaway to even more delicious savings. 

5. Buying food? Double check some important details. 

A target liquidation center or salvage store will often sell food items too and while this is a great way to save big on nonperishable items, you'll need to exercise an additional layer of caution here. Make sure the expiration date hasn't passed and that the packaging doesn't show any signs of having been opened or breached. Some stores will openly acknowledge that this is a possibility and encourage you to do this check so fear not, for you will not be perceived as a paranoid oddball for scavenging through mountains of food in an effort to locate the most sound of items. 

6. You have now successfully shopped at a Target salvage store and saved big. 


Target Salvage Store FAQs

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How much can you expect to save at a Target salvage store?

There's no one single answer to this question however in the best of circumstances, you could see discounts of up to 90% off. Items that end up at Target salvages stores are items that sellers really want to sell and so the discounts will be plentiful. So, how much? In short, a lot. 

What sort of items are available at a Target salvage store? 

It's largely home items that Target salvage store stock in big numbers. Furniture is a big one, whether it be living room furniture, bedroom, or others. Lamps, kitchen items, wall art, rugs, and probably even the odd Christmas tree could be present too, depending on the time of year you venture there. There's also nonperishable food too, which you can find more out in step 5 above. All told, it's a highly varied and eclectic collection of items you'll find at your local Target salvage store.

I heard social media can be a good place to find out about discounts at Target salvage stores. True or false? 

Tralse! Which is to say, this can potentially be a good method of uncovering some spicy deals in your local area at a nearby Target discount store or outlet store. Social media influencers love flaunting discoveries and this naturally extends to discounted goods. You may try searching for terms like "target salvage", "target overstock", or "target liquidation" on the social media platform of your choice and you may very well end up striking gold. Not literally though - salvage stores don't sell gold bars. 

How else can you save at Target? 

My friend you're on DealNews, a website about deals from everywhere including Target. I'd recommend you head over to our dedicated Target section of the website to see the latest up to the minute offerings from Target. 

What's the difference between a Target salvage store and a regular store? 

Salvage stores aren't technically Target stores even though they do stock clearance items that are of Target origin. Salvage stores are therefore their own entities and come with their own traits. You'll find bigger discounts in a salvage store but it must be noted that some items categories, like electronics, generally don't feature in a salvage store. Salvage store items may also be open box or have some minor cosmetic damage or imperfections. The items on sale may not be brand new, unlike those in a normal Target store. 

Can salvage items be bought at a Target?

It's possible some items will remain in a Target after having been marked for a salvage store but before they've actually been transported over. If you happen to stumble upon such an item, it might show up as zero dollars at the till and you might be allowed to purchase it at the last advertised clearance price. You may also be refused. It may also go for cheaper once it's being sold at the salvage store instead. In other words, salvage items can't typically be bought at Target itself and is something that isn't really worth attempting or pursuing. 

Where can I find a Target salvage store? 

The age old question of where to find a Target salvage store is a timeless one. You can search for one online or venture into your local Target and ask. For more information on that, check out step 1 in our above guide. Some websites have gone to great efforts to compile a list of all known Target salvage stores and are worth referencing to see if there's one near you. 

You now possess all the knowledge required to get the most out of your nearest Target salvage store so we would encourage you to go forth with confidence, spread your savings wings, and dive deep into this thrifty world of extra savings. Don't forget to check out our corner of DealNews that's dedicated to all things Target too, for some non-salvage savings. Onwards! 

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